Tucker Carlson Takes on DNC Advisor Who Doesn't Know How to Identify a Gender

So why does 'the party of science', the enlightened ones, the people with thousands of scientists from accredited colleges throughout the country who tell us about dangers of global warming, carbon emissions, and how many vegetables to eat on a daily basis -- cling to the inane subject of 'gender identity'? You'd think that these men of letters would eschew rudimentary 'feelings' and only accept the biology of one's gender when determining which bathroom he/she could use. But this isn't about science, in spite of what they tell you. Thousands of years ago, when the Romans would conquer territories that were hostile, they'd enter villages and take the men as slaves and order the women to raise her children loyal to the Roman standard. To make an example, often times they'd kill one of her children, so she knew they meant business. After a generation of destroying families, these territories were docile and soft -- loyal to the Roman power structure. Today we have a corrupt establishment on its last legs, fighting desperately to keep its citizens in line. After decades of permitting drugs to ravage through minority communities, passing harsh drug laws designed to break up and destroy the black family structure, the nuclear black family is on its last legs. In 1965, just before the onset of the drug epidemic, 76.4% of black children were born into married households. Today, 77% of first black births are born into pre-marital households. So what the fuck happened? The men were carted off to jail, while the women were left tending to her children, as wards of the state. Sound familiar? Now the target is everyone else. While oxycontin and meth have done a number on white neighborhoods throughout the country, it wasn't working fast enough to truly break the family structure -- especially in well-heeled families. Enter the gender identity crisis. What better way to disrupt the family structure and create a generation of mentally challenged morons than to have them question the very essence of life and purpose: identity and procreation? Schools are pushing this hard on children, creating safe zones and sexualizing institutions that were never designed to do that. In other words, the state is attempting to take control of your children's' minds by blurring the lines of gender, confusing them and galvanizing a generation of potential social justice warriors who will fight the good fight for 'human rights', aka become WARDS OF THE STATE. Rant over. Here is Tucker Carlson, proving, once and for all, the DNC is run by complete morons, unable to answer a simple question: what makes a person a man? The correct answer should've been, 'your balls.' Content originally generated at iBankCoin.com