North Korea Fires Multiple Ballistic Missiles

The day before "Berserker Thursday" with its UK elections, Comey testimony and the ECB decision, was supposed to be quiet. Instead we had the first domestic Iran terrorism in decades, Iran vowing revenge on Saudi Arabia, rising Qatar crisis tensions, South Korea telling the US it can go to hell, Syria threatening to strike US forces, the biggest crude crash in months, Germany pulling out of Turkey, Turkey approving the deployment of troops to Qatar, and stocks of course finishing the day higher.

And now, to top it all off, moments ago North Korea fired not one but multiple ballistic missiles, confirming the earlier story from Japan's Asahi.

From Yonhap:

North Korea launched a salvo of apparent ballistic missiles from its east coast Thursday, South Korea's military said.


"North Korea fired multiple unidentified projectiles, assumed to be surface-to-ship missiles, this morning from the vicinity of Wonsan, Gangwon Province," the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS).


It was immediately reported to President Moon Jae-in, it added.

Expect futures to melt up on this latest development in a world whose news cycle no longer takes even one minute off.


Lost in translation Wed, 06/07/2017 - 19:08 Permalink

Writing you from Korea.

THAAD being set up on a mountaintop golf course Samsung owns, after last year's protests in the original, rural site got out of control, and government officials were physically attacked by locals.

Increased activity at HQ USFK (Yongsan Garrison), my apartment s adjacent to the base. Usually we see Blackhawks intermittently flying in and out, but lately it is multiple Chinooks coming and going, as well.

I've seen US-allied, western military officers on the local streets, but so far haven't been positively ID them. Not Canadian or British but might be Australian.

I'll update you with any new info I discover...

Lost in translation Cutter Wed, 06/07/2017 - 19:34 Permalink

Still trying to gauge it, it's not altogether clear.

I'm treated very well in poorer neighborhoods and in rural areas, and remain invisible in more affluent urban settings. I've wondered if the affection and care I receive in the former has anything to do with a "we're so glad Americans are here" outlook and I've inquired, but thus far it doesn't appear so.

It's 8:34 am here right now and people are still getting back to work after the Memorial Day holiday, which was Tuesday. I'll return to this thread tonight if I can get any new info worth posting.

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I prefer peace too, I guess we'll see what happens. My understanding as of yesterday was/is that the USS Vinson battle group is in the East Sea (what Koreans call Sea of Japan), and the USS Reagan is in the western Pacific off Japan's east coast.

I thought the USS Nimitz was en route to western Pacific but I can't find any updates to confirm...

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THAAD was put in by the corrupt Park regime. She is in jail awaiting trial now. Outsiders don't realize how many people hate Park and the Americans. A few weeks before she was arrested, I was staying at a hotel in Seoul across from the old train station. I believe it is a museum now. There was a HUGE anti-park demonstration. Fourteen city buses of police in riot gear were on hand.Americans only know what the blood thirsty Zionist American media tells them. Seoul is one of the great cities of the world-I have been there 7 times in the last 2 years. Americans have no qualms about one million Seoul citizens dying in the counterattack of an American first strike against North Korea.A million Koreans, a million Vietnamese, a million Iraqis, who cares? They have funny colored skin.Murica!

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he does have balls --  but  he also remembers the lessons of his father and grand fatherDealing with Americans is a pain in the ass - MacArthur launched a Flase Flag with Sigmund Rhee - in 1950 - millions murdered  - The Chinese have seen the Movie - ultimately the Korean War was supposed to result in Chinese war with the Nationalists supported by the USA -  their boy General Chiang  Kai Shekthe Korean ballastic missiles plus the armour at the border mean - Seoul, Korea is  gone as well as  its people completely - so the US can do nothing - zero with this guy He is doing the right thing for his people -The new President of SK wants the US Thaad out of Korea - he can solve this himselfWASHINGTON DC and the McCains of this world are FUCKED UP  - leave these people alone

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The firing of the missles are a big Fuck You to America and the Zionist World Order.  Kim knows the west is greatly weakended so he is trying to humiliate the west.  BTW, according to Dick Allguire (remote viewer from Farsight Institute) who's wife is Korean, some south Koreans secretly admire Kim for standing up to the west.  Asians respect strenghth and defiance.  Unfortunately, Trump is letting himself get forced into a play that has no upside whatsoever for the US or for South Korea for that matter.  We will see what he does, but I am starting to see Trump as a fool who is way over his head.  If Trump wants a great foreign policy victory, he needs to avoid this war at all costs!!

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Kim's rocket reminds me of the water rocket toys I used to pump up with air pressure and water as a kid. As a kid I enjoyed the water rocket launch just as much a Kim seems to. Kim needs to get some Viagra and launch his own rocket within his countries gene pool rather than what he is doing now.

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If I were SK or Samsung/Hyundai et el I would want Thaad,Patriot, Iron Dome, fucking WW2 pom pom guns in quantity. They won't stop the artillery barages but hedge your bets on incoming missiles being nuclear. Still waiting to see where WW3 starts.  The NORKs may be it, the KSA may be it.

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Buildings will be destroyed, for sure. "Everybody will be dead" like Omen iV claimed is just plain idiotic. Shelling takes time and does very little damage per shell. It would take a month of non-stop artillery to totally 'destroy' Seoul.I'm guessing that 'maybe' people might get up a leave for one thing. Second, 'probably' there is a plan to counter this threat. It's well known and it's been there for years. But maybe, the South Korean's with their irrational hopes for reunification really are that stupid to not prepare for such a thing, who knows.And third, yes North Korea gets the satisfaction of destroying some buildings, but after that, it is over for them. They'll bunker down and die in their holes or surrender. That's the only possible end for them.

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Verniercaliper robertocarlos Thu, 06/08/2017 - 09:26 Permalink

Last time I was there I heard that they bought tons of GPS guided munitions from the Europeans. probably to target the artillery ranges against Seoul from the DMZ....I wonder how long before the NK artillery crews figure out that they'll get one shell out of their tubes before they're hit with a 500 pound bomb? I expect that NK will collapse or Kim will have a 9mm accident before anything happens.

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