Trump Slams "Fake News" At CPAC Speech, Blasts Use Of Anonymous Sources

Not missing a beat, just hours after he attacked the FBI for being unable to catch "leaks", Trump went on the attack against the news media at a gathering of conservative activists Friday.

Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), where he had spoken on several previous occasions although skipping the event in 2016, Trump delivered another "victory speech" in which he reiterated his now traditional talking points, touching on bad polling (accusing polls of being fake), promised a surge in military spending, slammed bad deals, vowed to "build the wall", but mostly fell back on his favorite topic, lashing out at the press saying his administration was in a fight against “fake news” and especially those outlets who use "anonymous sources" while claiming he "loves the First Amendment."

Trump said he only considers "fake news" outlets to be "the enemy of the people," but extended the charge to say the media are dishonest and he accused it of fabricating sources for stories.

In his address to CPAC, Trump sought to clarify the difference between the press and “fake news media” and said he supports “honest” reporting and the First Amendment. “I’m not against the media. I’m not against the press. I don’t mind bad stories if I deserve them,” he said. “I am only against the fake news media or press,” he said. “I’m against the people that make up stories and make up sources."

“I want you all to know that we are fighting the fake news. It’s phony, fake,” Trump said before a crowd which took delight in the media bashing. “I called the fake news the enemy of the people. They are the enemy of the people, because they have no sources. They just make them up when there are none.”

“I’m against the people that make up stories and make up sources,” Trump said. “They shouldn’t be allowed to use sources unless they use somebody’s name. Let their name be put out there. Let their name be put out. A source says that Donald Trump is a horrible horrible human being. Let them say it to my face. Let there be no more sources.”’

Trump then again bashed Europe, and especially Sweden, as a source of bad immigration policy.

Among the other topics covered, while Trump did not provide any clarity on his economic plans, he did say the Mexican wall being built "way ahead of schedule", he promised that the repeal/replace of Obamacare is taking place on schedule; vowed that "bad dudes" would be thrown out of the country; casually mentioned tax reform and his accomplishments as the President-elect; the new massive military budget; the eradication of ISIS; repeated his desire to keeping terrorists out. He also said that global cooperation is good, but that the US will get better deals.

Trump got a warm reception when he took the stage, with huge applause and a standing ovation. Attendees continued to stand for his speech until he told them to take seat. There was also an overflow crowd in the back of the room, who chanted “USA” and “build that wall.”

Trump's return to CPAC comes after he decided to skip it last year amid conflicts with his campaign schedule. According to The Hill, there were also reports that protesters would walk out of his scheduled speech last year. In CPAC’s 2016 poll for the White House, Trump came in a distant third behind Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.