CNN Corrects 'Fake News' Story On Comey-Trump

We concluded our full breakdown of proof that CNN' so-called "anonymous sources" lied thus: "As such, we are quite confident that CNN will promptly retract their erroneous reporting and offer an apology to their readers for the unfortunate mistake."

And while the sarcasm was implied, we are shockingly pleased that CNN - the news agency with a live on-air countdown clock to Comey's testimony - has been forced to issue a correction, and ironically, The Washington Post was the first to jump on the story of CNN's correction, as they explain...

A Tuesday story with four bylines carried this headline: “Comey expected to refute Trump.” Here’s a key part of that story:

Trump has made a blanket claim that Comey told him multiple times that he was not under investigation. But one source said Comey is expected to explain to senators that those were much more nuanced conversations from which Trump concluded that he was not under investigation.

On CNN’s air, analyst Gloria Borger put matters more starkly, saying, “Comey is going to dispute the president on this point if he’s asked about it by senators, and we have to assume that he will be. He will say he never assured Donald Trump that he was not under investigation, that that would have been improper for him to do so.”

But, as we illustrated earlier, this afternoon's prepared remarks 100% refuted those "facts" and given that little problem, CNN published a correction to its story...

CORRECTION AND UPDATE: This article was published before Comey released his prepared opening statement. The article and headline have been corrected to reflect that Comey does not directly dispute that Trump was told multiple times he was not under investigation in his prepared testimony released after this story was published.

The new headline reads, “Comey unlikely to judge on obstruction.”

*  *  *

Here are the full details, as we described earlier, back on May 9th, the White House released the letter that President Trump sent to former FBI Director James Comey informing him that he'd been relieved of his duties at the FBI.  Within that letter, Trump awkwardly inserted a sentence thanking Comey for informing him "on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation."  Here's the full sentence (full post here):

"While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation, I nevertheless concur with the judgement of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the Bureau."

Not surprisingly, this statement set off alarm bells at CNN and other MSM outlets because, if true, it would put a real damper on their "Trump colluded with Russian hackers to stage a coup" narrative. Therefore, those outlets set out on a mission to 'prove' that Comey never made those statements and that, by definition, Trump clearly lied about his past interactions with the former FBI Director. 

And not long after setting out on that mission, courtesy of those infamous 'anonymous sources', CNN and ABC struck gold when they confirmed that "FBI Director James Comey is reportedly set to testify he never told President Donald Trump that he was not under investigation."  Here is a summary of CNN's reporting from their primary echo chamber, HuffPo:

"Former FBI Director James Comey is reportedly set to testify he never told President Donald Trump that he was not under investigation in connection with Russian interference in the 2016 election, according to CNN and ABC News."

And here is the original CNN reporting:



"Trump has made a blanket claim that Comey told him multiple times that he was not under investigation."


"But one source said Comey is expected to explain to senators that those were much more nuanced conversations from which Trump concluded that he was not under investigation.  Another source hinted that the President may have misunderstood the exact meaning of Comey's words, especially regarding the FBI's ongoing counterintelligence investigation."

Unfortunately, CNN's 'anonymous sources' seem to have been 'mistaken' on this one.  And while we have no doubts, generally, about the integrity of CNN and/or their anonymous sources, Comey's direct testimony released just a while ago seems to confirm exactly what Trump said in his original May 9th letter and exactly the opposite what CNN subsequently reported. 

In fact, here are precisely three instances (ironic, right?), directly from Comey's testimony, in which he personally told President Trump he was not under investigation:

1.  January 6th Meeting at Trump Tower:

"In that context, prior to the January 6 meeting, I discussed with the FBI’s leadership team whether I should be prepared to assure President-Elect Trump that we were not investigating him personally. That was true; we did not have an open counter-intelligence case on him. We agreed I should do so if circumstances warranted. During our one-on-one meeting at Trump Tower, based on President Elect Trump’s reaction to the briefing and without him directly asking the question, I offered that assurance."


2.  January 27th Dinner at White House:

"During the dinner, the President returned to the salacious material I had briefed him about on January 6, and, as he had done previously, expressed his disgust for the allegations and strongly denied them. He said he was considering ordering me to investigate the alleged incident to prove it didn’t happen. I replied that he should give that careful thought because it might create a narrative that we were investigating him personally, which we weren’t, and because it was very difficult to prove a negative. He said he would think about it and asked me to think about it."


3.  March 30 Phone Call:

"I explained that we had briefed the leadership of Congress on exactly which individuals we were investigating and that we had told those Congressional leaders that we were not personally investigating President Trump. I reminded him I had previously told him that."

Of course, we're 'absolutely positive' that everything else CNN has learned and reported from their anonymous sources, regarding Trump and his Russian collusion, is completely accurate and reflect nothing but the highest levels of journalistic integrity.  As such, we are quite confident that CNN will promptly retract their erroneous reporting and offer an apology to their readers for the unfortunate mistake.


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Buy this time there is no other viable alternative.The MSM has so badly handled this charade that confidence is swiftly evaporating, meaning that they'll not admit defeat, but the Establishment/DeepState/Illuminati/Bilderbergers/them/.01%/The Reptilians will double down.We've yet to see more than the mere introduction to the Propaganda Wars.It's gonna get really weird. And when the going gets weird, the weird get tough.                                     -The Good Doctor

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Oh, and, hey, just a word of advice... when a liberal backs down you do NOT lay off them.  That's when you go in and start kicking the crap out of them as hard as you can.  They're like the Terminator.  You think they're down but then the eyes open again and they attack you from behind while you're thinking you escaped with your life.Now's when you call for a congressional investigation into the irreparable bias of the MSM and start talking about reviewing their FCC licensing.  It would start like this: "Calling yourself a news organization is not a license to say whatever you want, make up your own facts, mislead the American public and pawn it all off on 'anonymous sources'.  I call for a congressional investigation into whether these sources have lost the trust of the American public and are causing grave harm to our nation and it's Constitution..."Oh, the shit would hit the fan then. 

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I don't believe they think Comey Unlikely To Judge On Obstruction is a retraction, apology or even reads like a second grader put it together not knowing what it even means. Unlikely? about he won't...because he doesn't want to commit perjury and contradict what he said last time.

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Circumcision prevents some VD. When the spanish M13- hordes paddled over they caught all new world strains of VD and brought it home, causing a fatal epidemic, just like the ones the descendents of the spanish hordes ignorantly and falsely blame circumcised white people for inflicting on their alleged ancestors.

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Remember the NYT apologies after the election? Would we have apologies if their candidate was on the throne? From that, i think we can dismiss "them" entirely 

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So Comey testified he is a fucking disloyal weasel? This notion that any part of the executive branch is independent of the President is a farce and a treason against the People. If Congress wants accountability and independence, they must exercise their own authority, not compromise the integrity of the executive branch. But, they are ALL criminals.

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CNN has been promising for years that they're going to produce evidience that Donald Trump is a long time KKK and KGB member out to destroy America. They MUST be sitting on evidence.  I can't wait to hear the details. 

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CNN has no credibility outside the cult. They average less then three million viewers in prime time. The majority of people go to sites like these to get info now...You can find both sides easily without Very Fake News and the gang...

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Didn't they change some law recently that in a nut shell said it was now OK to ( skull Fuq  us ) basically giving them the OK for dissinfo if they felt it was for the greater good ?

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when the MSM pays big bucks for fake intelligence leaks, it leads to more and more corruption.when will the FBI even investigate, let alone prosecute, the activities of the MSM in brining government officials.

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Hmmm, do you have any evidence? I was thinking more about the crony element, the way the MSM and their power-couple spouses move from jobs in presidential administrations and Congress to covering the same people. We are expected to believe that they maintain a professional detachment at all times. Some probably do. Many of them are not professional in any way, even engaging in malicious gossip about irrelevant topics for profit. You can probably blame that on corporate bosses, wanting to put $$$$ above everything. But it is pretty incestuous in The Swamp.

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ALL NOISE and they know it. The agenda is on display hiding in plain sight.  The will yell, scream, pound their fist, hold their breath and push for impeachment for the next four years. The rumors don't matter, the Russian hookers and the bedroom don't matter, the fake charges don't matter, the innuendos don't matter.  Nothing matters except stop the Trump campaign promise agenda.