Comey Won't Accuse Trump Of Obstructing Justice: Report

To say that the mainstream media is super excited about Comey's forthcoming testimony would be a bit of an understatement.  The idea that the former FBI Director may offer up the first piece of tangible evidence that Trump committed a potentially impeachable offense has stoked outright hysteria at the likes of CNN and MSNBC.  CNN even went so far as to describe the hearing as "Washington's Super Bowl"...



...and has been updating their audience, days in advance we might add, on the 700 different ways they'll be able to tune into the live hearing scheduled for later this week.

Beginning at 9:45 a.m. ET, live coverage of the testimony will be on CNN and streaming on, the CNN app on phone and tablet, and on mobile devices.  You can also watch it on your Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV with the CNNgo app, CNN's Facebook Page and via Apple News.

But while pretty much every mainstream media outlet is on the edge of their seats praying for Trump's downfall to play out on live TV, Charles Krauthammer of Fox News is a bit more skeptical, if not just a bit more realstic.  Speaking with Fox's Brett Baier, Krauthammer pointed out that Comey is masterful at protecting his own ass and would never slip up to the point of alleging outright obstruction because he would be "indicting himself for not resigning, for not making a statement, for not bringing it out in the open."

“Here there is one question — did the president obstruct justice?  That’s what everybody is waiting for. I don’t think there’s anything of great interest other than that.


And his answer I think is going to be obvious. He will navigate to a point where he says, ‘Well, there might’ve been some pressure but it’s not obstruction.’ Why? Because if it were obstruction, then he is indicting himself. For not resigning, for not making a statement, for not bringing it out in the open.


So he can’t say it’s obstruction which is what everybody who wants to see Trump destroyed is waiting to hear. So what we will hear is something navigating in between and saying ‘Well, it wasn’t really pressure, he was speaking on behalf of an associate, a friend. It could be interpreted in various ways.’ That’s what I think is going to happen and that’s why I think it’s going to be a bust.”

Forward to the 3:10 mark for the relevant Krauthammer commentary:

So what say you..."Washington's Super Bowl" or total "Bust"?

And the "manage expectations"-fest continues with ABC citing sources that will stop short of saying the president interfered with the agency's probe into former national security adviser Michael Flynn, a source familiar with Comey's thinking.

“He is not going to Congress to make accusations about the President’s intent, instead he’s there to share his concerns,” the source said, and tell the committee “what made him uneasy” and why he felt a need to write the memo documenting the conversation.

Although Comey has told associates he will not accuse the President of obstructing justice, he will dispute the president’s contention that Comey told him three times he is not under investigation.


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@ JRobby:

Exactly. If they had anything real, it would have already been EVERYWHERE, and used for maximum effect.

Instead, we have a dynamic, constantly-changing narrative. When one story fails, another one comes along to take its place as "Today's Top Story".

Even the intellectually-challenged Libtards will lose faith, no matter how much pandering idiots like Schumer try to keep it going.

They're not just beating a dead horse...they're pulverizing its bones.

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I still think they found something in his office the day he was fired, and it is part of an ongoing investigation. He has the smoking gun turned on him now. Plenty of arrests going on, someone will miss their comfy life after hearing the howls and cattcalls on their first day at prison, and sing on the whole gang.

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Ok, here we go. The "election" brought us this...In one corner we have candidate Hinest Hill'rey, champ of women's rights and the downtrodden. She's married to former pres $lick Willie who launched a missile attack on Iraq on the day of his impeachment hearings for lying about sex with an intern in the WH.Every time her challenger, tribe guy Burnie, gets moar votes in the primaries, Honest Hillrey's lead get's bigger. During this period we are assured that Hill'rey's health is fine, despite her wearing anti-seizure glasses, being followed around by a secret guy with an injection pen, and flopping around like a catatonic vegetable missing a shoe. She's tossed in a van and brought to daughter Chelsea's house where another doctor says she has the flu. Moments later she's seen hugging a little kid.DNC chair, tribe girl Wasserman, comes under fire for rigging the primaries for Hill'rey, a charge she's insulted by. Nevertheless, she resigns/get's fired, then days later goes and works directly for the Honest Hill'rey campaign.While this is going on, Honest Hill'rey's top aide, Huma Abedin, whose parents are suppodedly involved in publishing a radical jihad magazine, makes headlines because her husband, disgraced former congressman tribe guy, Anthony Weiner, get's caught sending groos pervert pictures with his own son, then a little after that get's caught in perverted discussions with another minor.NYPD takes his porno laptop that supposedly has 650,000 emails that might be classified or something, this is at a time when Honest Hill'rey is defending improprietary of operating secretary of state affairs from her private bathroom server. (IT guys involved in that get subpoenaed by Chaffetz who is told to fuck off. Chaffetz asks Sessions to enforce and he does not.)Now fired gumshoe, FBI director Comey, goes directlty to fake congress to announce he's reopening the investigation of Hill'rey after closing the earlier one Recall the first one lasted over a year, he listed all the crimes Hill'rey committed, but then closed it, citing lack of intent. $lick willie chats with Lynch on the tarmacComey closes investigation 2 in just over a week and Trump tweets "You can't review 650,000 emails in 8 days".Fast forward to now, with everybody in DC frantically looking for Russian hackers who tampered the election, we learn a few things about the robbery gone wrong in the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich who we have reason to believe had been in contact with wikileaks.First of course he wasn't robbed, he still had all his stuff. The guy's family did a complete flip-flop on what they had to say. There's a shitload of stuff detailed in OANN's investigation "Who Killed Seth Rich, look it up. Just a few of the things that need looking at: Literally everybody involved post-death, the cops, the doctor has a direct connection to either Honest Hill'rey and/or John Podesta. The cops body cam video is missing, the video from right across the street is missing, did Donna Brazil order the po-pos to stand down. What's up with Wasserman Shultz threatening the capital police chief? What's up? It's all being ignored by everybody in DC including Trumpo with his "Fake news" tweets. None of this will be talked about, it's all fake. Fake AG Sessions has recused himself from everything. 

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Sorry, I'm getting a little too flipped out with the fraud, fakery, everywhere. I'm on hold with my phone/dsl provider who has seen fit to charge me a late fee while their systemis fucked up, I tried paying a few times and my balance said zero so I could not. If they don't fix I'm gonna quit right now and raise hell./edit/ I waded through press this, press that, and finally got to a person (then repeated it all) who was going to credit my wrong late fee we got disconnected,

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If Trump was smart, he wouldn't say jack squat about Seth Rich and the corruption until every single duck he could possibly get are sitting in a nice neat row with arrest warrants waiting.If he says anything or it gets leaked that his staff are looking into it, it tips his hand and allows Team Hillary to start the clean/cover up operations.

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Gotta wonder about all of it, but I don't think Sessions was the AG when that occurred with A Weiner. I think it was Lynch ? I have often asked what ever happened to the A Weiner case after DT was elected and the connection to the Hillary emails ? All valid questions to be sure. I find it very strange that all these DEMS are implicated in numeorus sexually deviant behaviours ? All the info on Pedogate is in fact rather compelling with all the secret codes and all and this as well…

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So, no obstruction of justice. No Russian hacking of Vermont's power grid. No Comey memo.No document produced by a voice on the phone. No access to DNC servers.No peeing Russian prostitutes. No seventeen intelligence agencies confirming anything. Can we get on with investigating actual crimes committed like the unmasking innocent people for political gain and Hillary's server & the Bubba-Lowrenta obstruction of justice into that?

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The only problem is that we will have to hear the MSM say the same things over and over, trying to get back on their Trump-is-Nixon mantra. They are just doing that to further their careers. They think they will make names for themselves in history by bringing down a POTUS elected by underemployed Deplorables. The media is a corrupt crony elite for the most part. The Tyler(s) are not on the MSM train.

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Yes it will be a nothing burger of words and lots of double speak nonsense. And yes it will be designed to give the left, space to keep masturbating the populace with the false paradigms we are bombarded with 24/7/365. Comey now has zero credibility by his owm actions and words. He has also shown us all how seriously corrupted all of the spook agencies have become and how politiczed they have been degraded. Most of these agency heads should be under investigation themselves !Here is the absolute best analysis of the entire fake Russia sham anybody has written to date. It is indepth and clear to every aspect and point ! realize I got this article off of a a very left/progresive site , "Nation of Change". It originally came from "Medium" which also tends to lean left. A few months back I also picked up the meat for this article at "Medium" as well,…   and I mention it all because I am seeing the left starting to grasp the seriousness of the false paradigms many of them bought into like Pavlovs dog ! That is a very good thing indeed and I am seeing it in a lot of places and events.Last weekend there was a guy named Tim Pool who was live streaming the Portland , Oregon rally and counter protest. He is a progressive and leans left himself and said several times that the only violence that ever shows up at these events is from the left (Antifa and BLM types) and he himself has only received racial harrassement from the same people ! That is a huge comment for a guy that has worked for VICE network and openly says I am a progressive ! He is admitting how whacked it has all gotten and points it out. So it is all changing because the left went well past too far in their vitriole and distortions. By the way,  the rally went very well and was likely another sign of changing the false paradigms going forward. The PPD was forced to actually uphold what we used to call the law because DHS and others were in full force. Also ACLU was present roaming around as witnesses. So it seems it has all started go full circle.     

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His malady has nothing to do with his ignorance and lack of intellegnece he shows almost daily. Charles is a status quo lackey if there ever was one and is not an intellegnet guy. He just sold the people that false narrative just like Oreilly did . Nothing new at all. They have both had the benefit of a bully pulpit and could easily fraud the masses.

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The FBI, Justice Department, and whomever is actually going to prosecute Trump has exactly ONE shot.  Any screw up along the way, like granting immunity, or loose lips at the wrong time, will screw this up.  The lessons of Oliver North will be remembered.