Was the Ousting of General Flynn an Elaborate Ruse to Expose Leakers?

It sounds outlandish from a plebeian point of view. But the question should be proffered: was the whole Flynn fiasco a ruse, getting the left and the media going crazy, chasing their tails over a non existent Russian conspiracy, an operation to expose disloyal leakers inside the administration and/or intelligence agencies? A few things to consider. Contrary to what the mental midgets on twitter tell you, both Bannon and Trump are brilliant strategists. If you need proof of this, accept the fact that Hillary spent $1.6b to lose to Trump's twitter account. Ok? General Flynn has been in intelligence almost his entire professional career. Of course he knew they were monitoring his communications with Russia. That's a non starter. Taking into consideration that Dr. Steve Pieczenik is blantantly saying it was the plan the whole time to have Flynn gone very early during the Trump administration, coupled with the fact that Rep. Chaffetz is calling for an investigation into the leaks, I think the Machiavellian angle here is worth considering. This morning Trump tweeted about catching low life leakers, pointing out the NY Times was complicit in the scandal. The Trump administration had to know they were surrounded by jackals when they planted a flag inside the White House. Trump has been discussing government corruption and dishonest intelligence reports for years. It's also worth reminding you of his cryptic address to the CIA after he first took office, telling them he'd like to remove the columns inside the buildings, perhaps a reference to the fifth column theory aka shadow government. You'll know this theory is true should we start to see heads roll over the coming weeks and months.  


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