Trump Tweet: "Democrats Want To Shut Government" Over "OCare Failure" and Puerto Rico

After President Trump flipped on two major campaign promises yesterday, funding for the border wall and obamacare subsidies, many believed that a government shutdown crisis had been averted.

But, that is only because most of the mainstream media doesn't understand, or is simply unwilling to admit, that Democrats aren't looking for a 'deal' on a funding bill... they actually want a government shutdown.  Here's what we said yesterday (see:  "Flipper-In-Chief: Trump Caves On Obamacare Subsidies To Avoid Government Shutdown"):

Of course, it's only logical that Democrats would secretly want a government shut down.  In the end, Republicans (i.e. the fiscally conservative party that is generally looking to reduce entitlements rather than increase them) typically tend to take the brunt of the public backlash for government shutdowns and all of the media coverage provides a very effective bully pulpit for liberals.  Well played, Chuck and Nancy.

Of course, in that context, it's not terribly surprising at all that Democrats keep piling on new demands for a budget deal. 

And now it seems as if President Trump is finally catching on to the gamesmanship after tweeting early this morning that "The Democrats want to shut government..."

"The Democrats want to shut government if we don't bail out Puerto Rico and give billions to their insurance companies for OCare failure. NO!"


As The Hill points out, after originally saying that border wall funding was the only red line, Democrats are now demanding funds for more Obamacare subsidies, bailout money for Puerto Rico and healthcare payments for coal miners.

Democratic leaders had said they would not support a government spending bill unless they received specific language ensuring the continuation of the subsidy payments, which are currently the subject of a lawsuit by House Republicans.


Democrats also want help for Puerto Rico, which is trying to restructure its debt to avoid filing for bankruptcy, and to extend healthcare for miners that would otherwise expire this month.

And when Trump flips on these demands we're sure there will be more to take their spot.