Sanders on Trumpcare: 'Take This Bill and Throw It in the Garbage'

Senator Bernie Sanders said in a CNN interview tonight that, in its present form, the Trumpcare bill was not going to pass through the Senate. 'This bill, in its current form is not getting through the Senate, said Sanders.

'You take this bill, and you, we don't want to clog up toilets or anything, but you just toss this into a garbage can and start again. This bill is a disaster.' Remember what he told you, "we are gonna provide healthcare for everybody and it's gonna be less expensive." Providing healthcare for everybody is not throwing 24 million people off health insurance."

'When you are dealing with legislation that dealing with 1/7th of the American economy, this is huge', said Sanders. He added, 'Don't you think there might've been a hearing or two to discuss the implications of this legislation? These guys put it together in a few weeks time, zero hearings, they didn't hear from the American medical association, who opposed this legislation. They didn't hear from the hospitals that opposed this legislation. They didn't hear from the AARP, the largest senior group in America, who opposed this legislation because it'll be a disaster for older workers.' Sanders concluded,'We're gonna start from zero and hopefully, come up with a legislation that improves on Obamacare. Hopefully, we'll provide health insurance to all of our people and do it in a more cost effective way.'

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