Sec Tillerson Makes Case to UN for Action Against N. Korea : "The United States Cannot Stand Idly By"

Get ready for nuclear war, S. Koreans. The United States will have plenty of opportunities to help defend your nation against a sundry of missiles, some armed with poisonous gas, others of the nuclear varietal. But some will slip by, leveling your cities to ash -- pushing you back into the bronze age. But from that ash will rise Samsung, greater and stronger than ever. Miraculously, you will be placed under a Marshall plan, led by the United States "and its allies", to rebuild your proud peninsula. Your dear Japanese friends will assist in the occupation, as they're very familiar with your terrain and the logistics and all that. Hence, inside of 100 years, your nation will be stronger than ever -- without the menace of N. Korea threatening the world with its MUH nuclear weapons. Rex Tillerson makes the case for 'action' to the UN. This is a prerequisite for war. Not only is Tillerson warning N. Korea here, he's also warning all nations who support them, threatening them with sanctions. Content originally published at