Two-Thirds Of Americans Think The Democratic Party Has Lost Touch With The Nation

If you listen to mainstream media for more than 30 seconds, you would think President Trump is in a world of his own as the entire nation turns its back on him. However, that would be 'fake' news as WaPo reports, in fact, the Democratic Party is viewed as more out of touch than either Trump or the party’s political opponents.

Despite the media's coverage of every protest, judicial objection, and politician bad-mouthing, Democratic Party favorability continues to slide...

And as The Washington Post's most recent poll shows, two-thirds of Americans think the Democrats are out of touch - including nearly half of Democrats themselves.


It’s worth highlighting that last point. While the political opposition generally views Trump or either party as about equally out of touch - with about 80 to 90 percent saying so - the Democratic Party is viewed as far more out of touch by Democrats than Trump or the GOP are by Republicans.

It’s clear that the Democratic Party is cognizant, to some extent, of the discontent at the grass roots. When Tom Perez, the newly elected leader of the party, headed out on a listening tour this month, he brought along a special guest: Sanders.

And finally, to sum things up here is Nancy Pelosi explaining how little she listens as she proclaims The Democrats stand for what Americans really want (and confuses Trump with Bush)...