Bannon Rips "Corporatist" Media: "They're Not Going To Give The Country Back Without A Fight"

Shortly after taking center stage at CPAC, Steve Bannon once again unleashed on the media, quickly calling the press the "opposition party" as he did in his infamous NYT interview, during his conversation with Reince Priebus.

“If you look at the opposition party, how they portrayed the campaign, how they portrayed the transition, how they portray the administration, it’s always wrong," Bannon said.  “If you remember, the campaign, by the media’s description, was the most chaotic, the most disorganized, most unprofessional, had no idea what they were doing. And then you saw [the media] all crying and weeping” on election night.

"It's not gonna get better, it's gonna get worse," Bannon said.

"They are corporatist globalist media who are diametrically opposed to the economic nationalist agenda that President Trump presents. “[Trump] is going to continue to press his agenda as economic conditions get better, as jobs get better, they are going to continue to fight. If they think they are going to give you your country back without a fight, you are mistaken. Every day, it is going to be a fight.""

Considering virtually all mainstream media outlets are owned by just six corporations, Bannon may be on to something.



The Trump administration has taken center stage at this year's Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) which infamously kicked out Milo Yiannopoulos earlier this week, leading to the rapid fall from grace for the outspoken conservative.

Moments ago Trump's two right hand men, chief strategist Steve Bannon, and chief of staff, Reince Priebus, started speaking at CPAC.  Later in the day, VP Mike Pence will give a major address at 7:30 pm.

Earlier in the day, far right-winger Richard Spencer was escorted out of the Conservative Political Action Conference. Spencer reportedly spoke with reporters in the lobby of the conference for nearly 45 minutes before he was kicked out. Some reporters tweeted that Spencer was escorted out by security while still speaking with journalists. A spokesman for CPAC told NBC that Spencer was removed because the organization finds his views “repugnant.”

According to The Hill, American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp attempted to distance the conference from Spencer, who reportedly said that he was credentialed for the event. “The ‘alt-right’ does not have a legitimate voice in the conservative movement,” said Schlapp, according to the Los Angeles Times, noting that “nobody from that movement is speaking at CPAC.”

“This is America, and we have to deal with the laws and, you know, all I can tell you is that if he had comments we’d agree with, he’d be on our stage, but he’s not on our stage,” Schlapp said of Spencer.

Shortly after being removed from the conference, Spencer held a gaggle with reporters. "CPAC cannot host a speech where they denounce the alt-right by name and then expect me not to come,” he said, according to reports. "They’re children, I mean look, adults will engage in dialogue particularly when you're going to denounce someone. They're not even engaging in dialogue."