Germany’s Merkel Says Europe Can’t Rely Upon Great Britain and American Anymore

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Does anyone else find it ironic that the nation who brought the world to war twice over the past 100 years is now leading Europe again, through the EU, and is openly casting aspersions at the United States, Great Britain, and Russia? Germany's Merkel is mad at the allies for getting in Germany's way of trying to conquer Europe via unelected autocrats. We can delve into the details of how Germany has siphoned from the US for decades, but that's boring and really not the point here. After all, a demilitarized Germany is probably always a good idea, considering their barbarous past. Agreed? It's worth noting, the CIA has been extremely active in German politics, and their media, ever since the Marshall Plan was put into action. Any words coming out of Merkel's mouth were probably written for her by a CIA handler. I view this attack on America and the UK as a continuation of the schemes being plotted and carried out by the deep state, aka intelligence community, here since election day. Here is the late German journalist, Udo Ulfkotte, who revealed the CIA collusion with western journalists, admitting to taking bribes and planting stories for our intelligence community. Udo died at the age of 56, on January 13th 2017 of a heart attack. You can see his Twitter account, which was very active in pointing out the crimes that were being committed by muslim migrants in Germany. He tweeted until the day of his death.