Baffled WaPo Still Arguing That Only Dumb, White Men 'Approve' Of Trump

The Washington Post, still supremely perplexed by how President Trump managed to win the White House, is apparently even more confused now as to why his approval ratings stubbornly refuse to drop into the teens. Nevertheless, the disaffected mainstreamers at WaPo seem to derive some comfort from a handful of recent polls which all peg Trump's "approval rating" at under 50%, a statistic they victoriously used to declare the following:

"Most Americans don’t think that President Trump is doing a good job."

Of course, as Gallup pointed out last month, half of the Presidents that have held the White House since World War II failed to win the approval of a majority of Americans over the course of their terms, including WaPo's beloved President Obama who averaged just 47.9%...but we digress.



Still, dissatisfied with an approval rating anywhere north of 0%, the ever-skeptical WaPo figured there must be some nefarious explanation for why such a vile person like Trump could possibly avoid impeachment after a full month in the White House, nonetheless enjoy the 'approval' of 48% of the electorate (at least according to the Fox News poll).

So they set out on a mission to scour polling methodologies and demographics of respondents for a clue to the Trump approval enigma.  Fortunately they were able to quickly focus in on a pleasant "narrative" that Trump's sole support emanated from a consolidated group of white (a.k.a. "racist"), male (a.k.a. "sexist") voters without a college degree (a.k.a. "dumb").



Meanwhile, knowing that their efforts to diminish the President's approval rating would be harshly received by roughly half of the population, they decided to preemptively mock all you dumb, racist, sexist people out there.

I know, I know: You and your friends think he’s doing a great job, and this is more fake news. Or maybe: No one you know likes Trump at all. Or the classic: LOL all the polls were wrong last year, who cares what polls say. To which I’d quickly reply, in order: (1) That’s your bubble, (2) that’s your bubble and (3) actually, national polls were pretty accurate.

And, of course, these same dumb, racist, sexist people who are propping Trump's approval ratings today are the same ones that voted him into the White House in November.

Those of you who were paying close attention during the general election will recognize whites without college degrees as having always made up the core of Trump’s base of support. (We even wrote about it!) According to exit polling, about half of those who voted for Trump fell into the whites-without-a-college-degree category.


So far, it seems as though Trump’s strict adherence to the campaign promises he outlined for that group in the primary has not been successful at wooing many other people to his side. (Contrary to what White House chief of staff Reince Priebus might think, most people generally disapprove of what Trump’s done.) Trump won the primary with that core, powered through the general on the strength of that core of support and now enjoys it as one of the only groups to think he’s doing a good job.


That should be easy for anyone to accept — regardless of their bubble.



But, we're sure you're right WaPo...the national polls were spot on in November and dumb, sexist, racist people have suddenly overtaken the American electorate.  In fact, we suspect that if you keep pushing hard on this narrative you'll be right again in about 4 years.