Russian Embassy Trolls The UK: "Praise God It's Not Russia This Time"

Responding to yesterday's spat between the UK and Brussels, in which Prime Minister Theresa May "declared war" on Brussels in the words of the Guardian, where she urged voters to "let me fight for Britain", the notoriously sarcastic Russian embassy in the UK trolled its host nation in a tweet on Thursday morning, in which it referenced a Times front page article titled "Brussels is meddling in our election, warns May", to which it had a simple caption: "Praise god it's not Russia this time"

Meanwhile, as tensions between the UK and Brussles escalate in the ongoing post-Brexit diplomatic spat, the European Commission responded to May on Thursday morning, saying it was “too busy” to engage in a slanging match with London in response accusations from Theresa May that the bloc was trying to “interfere” in the UK’s general election, and said that its “30-minute slot” for discussing Brexit was already up for this week, the FT reported.

“We are not naive, we know that there is an election taking place in the UK and people get excited whenever we have election,” said Margaritis Schinas, the Commission’s chief spokesperson. “We are too busy to engage in who said this and that.”


The Commission added that it was “rather busy with our policy work – we have too much on our plate” and said it refused to “Brexitise” its daily work.


"To put it in the word of an EU diplomat – the 30-minute slot that we were going to devote to Brexit per week is up”, added Mr Schinas, in reference to Jean-Claude Juncker’s comments that the Commission will not spend more than half an hour each week looking at Brexit.

And with Russian "election interference" now "tired" if not outright "expired", we look forward to the "wired", and so very amusing upcoming twists and turns, as the latest geopolitical scapegoating rivalry in Europe is now between London and Brussels, certain to provide the Kremlin - which until now had filled the role of "evil hacking genius" delightfully - with hours of entertainment.