The intelligence quotient amongst these people in power is below retard level. Here is the dumbest person to ever soil the halls of Congress, Maxine Waters, tweeting to get ready for impeachment -- less than 3 months into Trump's presidency. Here's the case Maxine made for building a consensus around removing the President of the United States. Please listen and try not to laugh too hard when she says Putin is advancing into Korea. Look at the eyes on that empty vessel -- vacuous and without a soul. These are the troglodytes that seek to lead us down the road to Damascus -- splintering and breaking this country into an irreversible dystopian state of rack and ruin. The neocon agenda of war by any means is a philosophy shared on both sides of the aisle. Maxine Waters doesn't have any thoughts of her own. Like Pelosi, she's genetically incapable of exerting real leadership and instead regurgitates whatever her bosses tell her to disseminate. The world has always been a dangerous place. Couple the inherent risks with the fact that both the GOP and the DNC are filled with trollops like this, an outside observer begins to understand why America voted for a man who is, quintessentially, the exact opposite of what we've come to expect from Washington. Content originally generated at


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