President of Finland: Putin Not So Bad, NATO Lame, Greatest Threats To Europe Are Terrorism And Migration

The President of Finland, Sauli Niinistö made it clear to CNBC last week that while Russia's actions involving Crimea must come to a peaceful resolution, the most important issues facing Europe right now are terrorism and migration. Despite Finland pledging $55 Million Euros to NATO, Niinistö also made it clear that European nations need to ultimately be responsible for their own security.

I think that Europeans start to understand that they have to take more responsibility of their own security, in spite of the fact that they are members of NATO.

We still have conscription... ...if we call our trained reserves, we have a bigger army than Germany, even though we are some 15 times smaller.

Is the greatest threat to Europe Vladimir Putin?

No, it's a combination of terrorism and migration. And also, Russia  - what happened to Crimea in Ukraine. In the Western parts of the union, people are more shocked with terrorism and migration, and in the Eastern parts, it's Russia.

Crimea is about the flow of energy into Europe, not some humanitarian crisis - though Putin might want to send some more love their way if he's going to keep them.


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