GOP Rep Mike Kelly: "Obama Is In Washington For One Reason Only, To Run A Shadow Government"

Speaking to a group of fellow Republicans at an event Saturday in Pittsburgh, U.S. Representative Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania was caught on film saying that President Obama's extended stay in Washington D.C. has absolutely nothing to do with where his daughter attends school, but rather, is motivated by his desire to run a 'shadow government' to disrupt the agenda of the new Trump administration.

"President Obama himself said he was going to stay in Washington until his daughters graduated.  I think we ought to pitch in to let him go someplace else because he's only there for one purpose, and one purpose only, and that is to run a shadow government that is going to totally upset the new agenda.  It just doesn't make sense."


"And people sit back and they say, 'my gosh why can't you guys get this done.'  And I'm saying, we've got a new CEO and we've got some new heads in the different departments but the same people are there and they don't believe that the new owners, or the new managers, should be running the ship."


Kelly's spokesman said Friday the congressman was just "sharing the frustration of everyone in the room over how they believe certain Obama administration holdovers" are trying to upset President Donald Trump's agenda.

"Rep. Kelly delivered his remarks at a private meeting to an audience of fellow Republicans. He was sharing the frustration of everyone in the room over how they believe certain Obama administration holdovers within the federal bureaucracy are attempting to upset President Trump's agenda."

Of course, if you ignore that fake Trump 'dossier' that was leaked by DC insiders, and that time acting Attorney General Sally Yates completely defied the new administration based on her own personal political agenda, and all of the damaging intelligence leaks to the media, including transcripts of Trump's calls from the Oval Office, not to mention those wiretapping claims regarding Trump Tower, then we're not really sure what Kelly is talking about....just some crazy alt-right conspiracy theory stuff probably...