Meanwhile, In Baltimore...


What I Saw Today In Maryland... The Militarization Of Police.

The intensive militarization of America’s police forces is a serious topic of which the mainstream media somewhat ignores. On my travels to Hunt Valley, Maryland, I stumbled upon a family oriented charity event for law enforcement at the University of Maryland Extension. I was shocked to find unattended assault rifles and military  gear loosely displayed. (Weapons had safety features in place) 

Armored military vehicle with turret

Baltimore County, Maryland police helicopter

Military grade optics on the helicopter. By the way, FLIR systems is head quartered right here in Hunt Valley, Maryland

Conclusion: Baltimore County law enforcement looks like a small private army that should be somewhere in the Middle East. Nevertheless, this is a first hand account of the militarism in US police forces.

Bonus: Like it or not, the march towards a police state is here