The Most Important Question That No One Is Asking...

With every mainstream media orifice chock full of prognosticators speculating on what Trump must have done given the anonymously-sourced reports about Comey, Russia, and Cock-holsters; there appears to be one question that very few dare ask...

If Trump indeed asked Comey to end the Flynn probe, why was Comey so silent about the meeting for two months?

One such American who dared to ask the question is infamous neocon Rep. Peter King (R-NY), who told Fox News tonight that he has "real questions" for Comey...

"If Director Comey in any way thought that he was being intimidated or the president was trying to interfere with an investigation, I believe that Director Comey had an obligation to report that, report it to the Justice Department, to tell those around him," King said.


"Because that could be considered a crime, and as director of the FBI, he had an obligation to make that known."

He added that Comey also had an obligation to share that information with the House and Senate intelligence committees when he testified before them.

King said he is not aware of Comey speaking to anyone in Congress about any interference in any ongoing investigations into Flynn, Russia or the Trump campaign.

"If this was as serious as it's now being made out to be, why has Director Comey been so silent for the last two months?" King said.

Next week's Comey hearing could be more exciting than we thought as the answer to those questions is unlikley to be covered by the standard "that's classified" response.

We note that King's comments - somewhat defending President Trump - come shortly after Senator McCain's Trump-defending comments... did Trump 'cross the aisle' to the neocons?