Violent Antifa Assault On Jack Posobiec Captured On Camera - Along With Probation Violating Ping Pong Plotter Luke Kuhn!

Sunday afternoon at a protest in Washington DC, a violent member of Antifa assaulted Rebel Media's Washington Bureau Chief Jack Posobiec, as he attempted to give the alt-left a platform to speak their mind. The assailant was quickly arrested by George Washington University police, and Posobiec is filing charges.

Posobiec described what happened here:

Upon closer inspection of the video, however was clear footage of Antifa organizer Paul 'Luke' Kuhn - who was busted by Project Veritas plotting Butyric acid (stink bomb) attacks at a DC Trump inauguration party. The undercover sting, filmed at the iconic and reputable Comet Ping Pong pizzeria, resulted in the arrest of Kuhn along with two others. As part of his 'deferred sentencing' / probation, Kuhn agreed not to attend future Antifa events - and it looks like he just violated that arrangement...

Want to know a little more about Luke?

As soon as the Veritas video hit, nimble navigators on Reddit and 4chan found solid evidence suggesting DisruptJ20 organizer Luke Kuhn is a strange man. As Disobedient Media also reported, Kuhn made several pedophilic posts to usenet internet groups. One is a defense of sex with young boys "Yes, I did post a few articles to Boychat," and in the other post, Kuhn envisions a child raping Ronald McDonald as a more effective deterrent than E-coli in dissuading children from eating McDonald's.

And it seems that in 1998, the "Utopian Anarchist Party" which Kuhn was a big part of began to distance themselves after Kuhn's posts in "chickie-hawk/kid-porn scene" forums. Apparently even liberal anarchists have boundaries.

"DC Indymedia editor Luke Kuhn and Bill White were partners in the UAP from 1996 to 2000. Both were identified as "occasional neo-Nazis" in 1998 for their tactics which included encouraging people to bomb public schools, supporting school shootings, publishing the phone numbers and addresses of private citizens to harass them (which is still a favored Luke Kuhn tactic), and their persistent appeals to young children to run away with them, while Luke Kuhn was advocating that it should be legal for adults to have sex with children."

And from Redditor talmichael:

His full name is Paul Luke Kuhn:

Here are 1998 links to Kuhn's "Runaway Railroad," his outreach to children who wish to run away from home. Not sure if he is still doing this. He includes all kinds of terrifying tips for minors so that no one finds them, including: Disguise: Cut it short or shave it -- better to grow long, but hard to do Dye your hair -- natural colors; not obviously dyed Grow a beard or shave -- confounds verbal descriptions Change clothing style/appearance -- easiest big change. This quote from a 1995 Washington Post article indicates Kuhn's first name is actually Paul, and that he lived in Rockville at that time. Kuhn was known for going shirtless so I assume it's the same person: Across the city, the curfew sparked a variety of reactions from the citizenry. When the clock atop the Riggs Bank in Georgetown struck midnight, Paul "Luke" Kuhn was parading down M Street, wearing brown shorts with no shirt and carrying a yellow placard that read "{Expletive} the curfew." Kuhn, 29, of Rockville, called the curfew "the number one assault on our civil rights. This curfew is Pearl Harbor." He said he and other opponents planned further demonstrations against the curfew. "The cops don't like it. It's ridiculous," he said. "They're being asked to hunt curfew violators when they could be hunting murderers." In any event, few underage teenagers were in evidence on the streets of Georgetown after midnight. "We don't have a lot of problems with teens in this area," said Lt. Emmojean Simpson-Jones, shift supervisor in Georgetown.

In closing, Antifa terrorist Paul 'Luke' Kuhn is a very strage man, and he was just caught on film at an Antifa event apparently violating probation.

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