Our Schedule for the First ZeroHedge Symposium and Live Fight Club In Marfa, Texas, June 16-18

"Believe me, folks, we do not know it all, and no one should be surprised at that revelation."
James Bunnell
Hunting Marfa Lights


The First ZeroHedge Symposium and Live Fight Club In Marfa, Texas, next month, is going to beat the crap out of Burning Man, Davos, Jackson Hole, Berkshire Hathaway's Annual Meeting, and Milken's Global Conference.  

Here, at last, is the schedule:

Thursday, June 15

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the art.  Come a day early to experience some of it.

Purchase tickets in advance: https://www.chinati.org/

10:00am - 4:30pm Chinati Foundation - Full Collection Tour

10:30am - 5:00pm Chinati Foundation - Full Collection Tour

11:00am - 1:30pm Chinati Foundation - Selections Tour

11:30am - 2:00pm Chinati Foundation - Selections Tour


After dark, go out and try to see The Marfa Lights.  



Friday, June 16

Marfa Activities Center
105 N. Mesa St. (btwn W. Texas St. & W. El Paso St.)
Marfa, TX 79843

9:00am Sound check

9:30am ZH Symposium Opening Rant: Sean Hofhine, Brushfires of Freedom

10:45am Healthcare: hedgeless_horseman,  Negotiating directly with physicians and hospitals


1:45pm Real estate: Forrest Noble, The truth and consequences of being a landlord

3:30pm Distilling and brewing: Ned Rutland, One man's experience with more than 50 years at the still  


The University of Texas McDonald Observatory

Purchase tickets in advance: https://mcdonaldobservatory.org/calendar

8:15pm Twilight Program

9:45pm Star Party


Saturday, June 17

6:00am Yoga at El Cosmico, under the trees by the community kitchen


9:00am Education: Russell Fish, Disintermediated education in your home and community

10:45am Crypto currencies: Ken Griffith, The Death of Banking and the Rise of New Financial Ecosystems - How to Make it Work For You


1:45pm Media: Robert Gore, Breaking alternative media's dependency on the MSM

3:30pm Agriculture: Tim Mann, Make backyard and commercial aquaponics easy and inexpensive


8:00pm Free Live Music at the MAC, Shane Walker and Kelley Mickwee, BYOB and wear you best cowboy boots.   


Sunday, June 18

9:00am Personal security: Brian Hoffner, When seconds count, the police are only minutes away

10:45am Project Mayhem


This schedule is subject to change.  

The symposium is free and open to the public.  No badges.  No registration.  Entry to the symposium is on a first come, first serve, come and go as you like, and space available basis. If more than the max capacity of 1,000 people show up, we have several options, and will just work it out as we go.  Nobody will be, "reaccomodated." 

Please donate if you can!  https://www.gofundme.com/2017-hall-rental-in-marfa-for-zh

This is a three-day-long Fight Club, and many of you haven't been training.  Fortunately, we may bring in our own Herman Miller Aeron chair, camp chair, inflatable couch, actual couch, bean bag, Persian rug, chunk of old AstroTurf, coolers, mini bar, picnic, drinks, friends, yoga mat, children, grandparents, dogs*, desk, and trading platform.  There will probably also be a couple of hundred folding chairs available for use. 

*I am told that dogs are allowed, per City Ordinance #95-05 - It shall be unlawful for any owner to fail to exercise proper care, restraint and control of his animals to prevent them from becoming a public nuisance, by running at large, molesting passersby or attacking other animals.  Basically - dogs stay on leashes, and humans pick up after their dogs.

I imagine that there is no smoking in the MAC.  Please, also, go outside to vape.  

Allegedly, we can BBQ in Coffield Park, adjacent to the MAC, but the food and beverages in town are pretty darn good.  Some food trucks may show up.

We are guests of the people and City of Marfa.  Please clean up after yourself.  

All speaker times are West Texas "ish" time, some or all of the speakers may say things you do not agree with, try to get you to change your mind or your life, not show up, show up late, or be under the influence of mind altering substances.  No warranties or guarantees are expressed or implied.  This symposium is nothing more and nothing less than a peaceable assembly of the public.  However...anything can happen...and probably will.  

Don't DOX people.  Respect others privacy and anonymity, even if our government does not.  If anyone tries to yank off my wig and dark sunglasses, then I am going to be quite upset.

Treat others as you want to be treated.  Look out for yourself.  

We don't rent pigs!

Peace, prosperity, liberty, and Godspeed!