It's A "Geopolitical Earthquake": A Stunned World Responds After Saudi Alliance Cuts All Ties With Qatar

Virtually nobody saw it coming.

Late on Sunday night, the Saudi-led alliance of Gulf Arab states, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain including Egypt, shocked the world when they announced they had severed ties and closed borders with one of the Gulf's wealthiest, if smallest, neighbors Qatar, a (now former) member of the Gulf Cooperation Council in what we called a "geopolitical earthquake" and what Bloomberg dubbed "an unprecedented move designed to punish one of the region’s financial superpowers for its ties with Iran and Islamist groups in the region."

As we noted first last night, just days after president Trump left the region, a "geopolitical earthquake" took place in the Middle East as the rift between Qatar and other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council exploded with Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt cutting all diplomatic ties with Qatar accusing it of "spreading chaos," by funding terrorism and supporting Iran. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt all said they will suspend air and sea travel to and from the Gulf emirate. Saudi Arabia will also shut land crossings with its neighbor, potentially depriving the emirate of imports through its only land border.

It was not immediately clear when the proposed measures would be implemented. Saudi Arabia said it would "begin immediate legal measures with friendly, sisterly countries and international companies to implement that measure as quickly as possible for all types of transit from and to the state of Qatar."

Saudi Arabia cited Qatar’s support of “terrorist groups aiming to destabilize the region,” including the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic State and al-Qaeda. It accused Qatar of supporting “Iranian-backed terrorist groups” operating in the kingdom’s eastern province as well as Bahrain.  Saudi Arabia, along with Bahrain and the U.A.E., gave Qatari diplomats 48 hours to leave.

Donald Trump meets Qatar's ruler Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani in Riyadh in May

Qatar responded by saying it regrets the "unjustified" decision of the gulf nations to sever ties and called the accusations “baseless”, saying they were part of a plan to “impose guardianship on the state, which in itself is a violation of sovereignty.”

The first hints that not all is well emerged just three days after Trump left Riyadh as part of his first international trip in May - during which the US president and Saudi King Salman singled out Iran as the world’s main sponsor of terrorism - when the state-run Qatar News Agency carried comments by Qatari ruler Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani criticizing mounting anti-Iran sentiment. Officials quickly deleted the comments, blamed them on hackers and appealed for calm, however it was too late and Saudi and U.A.E. media outlets then launched verbal assaults against Qatar, which intensified after Sheikh Tamim’s phone call with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani over the weekend in apparent defiance of Saudi criticism.

“Qatar is right in the middle of the GCC countries and it has tried to pursue an independent foreign policy,” said Peter Sluglett, director of the Middle East Institute of the National University of Singapore quoted by Bloomberg. “The idea is to bring Qatar to heel.”

Qatar's geopolitical importance can not be underscored, not only for its vast wealth, but because Qatar is one of the biggest producer of liquefied natural gas (and arguably the source of the 6 year long Syrian proxy war, due to Qatar's documented desires to pass a natgas pipeline into Europe through Syria), and also hosts the forward headquarters of CENTCOM, the U.S. military’s central command in the Middle East.

And speaking of Qatar's wealth, while the country has a population smaller than Houston, it has one of the world's largest sovereign wealth funds with over $335 billion investments in companies from Volkswagen, to Rosneft, Barclays, Credit Suisse and Tiffany's.

The economic fallout loomed immediately, as Abu Dhabi's state-owned Ethihad Airways, Dubai's Emirates Airline and budget carrier Flydubai said they would suspend all flights to and from Doha from Tuesday morning until further notice. Qatar Airways said on its official website it had suspended all flights to Saudi Arabia.

* * *

What prompted the surprising move by the Gulf-states?

According to some, emboldened by "warmer" ties with the US under President Trump, the Saudi-led alliance is seeking to stamp out any opposition to forming a united front against Shiite-ruled Iran. And while Monday’s escalation is unlikely to hurt energy exports from the Gulf, it threatens to have far-reaching effects on Qatar according to Bloomberg.

“There are going to be implications for people, for travelers, for business people. More than that, it brings the geopolitical risks into perspective,” Tarek Fadlallah, the chief executive officer of Nomura Asset Management Middle East, said in an interview to Bloomberg Television. “Since this is an unprecedented move, it is very difficult to see how it plays out.”

The stunned confusion explains the sudden, adverse reaction in Qatar assets, which saw the Qatar QE Index of stocks plunge tumble 8%, the most since 2009 to the lowest since January 2016...

... while Dubai's index fell 1.2%. Separately, Qatar bond yields surged in the worst day in 7 months as Qatar CDS spiked to 2 month highs.

There were also fireworks in the FX arena, where forward contracts for the Qatari riyal soared by over 200bps  to 4.05%, suggesting a currency devaluation may be imminent as a result of the economic blockade.

While Brent initially rose as much as 1.6% to $50.74 a barrel, it has since pared all gains as concerns that the tenuous OPEC alliance may be about to collapse, resulting in a fresh flood of crude in the market. That said, keep an eye on the Straits of Hormuz: heightened tensions between Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest crude exporter, and Iran typically draw market attention to the tight waterway through which about 30% of the seaborne oil trade passes.

Politicians, largely behind the curve, chimed in and U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said it’s important that the Gulf states remain unified and encouraged the various parties to address their differences. Speaking at a news conference in Sydney, he said the crisis won’t undermine the fight on terrorism. “What we’re seeing is a growing list of some irritants in the region that have been there for some time,” Tillerson said. “Obviously they’ve now bubbled up to a level that countries decided they needed to take action in an effort to have those differences addressed.”

Making the matter a particular headache for the US State Department is that all five countries involved in the dispute are U.S. allies, and Qatar has committed $35 billion to invest in American assets. The Qatar Investment Authority, the country’s sovereign wealth fund, plans to open an office in the Silicon Valley.

Then there is the issue of the 2022 World Cup: As Reuters notes, "the diplomatic broadside threatens the international prestige of Qatar, which hosts a large U.S. military base and is set to host the 2022 World Cup. It has for years presented itself as a mediator and power broker for the region's many disputes. Kristian Ulrichsen, a Gulf expert at the U.S-based Baker Institute, said if Qatar's land borders and air space were closed for any length of time "it would wreak havoc on the timeline and delivery" of the World Cup."

* * *

Not the First Time

As Bloomberg reminds us, this is not the first time Qatar has been singled out and disagreements among the six GCC members have flared in the past; tensions with Qatar could be traced to the mid-1990s when Al Jazeera television was launched from Doha, providing a platform for Arab dissidents to criticize autocratic governments in the region except Qatar’s.

The Gulf nation also played a key role in supporting anti-regime movements during the Arab Spring, acting against Saudi and U.A.E. interests by bankrolling the Muslim Brotherhood’s government in Egypt. Qatar also hosts members of Hamas’s exiled leadership and maintains ties with Iran.

In 2014, Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E. and Bahrain temporarily withdrew their ambassadors from Qatar. That dispute centered on Egypt following the army-led ouster of Islamist President Mohamed Mursi, a Muslim  Brotherhood leader. This time the measures are more severe than during the 2014 incident, when Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE withdrew their ambassadors from Doha, again alleging Qatari support for militant groups. At that time, travel links were maintained and Qataris were not expelled.

In 2011, Qatar used its media and political clout to support long-repressed Islamists in the "Arab Spring" uprisings in several Arab countries. Muslim Brotherhood groups allied to Doha are now mostly on the backfoot in the region, especially after a 2013 military takeover in Egypt ousted the elected Islamist president.

The former army chief and now president, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, along with the new government's allies in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, blacklist the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. Egypt, the Arab world's most populous nation, said on its state news agency that Qatar's policy "threatens Arab national security and sows the seeds of strife and division within Arab societies according to a deliberate plan aimed at the unity and interests of the Arab nation."

The crisis comes just weeks after Moody’s cut Qatar’s credit rating by one level to Aa3, the fourth-highest investment grade, citing uncertainty over its economic growth model.

“Qatar is economically and socially most vulnerable from food and other non-energy imports,” said Paul Sullivan, a Middle East expert at Georgetown University. “If there is a true blockade, this could be a big problem for them. Rules stopping citizens of the U.A.E., Saudi Arabia and Bahrain from even transiting via Qatar could cause significant disruptions.”

Iran also chimed in, with an official saying the Gulf crisis is a fallout from Trump Saudi visit: "Rift and crumbling of unity” among Gulf nations "first result of the sword dance in Riyadh," Hamid Aboutalebi, a deputy chief of staff for political affairs, said on Twitter.  The comments were a reference to Donald Trump’s Saudi visit last month, when he took part in a ceremonial sword dance with Saudi officials

“Time for sanctions has ended, cutting diplomatic ties, closing borders, blockading nations” is not the way to end crisis, the Iranian added and said that Saudi, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain need to choose “democracy at home and talks in the region.”

A Russian envoy in Vienna, Vladimir Voronkov, was cited by RIA saying that that tensions between Qatar, Middle Eastern nations are a sign of political destabilization in region.

Finally, with confusion still rampant over last night's events, here courtesy of Bloomberg is a recap of key reactions by various analysts and investors who believe the damaged diplomatic ties will lead to increased volatility and pessimism toward Middle Eastern assets. Here are some views on the move by market participants:

Tarek Fadlallah, chief executive officer of Nomura Asset Management Middle East:

  • “Clearly this is going to rattle investors, mostly foreign investors, that have to play a key role in regulation reform and investment program.”
  • “Political uncertainty, particularly given recent headlines on Trump’s visit, make investors wary of investing not just in Qatar specifically, but in region more broadly”
  • Expect spike in volatility, followed by downward move in markets in general

Marwan Shurrab, head of high net worth and retail equities brokerage at Al Ramz in Dubai

  • Sees volatility increasing in the very short-term
  • Investors will watch for any kind of announcement, or further clarification coming from governments or companies
  • Investors will assess which companies have the biggest exposure to the region and therefore, have potential revenues at risk
  • Some long-term investors could find opportunities if any signal of potential recovery

Majd Dola, senior research analyst at Al Ramz Capital in Dubai

  • Many U.A.E. companies have operational exposure to Qatar ranging from mid- to-large size projects, sees some “negative economic impact on already struggling companies”
  • Notes Drake & Scull has 500m dirhams worth of projects in Qatar; Arabtec has two joint ventures, pending legal cases, and receivables; DAMAC announced a 500m-dirham tower in Doha recently
  • While hard to quantify the direct impact on those companies, it won’t be positive in short- term
  • “If we take this one step further, Qatar is set to host World Cup 2020, which created a massive potential pipeline for U.A.E. developers and contractors”
  • Qatar investment funds might also be under pressure to liquidate U.A.E. holdings
  • Companies like DXBE (11% owned by Qatar investment) might face further pressure if things moved further in negative direction

Abdul Kadir Hussain, head of fixed income asset management at Arqaam Capital Ltd.

  • Expects some initial impact on Qatari bonds.
  • “A lot of them are held in hold-to-maturity books so I don’t expect a major pullback.”
  • Still, expects a small narrowing of bond spreads
  • Doesn’t expect move to affect bonds across the GCC at this point since they are “relatively cheap” for their ratings
  • Given the lull in market due to summer and Ramadan, technicals are probably supportive in terms of new issuance

Peter Sluglett, director of the Middle East Institute of the National University of Singapore

  • “Desire of the Trump administration is that nobody in that region should have any sort of relations with Iran. Qatar is right in the middle of the GCC countries and it has tried to pursue an independent foreign policy. So the idea is to bring Qatar to heel”

As for the biggest question of all: is Qatar's ambition for a trans-Syrian nat gas pipeline now officially over, the jury is still out...


HowdyDoody Okhams Capital… Mon, 06/05/2017 - 09:52 Permalink

"an unprecedented move designed to punish one of the region’s financial superpowers for its ties with Iran and Islamist groups in the region."

Implying Iran is the source of 'extreme Islamist terrorism' which is total Israel-first bullshit.

Saudi Arabia and Israel are supporters and enablers of ISIS. Iran, along with other moderate Sunni and Suia religous groups are actually fighting and destroying ISIS.

The US is not fighting ISIS. It is trying to get the Kurds to do the job ISIS was created to do - namely divide Syrian from Iran/Iraq.

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 ... while a stunned world responds after Saudi Alliance cuts all ties with Qatar, let's revisit last year's Qatari princess' orgy which Sharia law failed to prosecute [read: beheading] and instead albeit covered up miserably by ... " ... trying to bribe local newspapers  --£500 million-- , but 'Financial Times' allegedly  rejected the alluring offer, and has published the story ..." ... ;) ... >>> ... "Qatari Princess Shaikha Salwa's Sexual Scandal With Seven Men: Financial Times Reports" ... >>> ... " ... The British newspaper 'Financial Times' revealed on Thursday a heavy-caliber scandal when the British security service (MI6) with the assistance of Scotland Yard had broken into a sumptuous room in Excelsior London Hotel after receiving many complaints, only to find the Qatari Princess engaging in shamful orgy with seven men.According to the newspaper, the Scotland Yard was surprised when it checked the ID of  the female culprit only to find that she is a  Qatari princess and discovered her in the most obscene position , having sex with seven Europeans men inside the room.The Princess, during the preliminary investigation openly admitted that she is a member of Qatari Royal Family, and King's half-sister.She also had admitted that through a Saudi intermediary [pimp]she brought in men of special physical qualities who have specific experiences ,in exchange of a exorbitant  money.The Qatari Princess asked her Saudi intermediary ,this time, to bring seven men at once altogether , and asked him to stay in the hotel lobby during the nightl until all seven men  leave, for fear of possible violence by anyone of them, as had happened  previously in past secret visits. ... " ...... more here ... >>> ...... sorry fellas, no videos available  ... and she's pretty too  ... ;) >>> picture with snowflake de Niro >>> ;) edit: ... checked the sources: >>> and  ... both yielded nothing ... scrubbed clean  ....  ;)  

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     ... could this be the real reason for the "break-up"? ...>>>"   June 5, 2017 ... Arab Nations Break Ties With Qatar After $150 Million Contract Offered To Kill President Trump" ...... >>> ... " ... Another stunning Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen have broken all diplomatic and travel ties to the State of Qatar after their receiving confirmation that Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani was behind the “dark web” offering of $150 million to anyone assassinating President Donald Trump ( — and that this Qatari Emir had secretly vowed to his supporters “would not be in power for long” ( .   ... " ...... >>> ... "As to why Qatari Emir Al Thani and the Hillary Clinton aligned “Deep State” wanted President Trump assassinated by the end of May, this report explains, was to keep him from meeting these Arab leaders in Saudi Arabia—and where Trump and these Arab leaders established the Global Center for Combatting Extremist Ideology ( and, most importantly, formed a new group to cut off all funding for Islamic terrorists ( ... " ...... more here >>>  ... ;)

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Well, lets see here, quatar allied itself with turkey back in 2015 with turkey pledging to build a base in quatar and to defend quatar from all attacks.Saudis have just bought a brand new army and will need to "stretch its legs" somehow...They also need some other reason than production cuts to pump up oil prices, of which im pretty sure maduro is onboard with =P Sounds like a recipe for a ho down of epic proportions.

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 ... >>> "Sounds like a recipe for a ho down of epic proportions." ... ... and let's not forget, Qatar is not going down without incriminating the other ME sandbaggers ... >>> ... the Qatari state-run media outlet ... "Al Jazeera Reports Leaked Emails Showing Relationship Between UAE And Israeli-linked Think Tanks" ...>>> here >>> ...... indeed, Israel's Mossad is doing an excellent job in having the arab world behead each other ...;)

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"Just whose side is the U.S. on again?"Well apparently on the side of those who really DO sponsor terrorism.However ..The Saudi's , Israel, and POTUS all agree, IRAN and by proxy Qatar are the "largest sponsors of state terrroism."Then again ..Analysts: Leaks could threaten Emirati diplomacyLeaked emails point to strong relationship between the UAE and think tanks closely allied to Israel.Commenting on what the leaks revealed about Emirati efforts to tarnish the image of Kuwait and Qatar, Kuwaiti writer and political analyst Mohammed al-Dosari said that such efforts could lead to the dissolution of the Gulf Cooperation Council."The GCC is living through a period of confusion caused by media fabrications that have the people of the Gulf as their only victim," Dosari told Al Jazeera.… seems that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia isn't real keen on anything resembling truthful reporting .. as it threatens their democratic way of life, you know, like the US and Israel ...Qatar: Forcible Return of Saudi ActivistHuman Rights Watch · 3 days agoMohammad al-Oteibi fled to Qatar in March. He is currently on trial in Saudi Arabia based solely on charges related to his human rights work that …Check out his "crimes" against humanity here ..… some folks just aren't feelin the whole thing ..Gotta figure out how to clamp down on the whole internet, and leaking thing as some more folks might just start catching on to this thing .. but of course it will likely be much too late in the game at this point, you know, before the real fireworks go off ..

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May have happened but it was then used for blackmail.

From the article:
"the British security service (MI6) with the assistance of Scotland Yard had broken into a sumptuous room in Excelsior London Hotel after receiving many complaints"

So MI6 and Scotland Yard deal with noise complaints at fancy hotels? This was not her first time and they were waiting to pounce. Some one who the British govt supports wanted to tarnish her family, gain blackmail material or just cause discord related to their rule in Qatar.

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 ... yes, you could be right ... your guess is as good as anyone's ... and this princess is pure blackmail material especially in that part of the world where losing "royal face" meant destruction of the royal family ... who knows, there might be more "oopsy daisies" that the Qatari family is hiding or trying to hide that the Klinton Krime Kartel and the Deep Swamp are "holding" for future "favors" ... which might lead to an alleged "assassination" plot against PDJT(?) funded by Thani after meeting with the Hilarious One (?)  ... ... conspiracy theory = critical thinking ... ;) ... btw, did you notice a picture of the princess with snowflake Robert de Niro (allegedly found by the spooks on the princess' iPad ... is he a princess' dick? ... remember what Maher said about their love for women of color ;) ... and recall de Niro's unceasing anti-Trump bashing; de Niro being an absolute Hiliary fan and Hiliary being an absolute Thani fan >>>;)

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Blankone - Sounds like blackmail to me. The Qatari Princess ordered several extra endowed men to sevice her all night? If it was a guy this wouldnt be out of the ordinary for a ME Prince, King etc. The news, contains a lot of Enquirer type gossip. On a bigger picture wolrd reserve currency shifts also cause shifts of alliances. Back in 2008 it was easier to connect dots and get a sense of things geopolitically. Much tougher now. 

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tonyw Blankone Mon, 06/05/2017 - 14:29 Permalink

Frankly i doubt it happened, there's no link to the & articles in the original awdnews article. Looks like fake news to me possibly to sow discontent amongst the Qataris. Get your media in first then stap backm works every time e.g. WMD, throwing babies out of incubators ....Secondly what would a Qatari pricess be doing in a lowly three star hotel? All the Middle Eastern royalty stay in much better hotels, it's not like London is short of top hotels.Thirdly the wording of the awdnews article sounds fake to me "discovered her in the most obscene position "  ... "that through a Saudi intermediary [pimp]she brought in men of special physical qualities who have specific experiences" then again perhaps it was a role play Snow White and the seven dwarves - dwarf tossing optional :-)Prostitution is legal in the UK, "Scotland Yard" doesn't get involved with noise complaints and certainly MI6 is not needed to break into a hotel room (MI6 is overseas fun & games). Hotels have pass keys so they don't need to break in, in the event of e.g. drugs or noise if the hotel security couldn't handle it the local police would be involved.

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... >>> "... there's no link to the & articles in the original awdnews article."... yes, I pointed that out on my posting and it looks like the article had been "scrubbed" clean ... it's not surprising and they would do that when there's enough money thrown at them ... however, fortunately, there's always a picture of a newspaper's hardcopy of the article and you can view (and read) it here (right after or below the snowflake Robert de Niro's picture with the princess) >>> ... ... ;)

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PrayingMantis shovelhead Mon, 06/05/2017 - 11:43 Permalink

 ... true dat ... Deep Swamp might be unraveling though ... let's not forget the dearborn raid (>>>  ...) ... might have something to do with this Clinton/ Thani conspiracy as well as Clinton's transfer of Billion$ to Qatar ( [read: no US extradition treaty] ... ;)

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 ... apparently, it pays pretty well to be Secretary of State ... with all that power, the Clintons could even steal from Russian banks  ;) ... I posted this previously ...... in case you missed it, let's see who had Russian connections ...... >>> "Massive Theft From Russian Bank Said Funded Hillary Clinton And Democrat Party" ...... "... failed 2016 US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her Democratic Party (DP) have been implicated in the theft of tens-of-millions of rubles from a now failed bank in Tatarstan (an oil-rich and predominantly Muslim region in central Russia)—and that once Clinton lost her bid to become president, and in a “last gasp” effort to hide these crimes, stole another $60 million from Irish investors too. ..." ...... "... shortly after taking office as US Secretary of State in 2009, Hillary Clinton began a massive scheme to illegally enrich herself and her Democratic Party using “unscrupulous methods and tactics” against “unsuspecting and unsophisticated” Russian banks—and whose largest “deal” actually benefited the Federation when in 2013 Rosatom (Russian state owned energy giant) was able to acquire vast amounts of American uranium reserves having to pay the Clinton’s just $3 million. ... " ...... " ... Being “doubtful/dubious” about this reporting from Tatarstan, this report explains, the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) began an initial investigation into banks located in Tatarstan—but whom immediately came under “extreme” pressure to limit this investigation by the American super-lobbyist Tony Podesta (brother of Hillary Clinton’s national presidential campaign manager John Podesta) who “promised/devoted” that upon Hillary Clinton taking office once she won the presidency, all Western sanctions against Russian banks would be lifted. ... " ...... " ... Immediately after losing the US presidential election to now President Donald Trump, though, this report continues, the CBR was alerted to a mysterious bond offering of $60 million being made to “unwitting/unsuspecting” Irish investors on behalf of Tatfondbank—and that was being “organized/manipulated” by several shadowy Western banking companies—including TFB Finance, TMF Group BV, SC Lowy and Merdeka Capital—with their “common linkage” being that they were all “known/suspected” abettors to the international money laundering organization known as the Clinton Foundation.Upon learning of this mysterious bond offering, this report says, the CBR contacted the ICR who began their own investigation—and that initially revealed Tatfondbank was missing 97 billion rubles ($1.6 billion) it couldn’t account for. ..." ...... " ... By early March (2017), however, this report states, the ICR determined that 3 billion rubles ($51.9 million) had been stolen from Tatfondbank—and who placed under arrest for this grave crime Robert Musin, the Chairman of the Board in Tatfondbank, Ramil Nasyrov, the ex-First Deputy Chairman of the Board in Tatfondbank, and Elena Leushina, the Director of Royal Time Group Limited Liability Company.Most important of these arrests to the ICR in their attempting to discover where these stolen monies were sent to, this report explains, was Elena Leushina who was the Director of Royal Time Group—another shadowy company listing itself as being in the construction and casino business—and whose “listed partners” KPMG LLP, AECOM and Steelman Partners were all discovered to have used stolen Tatfondbank money to fund not only Hillary Clinton’s failed US presidency bid, but other Democrat Party candidates too.Of the stolen Tatfondbank monies able to be traced due to Elena Leushina’s “interrogation/confession”, this report details, is:From Tatfondbank to Royal Time Group to KPMG LLP: $129,689 given to Hillary Clinton; $100,000 given to host the Democratic Party Convention; over $50,000 given to US Democratic Party Senator Chuck Schumer; nearly $40,000 to the Democrat Party Service Corp; nearly $35,000 to the Democrat Party Congressional Campaign Committee; and over $33,000 to the Democrat Party Senatorial Campaign Committee.From Tatfondbank to Royal Time Group to AECOM: $350,000 to Democrat Party super-PACS Priorities USA Action and Emily’s List; $136,800 to the Democrat Party Service Corp; $63,558 to Hillary Clinton; $26,234 to the Maine Democrat Party State Committee; $25,525 to US Democrat Party Senator Patty Murray; $21,800 to US Democrat Party Senator Chuck Schumer; and $18,632 to the Democrat Party of Virginia.From Tatfondbank to Royal Time Group to Steelman Partners: $28,000 to the Democrat Party. ... " ...... more here >>> ... ;)

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Meanwhile the US establishes another terrorist training base near the Iraq/Syria border and ISIS makes a desperate massive all-out attack on the Syrian sanctuary at Deir ez Zor, probably using some of the terrorists the US/Kurds allowed to leave Raqqa providing they went to attack SAA assets.

The US is getting increasingly desperate to seal off the land route between Iran and Syria for its master.

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CuttingEdge HowdyDoody Mon, 06/05/2017 - 11:48 Permalink

@ eforce: Qatar has never been in Iran's sphere of influence. A Salafist Sunni regime joined at the religious hip of Salafist SA? Maybe in some fucked up alternative reality, but not in this one.Nope. Someone has decided that Syria is a write-off and ISIS needs to go quietly into the night (or quietly into Europe). As well-known financiers and enablers (along with SA, the CIA et al) of aforementioned goat-fucking pigswill, who no longer have any skin in the game with no pipeline forthcoming, Qatar will be the fall guy while the Saudis get a clean slate. Remember how Saddam went to war with Iran (1 million dead) at the behest of the CIA, only to become the US number 1 enemy? Ditto Osama in Afghanistan? This script is getting so overused it's become farcical.

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Ink Pusher CuttingEdge Mon, 06/05/2017 - 12:14 Permalink

Qatar, Yemen, UAE all infected. The difference in this particular scenario is the Saudis are actually rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty without any reservations or doubletalk.Pending is the real deal  jihad to be duked out on the desert between the Sunni and Shia factions throughout the region without any external intervention.The Saudis didn't just purchase billions in arms to have shiny military parades, they are 101% gearing up for a major conflict with Iran.*The only wildcard at the moment is Pakistan.

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jeff montanye Ink Pusher Mon, 06/05/2017 - 12:48 Permalink

without any external intervention?  if iran, after helping russia on the ground in syria, asked for air support you think russia would say no?  i sure as shit wouldn't bet on it.  saudi arabia attacking iran sounds like a recipe for revolution inside the kingdom.  unlike iran, these people don't get to vote, the women can't drive and need a man's permission to study.  in iran women are the majority in college.

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Ink Pusher jeff montanye Tue, 06/06/2017 - 08:57 Permalink

The Russians have no love for Iran,maybe the odd oil deal. When push comes to shove;The Russians will not back Iran militarily, it's not in Russian interest to go against the Saudis. Comparison politics and Human rights are not the issues here so try to stay on topic. The topic is Islamic jihad.Defined "External intervention" = NATO boots on ther ground in Iran.

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The fight back begins

Qatar began to pour dirt on the accusers, starting with the draining of dirt on the United Arab Emirates, who are accused of supporting attempts to overthrow Erdogan in the summer of 2016, behind the scenes tricks with Israel and attempts to remove Saudi Arabia as the main US ally in the region.

"June 3, an unknown hacker hacked into the email of the UAE Ambassador to US Yousef al-Otaiba (Yousef al-Otaiba) and its contents were in the public domain. It became known that a senior diplomat met and negotiated with the Pro-Israel think tanks that Wahhabi monarchies are considered invalid. Moreover, following this leakage of information it became known about the involvement of the UAE in a failed coup attempt in Turkey in the summer of 2016 and official support for Dubai in countering the Palestinian Hamas and the Egyptian "Muslim brotherhood"."

This is a bit like herding all the terrorists in Syria into a confined space in Idlib - they start killing each other.

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new game HowdyDoody Mon, 06/05/2017 - 12:07 Permalink

fatigue sets in as this round robin deep state bullshit never ends. deep state at work with the full backing of an evil alliance(Izzy, SA, US) to destabilize the enemy into compliance. and if anyone thinks they will get in line with Wahhab SA dictate, this is laughable, but then again a MIC victory has happened again as now the sale of arms to SA and visit makes sense.fighting isis, my ass...

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Herd Redirecti… HowdyDoody Mon, 06/05/2017 - 12:14 Permalink

Israel and Saudi are probably upset with Qatar for NOT FUNDING ENOUGH TERROR.  That is pretty hilarious though to see King Salman say Iran is the biggest financer of terrorism.  What, you mean if you exclude Saudi Arabia, Israel and America?   Hell, in this upside down world, if you finance counter-terrorism that probably counts as financing terror to these guys (because you are costing them money by financing counter-terrorism)! 

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evoila HowdyDoody Mon, 06/05/2017 - 13:53 Permalink

This only makes sense if war is breaking out. Qatar helping Iran? LOL that is funny. The only situation where this is plausible is if war is about to break out and Iran tells Qatar it will decimate the country inside of 2 hours if war does break out, unless Qatar gets its shit together.  

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Doody - could be....many moving parts to this one.Seems to me it is part of a plan to dis-member the GCC and worst players in ME.If Qatar really does collapse, it will also be a kick in the nuts to Europe, which gets a big bunch of its Natgas from Qatar.  Also will be a kick in the nuts to funding foR EU large corps.Then Putin will decide if EU freezes this coming winter.GLOBAL WARMING, ANYONE ?

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hmmm...i am really interested in seeing how this develops. obviously the pat narrative is total BS coming from the Wahabiist House of Saud but still..

as noted in the comments above, the Syrian situation could be seriously positively effected by this. this is a slapdown of the highest order. i would bet on an internecine power play between princelings.

the trump pic is funny..oddly placed, unless that is really what his recent trip there was about.

what if he told the Wahabis, "cut Quatar off or you will be mowed down along with them" or some such variant?

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