Japan Holds Evacuation Drills Amid Growing Concerns Over North Korea's Missile Tests

Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com,

The Japanese are no longer taking any chances against the rogue North Korean regime and Kim Jong-Un’s insistence on the continued testing of ballistic missiles. Japan is now participating in more frequent evacuation drills in the event that they are attacked by North Korea.

Although drills of this type aren’t the first in Japan this year, they are increasing in frequency. Sunday’s evacuation drill in the town of Abu, Yamaguchi prefecture, is showing how concerned the Japanese are about a potential North Korean attack. The town of about 3,500 people some 760 km (475 miles) west of Tokyo involved a simulated North Korean missile attack. And more Japanese towns and cities are taking steps to brace for what they hope will never happen.

North Korea has been increasing the number of its missile test launches in recent months. Launching 12 so far this year and three last month, with many splashing into the Sea of Japan, the Japanese are rightly concerned. Some of North Korea’s missiles have even landed inside Japan’s exclusive economic zone, which extends up to 200 miles from its shores.

Tokyo has repeatedly condemned the test launches, which are in violation of United Nations resolutions, yet it’s become clear that North Korea’s volatile leader, Kim Jong-Un doesn’t care about the rules imposed upon him. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government earlier this year instructed municipalities to hold evacuation drills, heightening a sense of urgency among the public. Although security experts in Japan have said that the drills won’t save everyone, they could save some, and that’s better than not having a plan.  “It’s hard to say how many people will be saved and how much effect it will have. But, with awareness raised and basic procedure understood, the survival rate will definitely be higher,” retired Vice Admiral Yoji Koda said.

The Japanese government is actively attempting to help the public prepare for the worst by putting on its website a list of tips in case a missile lands in Japanese territory. The tips include “take shelter in a robust building nearby” and “move away from windows or, if possible, move to a room without windows.”  The government has previously stated that the Japanese public would only have ten minutes to react if North Korea launches a missile their way – minus the few minutes it would take for the government to alert the public to the attack.

The preparation by Japan is due to the short window of opportunity should North Korea attack the island nation. The Japanese in range of the so far hypothetical missile would have very little time to seek refuge, and the loss of life could be staggering. With schoolchildren also taking place in these drills, it’s safe to say that the Japanese are concerned, but not willing to take chances, especially on towns on Japan’s western coast.

Being prepared is going to help the Japanese in the event of an attack. Although Japan is refusing to panic, they also want to be prepared.  It is important to mention, however, that North Korea has not specifically threatened the Japanese, yet.  But many believe that a North Korean missile program is a threat to the nation.


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Japan Holds Evacuation Drills Amid Growing Concerns Over North Korea's Missile TestsMy response: THAAD should take care of it. Relax, NK will make a mistake and anger China. Then, it will be over for good.

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  Houston, we've had a problem. South Korean President Moon Jae-in has ordered a probe after the Defense Ministry failed to inform him that four more launchers for the controversial US THAAD anti-missile system had been brought into the country, his spokesman said on Tuesday. According to the Christian Science Monitor, "President Moon said it was very shocking" to hear the four additional launchers had been installed without being reported to the new government or to the public, presidential spokesman Yoon Young-chan told a media briefing. BTW, this shit came out on May 30, but the MSM has completely ignored it. I wonder why?  ;-) Looney

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Japan is the Number One nation North Korea has threatened, and with good reason.

Japan occupied Korea for decades 100 years ago and the Japanese occupation of Korea is the main reason Korea is now a divided country.

I'd say that's a fair reason for Koreans in general to have a set against the Japanese given their current problems are largely rooted in Japanese colonialism!!

I'd say the main targets for the 78 North Korean subs and their missiles would be Japanese energy infrastructure which is dotted around the Japanese coast - and yes - that obviously includes several more Fukushima's!!

The Japanese will be glowing if this thing on the Korean Peninsula ever blows up into a proper conflict!!

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They will need to be able to run on water to get far enough away from the Fukushima disaster.  Funny (not) how no one talks about it anymore even though it is still glowing Chernyobyl style.  I guess America is more interested in ghetto ball and deserves what is coming down the road.  Peace.

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      Abe on the telephone:  "We're going to need a bigger balance sheet Kuroda~san ?"       * Our eCONomy is one sixth of the "round eye", but we have same debt on Central Bank balance sheet.

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North Korea has achieved miniaturization along with submarine launched ballistic missile technology. Everything that Pakistan and Iran have got, North Korea now has. They trade in gold not American dollars. Another few years like I said before, North Korea will have subs parked up and down the American coastlines. But then again, they'll just be joining the Chinese and the Russian subs. Americans do the same thing. There's enough nuclear warheads to wipe out the entire earth about 15 times over. There are no winners and if you put an opponent into a postion of only having a first strike option available you are going to unleash a lot of destruction on ordinary people. The politicians don't worry, they'll live out their rotten, corrupt lives deep in the earth somewhere after they've wiped out the planet.

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This man 'embodied the British spirit' by fleeing the London Bridge attack with his pint  https://www.yahoo.com/news/man-fled-london-terror-attack-pint-people-pr…

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Bullshit.NK isn't going to attack anyone. The last war they were in was a civil war to keep Korea unified, just like Vietnam. Imagine if say France supported the south in the US civil war, to a degree that effected the outcome, wouldn't the Northern US still hate France?It's no different than the US helping South Korea. North Korea should hate us to the core. It is exactly what it should be.

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Or a simulation of a DPRK missile could go off course and directly zero in a target that is well insured against missile attacks.

Which would then collapse into its own footprint, right after the property owner says, "Pull It!" The rubble will be removed immediately and sold as scrap. They will provide a piece of a DPRK missile that survived the destruction. The piece will be untouched by flame and will have intact lettering identifying it as a DPRK missile, like a VIN plate on a vehicle. You would know if it is an actual piece, right? The piece will then be concealed under national security concerns.

Anything, that is reported as happening, will be a staged production.

Yes, people may die and property destroyed. But it won't have happened in the way, or for the reasons, in the official story.

"Hoaxes 'R US."

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"Duck and cover [...and kiss your ass goodbye]"? I remember those drills. And the Fallout Shelter symbols on public buildings. Now we have safe spaces for butt hurt feelings.

The same drill used for campus shooters?

What drills did they do before Fuckashima?

If anything happens, it will be a stage production. For sure, some actual people may die and/or be injured for a realistic effect on the surviving population.

Does Japan have any landmark buildings that are worth more as smoking rubble? Any obsolete military bases? How about Tachikawa or Yokota?

The Japanese could create a wonderful memorial garden park on any site.

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Now if i lived close to a Military base in Japan there might be reason to be concerned, can't hit the west coast for sure,  a us base is a good second choice

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I don't understand this fear and warmongering against NK . Have NK ever threatened Japan? And what has Japan done to NK to make them believe they are their enemies? Why don't Japan (and Trump) spend some time speaking with these guys and try to get friendly with them. Give them some cheap cars and electronics and some real food and see if being nice for a change does the trick. Trump going after NK is a huge mistake. It's not NK that is a threat to the world, it's the religion of piece. Stop harassing NK , open up trade and treat them nice , and it may work wonders. And then start focus 100% on the real threat, which is ISLAM.  

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Japan is the Number One nation North Korea has threatened, and with good reason.

Japan occupied Korea for decades 100 years ago and the Japanese occupation of Korea is the main reason Korea is now a divided country.

I'd say that's a fair reason for Koreans in general to have a set against the Japanese given their current problems are largely rooted in Japanese colonialism!!

I'd say the main targets for the 78 North Korean subs and their missiles would be Japanese energy infrastructure which is dotted around the Japanese coast - and yes - that obviously includes several more Fukushima's!!

The Japanese will be glowing if this thing on the Korean Peninsula ever blows up into a proper conflict!!

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Twisting a bit there, aren't you?

The forty years of Japanese occupation definitely had a lot to do with the situation in post war Korea.

Korea did not have any government when the Japanese surrendered.

Just who and what was going to be the government?

I suspect there were multiple groups fighting the Japanese invaders. One group would certainly be Communist supported and inspired. True in China. True in Eastern Europe against the Germans.

The division of Korea was an attempt to appease the Communists and prevent further war, to provide time to allow Korea to establish order and rebuild society.

The North was under the impression the USA would not intervene in a Communist takeover of the South. Now I would say that this impression was most likely deliberately conveyed to the North Koreans. [Iraq's invasion of Kuwait.]

If you really want to blame someone, look past the USA. The USA is only the current golum used to do the dirty work of the real enemies of mankind.

There are Koreans who believe Korea was divided as a sacrifice to God, similar to Abraham splitting a dove into two parts to offer as a sacrifice to his God.

Basically, you have a nation of Manchurian descendants who believe they are better and more special than the Manchurians across the Yalu.

A scary situation indeed.

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The Japanese occupied Korea at the time of the Russo-Japanese War in 1905.

Korea was liberated with Japan's surrender to end WW2 in 1945.

Exactly forty years of miserable occupation. Some Koreans think the Forty is as significant as the Biblical Forty years in the wilderness of the Israelites. The Koreans think that they are a special race. Doesn't everyone?

Korean women were taken back to Japan as "comfort wives". They were never repatriated.

All Koreans have resentment against the Japanese for the occupation. That may have dissipated in the South over time as the people who were alive at the time have passed on, but the North lives in an alternate universe where Stalin still rules.

There is the possibility of South Korea cheering an attack on Japan by North Korea.

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Does DPRK have counter claims against Japanese claims anywhere?

If the events do not make sense, that is your mind telling you something about the events.

Manufactured by those who create alternate realities as a way of life.

Never suspend disbelief outside of a movie theater and even then only to enjoy a movie in spite of the inherent absurdities.

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History is what both Koreas have in common against Japan.  IIRC, China managed to convince North Korea to a peace treaty a few times but it was turned down by the usual suspects.  IMO, Trump going after North Korea puts pressure on China for more favorable trade deals, maybe abandon their efforts toward the Gold standard and or withdraw their support to Russia.  I wouldn't be surprised that this is due to pressure from Japan; just like how the Saudis are constantly pressuring the US to bomb Iran (Wikileaks).

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  I think that there's  a solution to this  this[Fukushima] "situation".   Japan clearly needs more tiny underware  dispensing machines.

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Mostly all countries in the world have a history of wars and war crimes.  If it turns out that NK is waiting for a 100 year old overdue apology from Japan, now would be a good time to give them just that,  and also perhaps do whatever it takes to get them forgive them. Maybe it is right that NK has been treated unfair up through the history and that's the reason why NK ended up being isolated and angry.  Maybe this regime has a point after all. Maybe , countries like America and other abusing powers needs to apologize to them. Maybe it's time to talk, and to really find out what this old hatred is all about and do something about that, because isolating and harassing this country or waging war against them does not work, they only get more angry. We are talking about a 1% (of the population) big regime here that are holding the entire population hostages. 25 million ordinary people haven't done anything wrong and are not responsible for what the regime do. It wouldn't be right to kill or punish millions of them just because some abusing powers are too proud, and won't apologize for their old crimes against this country.

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Vaporize Pyongyang. One and done.

Pyongyang is the only place in the North that is illuminated at night. The place where anybody who is anybody lives to be close to the Emperor.

Make sure the Chinese quietly move their important people away from Pyongyang.

Never allow non Korean troops to enter the North at any time. That will seen as another Japanese Occupation level event. The USA is seen as a demon in the North.

Koreans are a very racially oriented people. They tolerate US troops in the South, because they hate Communism more than hate the West. They do not hate the northerners.

The North has been under intense brainwashing (wait what about the USA? Who hasn't been subjected to brainwashing?) for over six decades. These people need to be deprogrammed from the Kim religion and reprogrammed to the South Korean way of life. Gang Nam style.

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This is all a bunch of BS, fat Kim will never fire a rocket in anger. He does love the publicity though. And Pootin is picking up the slack on the sanctions so he has that going for him. Pootin is so dreamy.