Wikileaks Offers To Hire James Comey

In the aftermath of James Comey's termination, two of the most famous whistleblowers currently "in the wild" chimed in, and both were critical of Trump's decision. 

As we first discussed last night, shortly after the news of Comey's termination, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden (currently located in RYssia) accused the US administration of “political interference” for firing the FBI director.

However it was the second reaction from the "other" famous whistleblower, Julian Assange, that drew even more attention when he said that “WikiLeaks would be happy to consider hiring James Comey to help lead its DC office should he like to properly investigate the US government.”

Assange then said that according to an FBI the Bureau would now “start leaking like Niagara.” “But please, FBI friends, full docs or you know the press will spin it,” he added.

Assange also reminded his followers of President Clinton's firing of then-FBI chief William S Sessions in 1993 after he refused to resign on recommendation of the attorney general. Sessions, who was accused of ethical violations, was the only other FBI head to be fired and noted that “Mr. Comey knows where many bodies are buried."

Assange concluded his sales pitch as follows: “Working for WikiLeaks is fulfilling. James – don't become another lobbyist for Glock or Donkin."