Sweden Readies Network Of Nuclear Fallout Bunkers As Fears Grow Of Russian Attack

It's difficult to argue that international geopolitical tensions aren't somewhat elevated at the moment.  Russia, and it's army of 'hackers', has suddenly become the convenient enemy of every political party around the world that once enjoyed majority support among voters but can't quite come to terms with the fact that their own actions, rather than a well-orchestrated Russian propaganda campaign, may be the cause of the wave of nationalism sweeping across the globe.  Not to mention the fact that it's almost impossible to predict the daily provocations that will come from leaders in Iran and North Korea.

And while most of us are simply making note of the heightened international tensions, before more or less going on with our usual daily routines, the Swedes are preparing for the worse and readying a vast system of nuclear fallout bunkers just in case Russia decides to invade over the next couple of months.



According to The Sun, Sweden is home to a system of 65,000 bunkers that were established in the Cold War to protect the population from nuclear war with the Soviet Union and, as of right now, they're all being prepped for immediate usage.

According to MSB, the bunkers currently protect against blast and radiation as well as chemical or germ warfare.


But with fears growing over threat posed by Vladimir Putin and his resurgent Russia they are being reviewed to make sure they are ready.


Russian military drills in the region have raised fears among neighbouring nations that an attack could happen in the coming months.



Just in case you ever find yourself in Sweden and in urgent need of a nuclear fallout shelter...this is the sign you should be on the lookout for.



Of course, this move comes after the Nordic nation reintroduced compulsory military service for teens earlier this month, a move which defense minister Peter Hultqvist directly attributed to fears over "Russian aggression."

“We have a Russian annexation of Crimea, we have the aggression in Ukraine, we have more exercise activities in our neighbourhood."


So we have decided to build a stronger national defence."


“The decision to activate conscription is part of that.”


Sweden, which has a population of 9.5million, ended compulsory national service for men in 2010.

Meanwhile, in Russia...