"Nuclear War Much More Likely" Paul Craig Roberts: In Dangerous World, Putin Will Not Trust America

Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com,

Don’t be fooled by appearances.

President Trump is only at war with the Deep State on one level.

On another, the Deep State already run everything – when it comes to foreign policy, economics, politics and the mainstream narrative that is meant to set & sync headlines, clocks and consumer habits around the world.

War is brewing, as Trump hinted strongly in his upstart presidential campaign, but it will come, ultimately, at the terms of the long-running organ that actually steers U.S. policy.

After a very dubious “chemical attack” in Syria to stir the pot (the White Helmets did not even use gloves when picking up, touching and treating supposedly contaminated children), it is clear that war could erupt overnight with any number of middle eastern ‘enemies,’ or with North Korea, Russia or just about anyone else.

And one narrative that has been almost constant from the establishment power base and their media lapdogs during the last cycle has been dogging Russia in anyway it can – from baseless hacking accusations, to controversial sanctions talks, to attributing ultimate responsibility for chemical warfare attacks.

One can clearly see that a fight is being picked. If the story doesn’t fit, they’ll force it, or just find another excuse.

This, in short, is why the well respected Paul Craig Roberts says we are one step closer to “going poof” – it is three steps back to the thermonuclear cold war, only this time the leaders aren’t even attempting to work it out diplomatically.

According to Dr. Roberts, foreign policy figures in the days of Kennedy and Krushchev were actually attempting to trust and deescalate, fearful of setting things off.

Today, foreign policy men and woman seem dogged and emboldened by the chance for destruction.

As USA Watchdog reported:

Dr. Roberts, formerly a top editor at the Wall Street Journal, says nuclear war is the most dire problem Americans face. This comes at a time when trust between Russia and America is at all-time lows.  Dr. Roberts says, “The danger is both warning systems, ours and the Soviets (Russians).  During the period of the cold war, there were many false alarms of incoming missiles.  Both sides would see incoming missiles, and yet no one believed it, and the reason they didn’t believe it was that the governments were working together to defuse tensions.”


“You had Kennedy with Khrushchev.  You had Nixon who gave us SALT-1, an anti-ballistic missile treaty.  You had Carter who gave us SALT-2.  You had Reagan and Gorbachev who ended the cold war.  So, all during these periods when false information of incoming missiles came in, no one believed it, but if you have distrust between the two powers as we now have, and Putin has said on a number of occasions we can no longer trust the Americans, if you can’t trust and you get incoming missile alerts, you are much more inclined to believe it.  So, the prospect of nuclear war is more likely.  Washington and the media . . . are creating distrust among their populations with Russia with this constant anti-Russian propaganda.  With all this bogus and false allegations about Russia. . . . the chances of all this going poof are very high.”

via Greg Hunter’s YouTube channel


Combine all the mistrust, aggression and attempts to conflate conflicts into a larger disaster.

The debt situation, the economics and the social indicators are all abysmal and depressing. The morale of the country has devolved, and mutated strangely with the pockets of information and counter-information that reside online.

And there are those who’d prefer to torch things off, collect on military industrial contracts during prolonged war, and start things over when people have sobered up to the grim new realities.

These will be trying times.