98% Of Greeks Consider Their Economic Situation As "Bad", Survey Says

Nearly a decade after the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, economic spirits are reviving, a PEW survey found. Economic spirits reviving everywhere? No. Not everywhere. Greeks remain pessimistic. No wonder about that, as they see no present and no future.

As KeepTalkingGreece,com reports, according to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center, many Europeans, Japanese and Americans feel better today about their economies than they did before the financial crisis. More broadly, in 11 of 18 countries from across the globe that were surveyed in both 2016 and 2017, publics feel more positive about their economy than they did a year ago.

The Dutch, Germans, Swedes and Indians see their national economies in the most positive light. While global publics are increasingly upbeat about economic conditions, the overall view of the economy is still in negative territory in many countries. Overall, a median of only 46% in the 32 nations surveyed this year say their current economy is doing well.

But as the table below illustrates, a staggering 98% of Greeks view their current economic situation as "bad."

At the same time, many are concerned about the future: A median of just 41% believe that a child in their country today will grow up to be better off financially than their parents. The most pessimistic about prospects for the next generation are the French, Japanese and Greeks.

People in advanced economies are quite pessimistic about young people’s financial prospects, just 34% believe they will be better off than the current generation.

Such despair is particularly strong in Greece, Japan, France, Australia, Canada, Spain and the UK, where roughly seven-in-ten people say today’s children will be worse off.


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They would be better off out of the EU and ditching the Euro.  Follow Britain out. Grexit!Re Brexit - There is a trade imbalance in favour of the European Union so it is in the interest of the EU to make amicable arrangements with the United Kingdom. What's more, the UK can do its own trade deals on a one-to-one basis instead of having the EU to deal 27 member states before it makes a trade deal. The UK will opt for a hard Brexit especially when one country (or part of a country in Belgium) can stall negotiations for so long. Spain could act in a similar fashion over Gibraltar and has the cheek to maintain its Gibraltar sovereignty claim. Claim? Gibraltar - Some Relevant International Law: https://www.academia.edu/10575180/Gibraltar_-_Some_Relevant_Internationa... So it looks like a quick hasta luego !

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It is relative, however. It pains me to say it, but the reason that 98% of Greeks are worse off, is because the marauding government is extracting all the wealth they can (also know as "tax" in more liberal countries). This is a new idea - all of the country having to contribute: before, only the public sector paid "tax", but that is just a magic trick to halve public sector wages without them understanding. Now, all property is taxed significantly, which means that just about every household is 20% down on disposable income - that is going to throw a spanner in any consumer economy.Of course, the other option would be to reduce government.Ah.Oh well.

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Did that survey really tell anybody anything that wasn't blindingly obvious?Perhaps a better question to have asked was: do you still want to be in the Eurozone? (not the EU - different thing; most Greeks want to remain in the EU apparently - god knows why)

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But Greeks have done everything to remain as "€uropeons" even as entire families barely survive on granma's evaporating pension. Like the rest of the €uro herd (under the control of the Pedophile Politburo in Natostan sewer BrUSsel$) the thought of United States of Urupp and its ongoing Soros slash Merkel slash Coudenhove Kalergi orchestrated invasion of Muslim critters from USSA'S serial judaic wars is the epitome of politically correct insanity which has become the religion of the mindless herd and the wolves that own them. The will to live has been destroyed on such a grand scale that it makes Jonestown look like a wholesome family picnic. http://whale.to/b/jonestown1.html  

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Still, the economic situation in neighbouring countries such as FYROM, Serbia, Albania and Bosnia is worse, and has been for a while. People there need to live on average on 400 euro per month, the average pension is 150 euro. But at least these countries are not as highly indebted as Greece is. But there is no end in sight to economic hardship in these countries, including Greece.

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That is a comment within a comment. Greece is a made up entity, constructed by the Germans to keep control over the mediterian. The country itself is a loughing stock of the world. There is a saying: "indebted like greece". The greeks had a chance to make something of themselves, but they chose the unicorn fantasy instead. So... who the fuck cares if they are feeling poor.

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I cant disagree with your logic,but they didnt...There are large forces playing behind at what you call Greece and Greeks.What i mean is politicians,political parties,banks,artists,the elites and prety much everyone that matters is bribed by the EU.Greeks tried again and again to change course but it was futile...Instead of simply writing down an entire country,tell as how democracy works where you live...I could not give a fuck about the USA or anyone else,but here i am reading the news and discussing with people all around the world that face the same retards in there own respective countries...You dont give a fuck??Well you should,what heppens in Greece will happen everywhere.The world is getting smaller and poverty already covers the greatest chunk of the globe,there will be nowhere to hide.

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When are the Greeks going to grow a pair and oust the ECB bureaucrats/technocrats?Banksters are picking off assets like locust.Best thing to do is follow Iceland, tell the banksters your not going to pay and jail the technocrats.

Occams_Razor_Trader Wed, 06/07/2017 - 07:31 Permalink

As opposed to 10 years ago when you could get a no show goverment job and retire with a fat cushy pension after 5 years?? Greece had entire towns full of able bodied people cashing in on disability and retirement funds. It was the lazy lottery- and the pendulum has swung. Tough it out.

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You can't Grexit while waiting for the next tranche. It's one or the other, not both. Amazing how they can't seem to see the reality of the solution. Take the pain and get out!! Shit, there should be no exit negotiations, everything is already fucking gone! Damn

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After the subprime meltdown occurred, the worst possible thing happened to America. We got a marxist president with absolutely no knowledge about how an economy works. Therefore, there's was NO recovery for eight straight years. Normally recoveries take a couple of years. We had eight straight years without a single year with 3% GDP growth. The worst part is, I don't even think the obama voters realize what they did.