Coats, Rogers Ruin Democrats' Narrative: "Never Felt Pressured To Do Anything Illegal"

Not surprisingly, today's hearing on the review of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act quickly morphed into another Trump witch hunt as soon as the first Democrat on the committee, Senator Mark Warner (D-VA), was allotted time for questions.  Unfortunately, Warner didn't get the response he had hoped for when he asked Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and National Security Agency Director Admiral Mike Rogers whether they had ever been pressured by the Trump administration to downplay the Russian investigation.  Here are the headlines:




And here is the full quote from Coats:

"In my time of service in interacting with the President of the United States, or anybody in his administration, I have never been pressured, I have never felt pressure to intervene or interfere in any way with shaping intelligence in a political way or in relationship to an ongoing investigation"


Of course, Director Coats left the door open for further speculation by saying that he would not further discuss "confidential" discussions he had with President Trump in a public setting...which we're certain will be the key takeaway for the MSM.



And, to our complete 'shock', here is the initial spin from the media...



The Hill:




Ironically, CNN had the most unbiased headline:


Sure, because this quote from Director Coats is irrelevant for headline purposes:

"In my time of service in interacting with the President of the United States, or anybody in his administration, I have never been pressured, I have never felt pressure to intervene or interfere in any way with shaping intelligence in a political way or in relationship to an ongoing investigation"


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Coats, Rogers Ruin Democrats' Narrative: "Never Felt Pressured To Do Anything Illegal"My response; HEADS are GOING TO ROLL when this BS is OVER!!! Be advised, President TRUMP's HEAD will NOT be one of them. These DEMOCRATS think they are invincible. I have got some really bad news for DEMOCRATS: NOT IN THE EYES OF GOD. I have never seen a more DESPOTS with REPROBATE MINDS assembled in one place at one time.By the way DEMOCRATS, get that DAMN BAAL TEMPLE out of NYC or BE DAMNED FOR EVER!!!=====WILL AMERICA LISTEN?THE HARBINGER OF BAAL APPEARS IN NYC!Exclusive: Jonathan Cahn explains unveiling of arch that led to temple of ancient godPublished: 09/25/2016 at 4:42 PM

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for those out there interested in a short (hour long) discussion of george webb's two hundred plus you tube broadcasts, you might take a look at rebekah roth's discussion: have read critical remarks about roth and they may be warranted to a degree but she notes that george admits he is mossad and she says george outs weiner, wasserman schultz and schumer as mossad as well.  she's written three books on 9-11 concluding it was the work of the mossad, the cia and mi6 as well as some others like cheney and silverstein, which matches my research, such as it is.  she sometimes confuses the first email leak from wikileaks with the later podesta one but the rest sounds ok.  of particular interest is the clinton vote stealing/suppression plan for the primaries which may have been attempted in the general election.  this is another of seth rich's discoveries and a motive for his exposing the corruption at the dnc.what say you, zh?

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Can you ruin something that is already ruined?At some point there is nothing left of the sandcastle. It's just sand that is being pounded now.But the Dems can pretend--until 2018.

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Imagine what will happen if the DEMS go to voters (assuming the voting system has some integrity left - a large assumption) saying that, after all the time and effort which they did nothing to improve the lives of the American Voters, they got nothing!!! (Because they wasted time on Russia and Comey and whatever else they could dredge up to come up with an impeachment.). 

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That will not happen.  Dems will keep the investigations going ad infinitum - and if the investigating agencies refuse, Dems will claim the agencies are incompetent, and further investigation would prove Trump and Russian hackers are responsible for everything bad that has ever happened, and everything bad that will ever happen.

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Dems will keep the investigations going ad infinitumUntil 2018, if they keep this up. It's clear the Dem leadership is totally disconnected from reality and this is exactly the kind of behavior that will cost them seats. They're laying the groundwork for a 1994-style revolution, and if they lose 50 seats like they did back then, they're not going to be doing much other than watching bills they're opposed to pass on voice votes every single day.

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these investigations are potential allies of the trump administration since it is relatively innocent of the charges directed at it and the clintons, the dnc, the awan brothers and associated mossad and zionists are guilty of election fraud with respect to bernie sanders for dead certain, uncovered and documented by seth rich.and in all likelihood the clinton/dnc group, with the rinos and the old rnc leadership (mccain, graham, etc.) are guilty of decades of drug trafficking, organ harvesting (from the battlefield dead), child sex trafficking (war orphans) and weapons trafficking, as well as some ancillary murders like seth rich and john ashe.  oh and upwards of a million dead in six wars started and lost in the last sixteen years.  

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Someone who finds the tiniest connection between "the Jews" and "the oligarchs" (Jewish if you must) is either not being serious or has issues which ought not be brought up in polite-company.

By the way, no argument here about kicking either out of anywhere. Just clarifying weird choice of words.

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yes, except for that.  kind of like the unusual coincidence of the somewhat similar overrepresentation in the project for the new american century, authors of the iraq war and, to a slightly lesser degree, the "new pearl harbor" that birthed it:People associated with the PNAC[edit]Project directors[edit][as listed on the PNAC website:] William Kristol, Co-founder and Chairman[6]Robert Kagan, Co-founder[6]Bruce P. Jackson[6]Mark Gerson[6]Randy Scheunemann[6]Project staff[edit]Other director(s):Ellen Bork, Deputy Director[6]Timothy Lehmann, Assistant Director[6]Other associates:Senior fellows:Thomas Donnelly, Senior Fellow[6]Reuel Marc Gerecht, Senior Fellow[6]Gary Schmitt, Senior Fellow[6][61]Research associates:Michael Goldfarb, Research Associate[6]Former directors and staff[edit]Daniel McKivergan, Deputy Director[62]Signatories to Statement of Principles[edit]Elliott Abrams[5]Gary Bauer[5]William J. Bennett[5]John Ellis "Jeb" Bush[5]Dick Cheney[5]Eliot A. Cohen[5]Midge Decter[5]Paula Dobriansky[5]Steve Forbes[5]Aaron Friedberg[5]Francis Fukuyama[5]Frank Gaffney[5]Fred C. Ikle[5]Donald Kagan[5]Zalmay Khalilzad[5]I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby[5]Norman Podhoretz[5]J. Danforth Quayle[5]Peter W. Rodman[5]Stephen P. Rosen[5]Henry S. Rowen[5]Donald Rumsfeld[5]Vin Weber[5]George Weigel[5]Paul Wolfowitz[5] 

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Well, tomorrow will be more of the same.  I don't think Comey is going to say anything bad about Trump at all but this one will be on every channel for all to see instead of relying on headlinles.  The viewing will be higher and the libs are salavating at the chance of Comey saying something detrimental they want everyone to see.  It's time for their hoped to be crushed, nothing at all to see here libs...move along to irrelevancy!!!

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I like to think of it in terms of Islam... If you didn't have your head in the ass of the person on the prayer rug in front of you, you wouldn't be able to sniff your uvula.Standard Disclaimer: Five time a day. My thinking tends towards the only smart muslims in the mosque are the one who arrive early enough to get front row prayer mats. The rest are just into sniffing shit.

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