Hawaii High School Teacher: "If They Are Here In The U.S. Illegally, I Won't Teach Them"

John Sullivan, a Social Studies teacher at Campbell High School in Oahu, Hawaii, is under fire this week after sending an email to all faculty at his school refusing to teach students who are in the country illegally.  A copy of the email was obtained by Hawaii News Now and read as follows:

"This is another attack on the President over deportation. Their parents need to apply for immigration like everyone else.  If they are here in the US illegally, I won't teach them."



Sullivan's reply was in response to an administrator email about the number of children across the country staying home from school due to deportation fears (we touched on the topic last week in a post entitled "Parents Fearing Deportation Make Guardianship Plans 'In Case Mommy Doesn't Come Home'").  Apparently, this latest "attack on the President over deportation" was just the last bit of propaganda he was willing to take lying down.

Jon Henry Lee, Campbell High School's principal, confirmed that Sullivan's actions violated department rules, though the original administrator email, of course, did not, and left open what discipline may be sought over his violation.

"I just reminded him again that we don't discriminate against any individuals," said Lee, who referenced the Department of Education's Code of Conduct. "We're going to service all students that are registered in our school."


Lee also said that Sullivan violated school rules concerning the use of the department's email system by sharing a political opinion.


A Department of Education spokeswoman said the school's principal has discretion on any disciplinary action that Sullivan may face. 

We're gonna set the over/under on Sullivan's termination at 2 days...