"Can We Get A Handshake?" The Press Asks As Trump Meets Merkel (Spoiler Alert: No)

Few recall what transpired one month ago when Japan's PM Abe met with Donald Trump, but everyone remembers the infamous handshake:


Today, as previewed, Trump is meeting with his European nemesis, the green-wearing German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and will hold a press conference at 1:20pm, although what most really wanted to know is whether Trump would unleash the infamous "handshake" yet again.

This is what happened next according to CNBC's Steve Kopac:

"Can we get a handshake?" the press asks

Merkel looks at Trump

"Do You Want A Handshake?"

Trump grins

At that moment the press is ushered out without any handshake.


And that is all you need to know about the current state of US-German relations; you can ever drink right through the press conference.