Trump, Putin To Speak In Phone Call On Tuesday

President Trump is scheduled to hold another phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin On Tuesday. The call is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. that afternoon in the Oval Office, the White House said on Monday evening.

The topic of the conversation was not disclosed, and while the White House did not provide any further details to AB, potential discussion topics include the civil war in Syria, ongoing events in Turkey, and of course, the North Korean standoff.

Trump and Putin have spoken several times since Trump's election, including last month following the attack in St. Petersburg, which Trump condemned.

Last month Trump confirmed what Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said previously that U.S.-Russian relations "may be at an all-time low." It was a reversal from the rhetoric during his campaign, when Trump said he hoped he and Putin could work together in the fight against terrorism. FBI and congressional investigations continue into the Trump campaign's contacts with Russia and Russia's meddling in the election.

Separately, earlier in the day Japanese media reported that Trump had also held a 30 minute phone call with Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Since there has not been an official readout from the White House, the topic of conversation was also unknown.