Will Trump Stop Plans to Ban Cash in the US?

The biggest trend that continues “behind the scenes” is the War on Cash.

Anyone who believed that the political shift towards nationalism would somehow result in the elites giving up their Central Planning schemes is mistaken.

Consider Europe…

Recently, the European Union announced it would start researching whether or not to put an upper limit on what cash can be used for… with the idea of implementing this policy in 2018.

Spain, Greece, Portugal, and France are already banning cash for above certain amounts (usually €500 or €1,000). Others will be joining in this.

If you think this won’t happen in the US, you’re mistaken.

The US is on recession/ crisis away from implementing even more extreme monetary policies.

Consider that the US supposedly ended its recession in 2Q09… and yet continued to maintain ZIRP and engage in another $2.5 TRILLION in QE.

Put another way, if the US was implementing extraordinary monetary measures of this magnitude at a time when things were supposedly going OK… what’s it going to do when the next crisis hits?

NIRP and a Cash ban.

Already Janet Yellen has hinted at NIRP as a policy suggesting the Fed has a “legal basis” to use it. This has come at the same time the financial insiders ranging from Larry Summers to Ken Rogoff have openly called for banning cash.

The Trump administration will very likely go along with this in the name of "saving" the system. Say what you will, Trump will not let himself be the guy who let's the financial system implode on his watch. If the Fed and his advisors suggest a cash ban is one method for instilling confidence, Trump would likely go along with it.

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