Caught On Video: Mass Panic Strikes Bellagio As Robbers In Pig Masks Open Fire Inside Rolex Store

Mass panic struck the Bellagio early this morning as three pig-masked, armed robbers decided to try to knock off the Rolex store just as a bunch of drunk guests were stumbling home from their night of general debauchery.  Luckily, the dulled senses of these plastered guests allowed them the courage to film the whole scene rather than duck for cover so we're able to present the whole dumbed-down version of an Ocean's Eleven remake in real time.

According to media reports, at least three people entered the Rolex store inside the Bellagio in the wee hours of Saturday morning.  The robbers apparently used sledgehammers to break through the glass entrance of the store.  While initial reports indicated that shots were fired, police subsequently confirmed those reports to be false.

The whole scene was captured on video here:


Meanwhile, rather than hide, Kira decided to snap some pics of the robbery for Twitter and even took the time to include all the relevant hashtags...well done, Kira.

And this was the scene outside as police swarmed the casino:


Per the USA Today, the incident happened shortly before 3 AM Vegas time.

The incident happened shortly before 3 a.m. local time, and witnesses told police the men smashed the store's windows to get inside, the Las Vegas Sun reported.


Las Vegas police confirmed a robbery occurred, saying three people were involved and one was taken into custody.



Meanwhile, unlike Kira, JillyJill at least decided to duck under a table before live-tweeting the robbery...way to play it safe, JillyJill.