Merkel Postpones White House Trip Due To Blizzard

With over 5,000 flights cancelled already ahead of the imminent Nor'easter, some were wondering whether the flight carrying Angela Merkel would suffer the same fate. Moments ago they got the answer when Sean Spicer announced from the podium that Merkel's trip to the White House has been postponed to Friday due to weather.

The German Chancellor confirmed, telling reporters on Monday that her trip to Washington to meet U.S. President Donald Trump had been postponed due to a fast-moving winter storm expected to hit the northeastern United States. Merkel said Trump had called her to explain the severity of the expected storm. She said the trip would be rescheduled as soon as possible.

"The trip is canceled," she told reporters who were to accompany her to Washington. Merkel had been due to meet with Trump on Tuesday. The White House also announced the change.

With the new meeting falling on St. Patricks' Day, one can only hope that the atmosphere will be somewhat lighter than what some had anticipated in light of the recent trade tensions between the US and Germany.