"Has America Lost Its Mind?"

Authored by Howard Kunstler via Kunstler.com,

“Have you all lost your mind?” Vladimir Putin replied to one of Megyn Kelly’s thrusts about alleged Russian perfidy toward the US in the gala interview that debuted her new Sunday Night star-chamber on CNN. Old Vlad put his finger on something there. His view of the late goings-on in America is like that of the proverbial detached Martian observer of strange Earthly doings, rattling his antennae and clicking his mouth-parts in mirth.

To which retort, by the way, one would have to answer, ”Yes, absolutely.” The toils of slow economic collapse, accompanied by the ceaseless effort by various arms of the Deep State to spin “the narrative” around the voting public’s collective head, has driven the polity insane. And this, of course, is on view in the bedlam that US politics has become, Trump and all. I’m waiting for The New York Times to run the three-column headline that says Russia Racist, Misogynist, and Islamophobic to finally bring together the programmed paranoia of NeoCon / DemProg alliance with the esprit de corp of the new collegiate Red Guard.

Mr. Putin does not have to lift a finger to detonate the groaning garbage barge of US domestic affairs. It’s already ignited and is faring toward a very peculiar species of civil war. You can be sure that the NeoCon / DemProg axis is determined to get rid of Trump at all costs. Impeachment requires some sort of high crime or misdeamenor. So far, going on a year, they haven’t come up with any evidence that the Golden Golem of Greatness acted as a Russian agent in some fashion, and that itself has got to be a little suspicious, considering the thousands of clerks in the spinning mills of those legendary seventeen Intel outfits the government runs. How could they fail to come up with a video of the Donald and Vladimir swatting each other playfully with birch switches in a Moscow banya? Five TV sitcom writers could surely come up with an angle — as long as it was a plausible entertainment.

In the meantime, Trump prevails, the mad bull elephant of the Republican herd, majestically swinging his trunk against everything breakable in the political china shop while trumpeting “Covfefe! Covfefe!” Last week it was the Paris Climate Accords. The op-ed writers in the usual places bounced off the walls of their virtual rubber room in response. Paul Krugman had to be dragged down to hydrotherapy at the NYT after he set his hair on fire. And Rachel Maddow practically popped a carotid artery in her muscular neck from all that shrieking.

I’m a bit more sanguine about the US withdrawal. To me, the Paris Accords were just another feel-good PR stunt enabling politicians to pretend that they could control forces that are already way out-of-hand, an international vanity project of ass-covering. The coming economic collapse will depress global industrial activity whether anybody likes it or not, and despite anyone’s pretense of good intentions — and then we will have a range of much more practical problems of everyday life to contend with.

Of course, Trump cannot possibly see it that way, given his wish to bring back the America of humming factories and happy workers seeing the USA in their Chevrolets and all that. That fantasy will eventually fade as the inability to get anything done in Washington becomes manifest and obvious. When the “basket of deplorables” sees their hopes dribble away, they will start in with serious mischief of their own, without Trump having to prompt them. Then it will be a quixotic battle between them and the BLM / SJW proxies that the higher-up chickenshits of DemProgdom have so carefully groomed as their vanguard. There will be blood.

Yes, Mr. P, America has lost its mind. The whole thing has turned into some kind of nonstop Kardashian tranny monster truck shit-show of manufactured melodrama and lost causes, inducing a kind of global nausea that may ultimately prove more fatal than the rising surface temperature and melting icecaps. Russia, to its credit, and whatever else you think about it, has some regard for its own survival. Our country prefers the excitement of self-destruction.


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Has America lost it's mind?  Protesting a free speech rally here in Portland, Antifa members brought weapons to do what exactly?  Sure the cops were out of hand - kettling some of the protestors - but if one person throws something, and the antifa did (cops said they found balloons with stinky liquid and bricks), a judge would rule it would warrant such actions.  Below is a report on the protests....Portland's Opposing Protests -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35_w-nro-ks

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http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-06-04/putin-hints-jfk-was-murdered-deep-state-which-now-after-trump-and-russiaPutin Hints JFK Was Murdered By The "Deep State" Which Is Now After Trump And Russia

"Have you all lost your mind?"

The ruling classes of Globalized Neolithic Civilization are becoming increasingly psychotic psychopaths, while those they rule over are becoming increasingly impotent political idiots. The established systems based upon being able to enforce frauds are being enabled by about exponentially advancing capacities and powers of technology to become about exponentially more fraudulent. Overall, Globalized Neolithic Civilization is based on excessive successfulness of applying the methods of organized crime through the political processes, in ways which have become runaway criminal insanities. In that context, it is barely possible to exaggerate the degree to which "we" have lost "our" minds. From a sublime point of view it makes sense that Civilization is necessarily controlled by its murder systems, which have necessarily become most successful by becoming as deceitful and treacherous as humanly possible, while prodigious progress in physical sciences has enabled that to become prodigiously more deceitful and treacherous. The essential political dilemmas are the deeper reasons for how and why that "we" have collectively lost "our" minds: there must necessarily be some death control systems, while natural selection pressures have driven the artificial selection systems doing so to become as dishonest as possible, as well as to endeavour to become exponentially more dishonest.Not only does that certainly drive the ways in which it is appropriate to ask

"Have you all lost your mind?"

but also "we" are collectively headed towards manifesting PEAK INSANITIES.   The actual death control systems have become as deceitful as possible AND within that context it is politically impossible to develop any better systems! So far, the most spectacular symbols of that were the events on 9/11/2001.   The ruling classes have become experts in creating series of "boogiemen" for other people to worry about, while the underlying issues which demand that there must necessarily be some death control systems are more and more deeply buried under the established systems which achieve the actual death controls in the most deceitful ways possible. There have certainly been a series of significant milestones in the development of the combined money/murder systems! In the case of the USA, 1913 and 1971 were the most significant, whereby income tax enforced the frauds by the Federal Reserve Board, until that "money" made out of nothing as debts was divorced from the material world, in the sense that while silver was demonetized in the 1870s, after 1971, when gold was demonetized, there was no longer any intelligible connection between the physical world and triumphantly enforced frauds (other than the extremely convoluted craziness based on being able to continue to enforce frauds.)Previous monetary system were the ways that metal money was backed by swords, which became paper money backed by gunpowder weapons, which has relatively recently and rapidly become globalized electronic monkey money frauds, backed by the threats of force from apes with atomic weapons. On the one hand, there was never any time when the essential nature of those monkeys and apes changed them from being basically the same animals, while, on the other hand, the prodigious progress in physical science enabled those monkeys and apes to amplify their animal natures to astronomical sizes.ELECTRONIC FRAUDBACKED UP WITHATOMIC FORCE.There are no grounds to doubt that those developments are headed towards manifesting PEAK INSANITIES. The only theoretically possible good resolutions of those problems would require series of intellectual scientific revolutions and profound paradigm shifts in political science. However, anything like that is politically impossible in the foreseeable finite future of Globalized Neolithic Civilization. Instead, to the degree the American Dollar, backed by the American Military, are the dominant features of that Civilization, America is "leading" the way towards GLOBALIZED PEAK INSANITIES.

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One could take it back to Hamilton and his arrangement with the British banksters. Hamilton insured there would be a commerce clause (Article I, Sec. 8) that would seal the deal for the feds controlling the states. Jackson attempted to correct the problem but his legacy was destroyed by the banksters. The War of Northern Aggression and the 14th amendment really sealed the deal for the banksters and feds.

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Hilda did not "win" the popular vote. That meme was developed to fire up the snowflakes. The PEOPLE came out of the woodwork to make a last ditch effort to avoid what they realize is coming. The majority said little, waited and voted. They are not falling for the circus; that is all aimed at the snowflakes. Now they're waiting again. I don't know what the trigger will be, but The author is correct; there will be blood. The people do not understand the structure but they can smell a rat; and they know exactly where the rats are. The banks.gov are going down; they may take us all with them, but they're going down.

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I blame the diet of shit "food". And the relentless programming by the media boy cunts. Ooops, that slur is reserved for Mnuchin. He stays surrounded by body guards for a reason. 

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It's true. The reasons are numerous. Families have to work two jobs while raising kids and dealing with public schools, their lives so filled with extraneous crap they don't know what day it is. How can you expect them to care about the Federal Reserve and sound monetary supply. The indoctroeducation system has them believing the government lies and dismissing any alternative viewpoints as crazy. The MSM hammers it home. If that didn't do the trick then there is the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, all sadly offering a fake reality that everything is awesome when you are part of the team. Thing is people want to belong, they don't want to be the lone salmon swimming upstream, so cognitive dissonance takes over and they just go along. Some happily and grateful, others wondering if this is indeed the Matrix. Few if any ever unplug.

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The average debt-slave is overwhelmed and exhausted from his/her futile treadmill existence.No energy or time to exercise their tenuous capacity for rational thought. Emotions rule.Working more , stressing more, running harder to maintain the same place and barely succeeding, if they're luckyFor most it's slow economic decline.... the steady drip, drip, drip of more debt and lower living standards.Thank you politicians. Thank you Keynesians. Thank you fiat money-pumping Fed.You gave the infant sheeples the immediate gratification they craved....And are DESTROYING THEM.(As planned ???) 

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How about add in a few more stressors? A real unemployment rate of ~22%, 100 million people upset with those rich folks. It's even worse if your are a white rich folk. A ready army of emotional wrecks ready to turn on whomever the MSM tells them is the evil of the day. If you look at the way things have gone over the past 40 years, we are headed for disaster.Yes, as planned.

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Don't worry with the lartest "smart" networked TV's they will be able to turn your TV on at any time for you to receive whatever broadcast they want. The built in camera/mic will spy on you as well. All under the guise of protecting you from harm. This is why we need a huuuge Islamic bogeyman and chaos, so .gov can bring us (a new world) order. Fuckers.

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When the “basket of deplorables” sees their hopes dribble away, they will start in with serious mischief of their own, without Trump having to prompt them.

Hopefully this is what happens.  But Trump galvanized a lot of people who'd given up on the political process entirely and just stayed home on Election Day.  If they revert to old habits in the face of yet another disappointment, there will be no civil war.  The financial elites, the deep state, and the left will just keep grinding away until there's nothing left.

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You nailed it again! Keep them coming. To add to that this morning on CNN (where else) they have alleged that Russia is now in concert with North Korea helping them defy the world. What a bunch of horse shit. But it keeps coming and idiots keep on believing it.

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You nailed it again! Keep them coming. To add to that this morning on CNN (where else) they have alleged that Russia is now in concert with North Korea helping them defy the world. What a bunch of horse shit. But it keeps coming and idiots keep on believing it.

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 I like to think we are just coming around to truth. Now that we are ready to face it head on. I dont know about the rest of you but I am pretty sure I can handle the truth.

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It is pretty insane letting someone else have all your hi-tech innovations for free after you have paid for all of the R & D.

Or is that just stupid?

Or evil and very clever for the recipient?

~~~~)))) Possible Mole In The Rose Garden Flower Beds ((((~~~~

Greatest Soviet Era 2.0 Penetration Of High Tech Sector Exposed


I call it all three.

Guess who the chump monkeys are here.

What is your guess?

Come on, guess. ............ Goat ahead and guess.

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it is incredibly ironic for an old guy to see that you have to listen to putin to see clearly what is going on in the usa. if putin feels that way then the entire world sees the same thing.