Netflix Edits Out Bill Nye's 1984 Show On Gender, Pre-Craziness Era

I am going to demonstrate something to you. Pay attention spectrum loving democrats. This is Bill Nye in 1984, before he became a fucking idiot. Notice how the young lady possessed decorum and displayed grace whilst trying to teach America's youth about science and gender. The lesson was simple: XX equals girl, XY equals boy. NOTE: In the stuff aired on Netflix now, they've edited out the lesson on gender -- because it was normal and lacking degeneracy, filth and lies. And here's Bill today, promoting this young lady, who talks about her 'sex junk' and 'butt stuff' -- telling kids 'even you might like it if you sit up on it.' This, my friends, clarifies the degeneracy that has infected society over the past 30 years. The dignity of man has been discarded for hedonistic idiocy. We need a hard reset. Cheers, to the apocalypse.

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