New Poll Shows Hillary Favorability Sinking to All-Time Low As Trump Jumps

After a recent speech at her alma mater, Wellesley College, Hillary Clinton was asked by a young snowflake what she would change about her 2016 campaign if she had it to do all over again, to which she quickly responded, "I'd win."

But while Hillary seems to be fairly optimistic after her staggering 2016 loss, a new poll from Suffolk University reveals that her 'favorability' ratings among registered voters have dipped to all-time lows at only 35%.

As the Washington Post points out, Hillary's decline is due to both Democrats and independents apparently souring on her. While 88% of Democrats and 32% of independents liked Clinton in October, today those numbers are down to 74% and 25%, respectively. Clearly, even some who voted for Clinton — she won 89% of Democrats' votes and 42% of independents' — don't have as much affection for her as they did at the tail end of the election.


And lest you think this is just a fake poll with a Republican "oversample" designed to make Hillary look bad, the details actually show a 2-point sampling advantage for Democrats.

Adding insult to injury, apparently one white, female voter from the Mid-west didn't even seem to know who Hillary Clinton is.


The same poll, however, shows Trump — for the first time ever — in significantly better shape than Clinton with a 45% favorable rating among registered voters.