Systems down all Thursday afternoon for multiple banks in Texas

"When everyone else is losing their heads, it is important to keep yours."
- Marie Antoinette


Just a quick note to my ZH friends that the banking system has been down this afternoon since about 11:30am for many banks in Texas (possibly all?) and apparently Oklahoma, too. 

I have confirmed this firsthand.  Have any of you been affected?

For example, some banks and credit unions in Texas were giving hand-written receipts for deposits, and limiting cash withdrawals to $300!  Other banks were not making wire transfers for Friday payrolls of corporate customers.

Here is one message I found on a Credit Union website...

Due to an internet outage, FCCU in-store locations will be closing at 6pm today. Normal business hours will resume Friday, March 3rd. Please use Online Banking, Mobile Banking and ATMs

I am sure it is just a glitch, but maybe grab a screen cap or print a copy of your account balances tonight.  You might also consider visiting your financial institution in the morning, and try a withdrawal, just to see what is really going on.  If that doesn't go well, better top off the fuel tanks and raise the threat level.

Probably nothing to worry about.  Although, there do seem to be a lot of these "internet" outages lately.

If you are worried and looking for something to do over the weekend, consider this inventory.…

Have you watched this recently?

"The system will be fine, provided nobody panics."

Yes, but...

He that panics first panics best!

US blames Russia in a false flag cyber attack in 3...2...1...


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