WTF Headline Of The Day: NATO General Says Trump Has Been "Very Consistent" On NATO Support

Sometimes you have to wonder just what the hell planet the world's elites live on. Despite the black versus white nature of President Trump's "obsolete" statements on NATO, the alliance's Secretary-General stated today that the U.S. leader has always been "very consistent" in his support.

As The Hill reports, Trump repeatedly ripped NATO during his presidential campaign, complaining that it was too dependent on the United States and that too many members were not meeting their commitments on defense funding.

And he could not have been more clear about NATO's obsolescence here...

Which is why yesterday's comments made such headlines...

“I said it was obsolete. It's no longer obsolete,” he said.

And why we are simply stunned that NATO's Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg is downplaying President Trump's shift on the military alliance’s relevancy, arguing the U.S. leader has always been “very consistent” in his support.

Stoltenberg deflected questions about Trump’s statement a day earlier that NATO was “no longer obsolete” during an interview Thursday on CNN. “For me, the important thing is that [Trump] has been very consistent when it comes to NATO in all my interactions and conversations with him,” Stoltenberg said.