The Comey Testimony Is Great For Trump, Terrible For Democrats

Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

The unanimous very smart person take on Trump’s firing of James Comey is that it’s a political disaster which will lead to total ruin and possibly his impeachment. I disagree.


The key factor that will determine how this ultimately turns out hinges largely on whether or not there was actual coordination between the Trump campaign and the Russian government to sway the election through hacking or other nefarious means. Personally, I don’t think there was, which is why I don’t expect Donald Trump to be removed from office. The consensus view right now is that Trump’s firing of Comey offers further circumstantial evidence that he’s trying to cover up coordination with Russia in order to end the ongoing investigation. This is certainly a possibility to consider, but it’s definitely not the only possibility, nor is it the most likely explanation.


– From last month’s post: The Consensus Echo Chamber Take on Trump Firing Comey is All Wrong

I’ve been warning incessantly for months that the Democratic Party is on the verge of blowing itself up in a mushroom cloud of Russia conspiracy theorizing. Many high profile Democrats, corporate media hacks and partisans of all shapes and sizes have spent Donald Trump’s first six months screeching about how the President is a Russian agent who conspired with Putin to rig the election against Hillary Clinton. Of course, if there is any truth to this claim Trump should justifiably be tossed from office. The problem is we haven’t seen any proof, most likely because none exists.

You can already see Democrats trying to pivot to, “but Trump tried to obstruct justice.” Sorry, but based on what I’ve seen so far, this just ain’t gonna fly. The public’s expectations have been far too intentionally and incessantly inflated by Democratic politicians and corporate media pundits. Anything less than proof of collusion between Trump and Russia to influence the 2016 Presidential election will likely be seen as a win for Trump. This is what happens when you’re really stupid strategically and decide to put all your eggs in the Russia conspiracy theory basket.

As such, despite there being all sorts of investigations going on, I don’t expect anything to emerge that will lead to an impeachment of Donald Trump. Considering what we know about how domestic spy agencies operate, I strongly believe we’d have leaked proof by now if Trump colluded with Russia to influence the election.

That said, the Democrats will never let this go because it would force them to talk about real issues like Wall Street, oligarchy and imperial foreign policy, but they don’t want to do that. That’s the dirty little secret. Since the Democrats largely agree with Trump on many of his most heinous policy stances, they have to come up with an overseas bogeyman to obsess about. That’s what this has been about since day one. As such, there continues to be no functioning opposition party in American at this time. Unfortunate, but true.

Enough of that though, let’s get to the point of this post, the Comey testimony. We knew today would probably be a good one for Trump last night when a prepared statement was released. An interesting analysis was written by Sean Davis over at The FederalistHere are the first few paragraphs:

Ahead of former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) director James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, the committee released the seven-page prepared statement Comey provided on Wednesday. While it’s clear that Comey and his allies believe the statement is proof that President Donald Trump acted inappropriately, and perhaps even illegally, the statement itself is a much bigger indictment of Comey’s own behavior over the last six months. Not only does Comey’s statement corroborate Trump’s claim that the former FBI director told him three times that the president was not being investigated by the FBI, it also reveals the Beltway game Comey was playing with the investigation.


In his statement, as my colleague Mollie Hemingway noted earlier today, Comey acknowledges the accuracy of Trump’s claim — included in the letter announcing Comey’s firing — that Comey had on three separate occasions informed Trump that he was not being investigated by the FBI. The corroboration of the claim by Comey himself is by far the most newsworthy nugget from the lengthy statement. But several other claims from Comey also do far more to indict Comey than they do to implicate Trump.


The most damning aspect of Comey’s prepared testimony is his admission that he deliberately refused to inform the public that Trump was not being personally investigated by the FBI. Comey’s justification for this refusal to publicly disclose material facts — that those facts might change — is laughable, especially in light of Comey’s 2016 two-step regarding the investigation of Hillary Clinton.


“I did not tell the President that the FBI and the Department of Justice had been reluctant to make public statements that we did not have an open case on President Trump for a number of reasons, most importantly because it would create a duty to correct, should that change,” Comey claims.


Recall that in 2016, Comey had no problem 1) publicly exonerating Hillary Clinton despite the fact that the authority to charge (or not charge) someone with a crime lies with federal prosecutors, not the FBI; 2) using the same press conference to excoriate Clinton’s behavior; 3) telling Congress that the investigation of Clinton was closed; and then 4) announcing days before a presidential election that the FBI had reopened the case and was once again investigating Hillary Clinton. Yet we’re supposed to believe that James Comey had grave moral concerns about disclosing facts that may be subject to change? Please.


If anything, Comey’s latest statement only highlights why Trump was justified in firing Comey in the first place. Comey, according to his own testimony, repeatedly told Trump that the president was not being investigated by the FBI. Not only that, Comey also told Congress that Trump was not being personally investigated. How on earth is it inappropriate, in light of those facts, for the president to ask for those facts to be made public by the very individual asserting them? Trump’s exasperation looks far more justifiable given the behavior to which Comey admits in his own testimony, largely because Comey’s tortured explanation for refusing to publicly explain those facts, even after disclosing them to Congress, holds so little water.

It’s this last part about how he informed Congress which will prove most harmful to Democrats. It seems many of them knew Trump wasn’t being personally investigated yet still went around yelling and screaming about how he’s a Putin puppet. This is not a good look, and non-partisan Americans will see right through it with complete disgust.

Next, we arrive at the most damaging aspect of the testimony for Democrats, and the Obama administration specifically; which we know couldn’t prosecute an elite criminal if their lives depended on it. The revelations about Loretta Lynch instructing Comey to use Clinton campaign talking points to describe the Hillary email investigation is unquestionably shady. Even Comey thought so.

The Daily Caller reports:

Loretta Lynch, the former attorney general under Barack Obama, pressured former FBI Director James Comey to downplay the Clinton email server investigation and only refer to it as a “matter,” Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday.


Comey said that when he asked Lynch if she was going to authorize him to confirm the existence of the Clinton email investigation, her answer was, “Yes but don’t call it that. Call it a matter.” When Comey asked why, he said, Lynch wouldn’t give him an explanation. “Just call it a matter,” she said.


Comey added later that he was concerned about that direction as it was false. He was further concerned because it aligned with the Clinton campaign’s spin on the investigation.


Lynch’s order, Comey said, “concerned me because that language tracked the way the campaign was talking about the FBI’s work and that’s concerning.”


“I don’t know whether it was intentional or not but it gave the impression that the attorney general [Lynch] was looking to align the way we talked about our work with the way the political campaign was describing the same activity, which was inaccurate,” Comey added.


Comey also cited Lynch’s secret tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton as a reason he chose to hold the press conference, he said, as he was concerned about preserving the independence of the FBI.


The Clinton campaign consistently sought to mislead the public by denying that Clinton was the subject of an FBI investigation. Instead, the campaign claimed the investigation was a simple “security inquiry.” Comey said he was concerned by Lynch’s pressure on him and the FBI to use the campaign’s spin, as it appeared it appeared that Lynch was intentionally trying to align the language the FBI was using to match the angle pushed by the Clinton campaign.

Just like that, concerns of Trump trying to obstruct justice in his conversation with James Comey gets watered down considerably in the minds of the American public.

Next, there’s the admission from Comey that a story published by The New York Times on February 14th, 2017 titled, “Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence” was essentially fake news. Here’s the clip.

He touched upon the topic another time when under questioning from Lankford. Here’s the brief exchange:

LANKFORD: OK. You had mentioned before about some news stories and news accounts. Without having to go into all of the names and specific times and to be able to dip into all of that. Have there been news accounts about the Russian investigation or collusion about the whole event or as you read the story you were wrong about how wrong they got the facts?


COMEY: Yes, there have been many, many stories based on — well, lots of stuff but about Russia that are dead wrong.

This pretty much proves what many of us have long suspected, that many of these media stories are being fabricated by anonymous sources. This is why we should always be skeptical of what we hear from the agenda driven, billionaire-owned corporate media, especially when the sources are anonymous.

To summarize, today’s Comey testimony was a huge win for Trump and pretty much a disaster for the Democratic Party. While Trump will remain under pressure from various investigations, all of the new and important revelations today seems to portray Democrats and Obama cronies in a poor light, while negative stuff surrounding the Trump team (Flynn in particular) was already widely known. This is what happens when you make huge claims of treason and then find you can’t back it up.

Finally, the most concerning thing to the Democratic Party should be the fact that there have been many flashing warning signals leading up to this. For example, take a look at the following facts presented in a recent Politico article:

There are, here and there, warning signs that maybe the Democrats might want to, you know, focus on their own political problems. In April, the Democratic National Committee had its worst fundraising month in nearly a decade. As was seen in crucial states during the 2016 contest, African-American turnout remains a serious concern. The voters of admittedly red-state Montana just elected a guy who has been charged with assaultinstead of a (seemingly) competent Democrat with a clean police record. Reporters who actually spoke to voters in places like Ohio seem to have found some shrugs over the Russia frenzy. More than two-thirds of voters, according to at least one ABC News/Washington Post poll (if you believe polls anymore), said the Democrats were “out of touch.” The Democrats—yes, the Democrats—scored lower than Trump and the Republicans on that issue.


Trump, meanwhile, is trying to regain his message on border security, tax cuts, Obamacare repeal and telling off Europeans to their faces. You know, the kind of politically incorrect, occasionally rude things that actually ended up helping him win the election. A few weeks ago, a sociologist at Columbia University flatly predicted that Trump will be reelected in 2020. In an even crueler blow to the Democrats, an ABC poll released in April found that Trump would beat Hillary Clinton in the popular vote if there were a hypothetical rematch. (A rematch that at least one humble genius long ago predicted.)

I tweeted the following a month ago when everyone thought Trump was about to go down in flames, and I stand by it.

Democratic leadership are either the dumbest people in America, or the most corrupt. Probably a combination of the two.


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I will settle for nothing less than the complete destruction of the Alinsky press corps. The accompanying DNC's annihilation is just the cherry on top ;-)

Keyser Bay of Pigs Fri, 06/09/2017 - 00:09 Permalink

I disagree with Kreiger's reasoning for the DNC witch hunt into Trump's activities... It's not having to focus on real issues, but to divert attention away from the contents of the emails released by Wikileaks, which would result in investigations that would put half of Congress and most of the lobbyists in DC in jail for a long, long time...

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Comey has to be the greatest embarrassment to the fbi in their entire history. No tonly that, he most likely was THE leaker all along and that's why he disobeyed trump and never investigated who the leaker was since it was Comey himself. POS.Speaking of embarrassments, I heard Klapper is in Canberry, Australia bashing Trump down there contradicting his Congressional testimony...again.

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Unlimited Fiat ... for unlimited Investigations which have no basis or facts ... welcome to Byzantium... Welcome to the Everyday Dog & Pony Show where nothing is so important to keep Congress from Recess till August.

- War Escalation in Syria... no problem... wait till August
- People know CON-Gress is lying and sick, that the Economy is for Chumps that wait on Tables... no prob... wait till August
- Fiat & Stewardship of the WRC is fun and silly... no prob... wait till the collapse or the revolt (We won't be here says Congress)
- FBI & DOJ Not Responsible, infact Political,... no prob... no one in Congress is either... and must have Trump over a barrel... his allies want to continue the shit show to win land for Israel or win Hegemony for the Empire

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wee-weed up:Truer words were never spoken.Politico's headline is, "Comey’s devastating indictment of President Donald Trump"Sub-hed: The fired FBI director’s aw-shucks demeanor did little to mask his barbed accusations.By TODD S. PURDUM 06/08/2017 03:50 PM EDT++++++++++Purdum is an absolute whore.That's why they call it the Malicious Seditious Media.

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They will.  Within 1 week there will be a new, "much more serious" anonymously-sourced narrative built in the media petri dish.But there's something you need to understand about the leftists which you already knew, but maybe didn't think about it in quite this way before.  They are allergic to the truth.  They CAN NOT win an argument based on the truth.  They have only NARRATIVE.  They tell stories.  Over and over and over.  If they tell a story enough times, no matter how ridiculous, they know it will be believed.HOWEVER (and this is where I claim some amount of original thinking on this subject).... having lost a shit-ton of credibility, they need to tell more and more outlandish stories and repeat them many more times to get the same effect.  This not unlike the declining marginal value of each new dollar of debt producing less and less GDP improvement.  Or a junkie needing more and more drugs to get the same high.  At a certain point it simply becomes ineffective.This IN NO WAY means they will stop trying that same old game again.  Certainly, the Fed isn't going to stop printing money.  Neither is the NYT or WaPo going to stop printing lies.  It's just that they're much closer to the saturation point and it's effect will be less.  I could try to tell you about the end game on this, but I'm already way out on the skinny branches of speculation here and it would serve little purpose.

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uhh, sure, I'm certain that's how it will play out. Maybe later they'll go to a retreat together and work out their differences. Pass it on to a committee for a vote.edit: Sorry! After they make their recommendations .

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Status Quo. THE MEDIA slants the news to the unwatchful.

Everyone is too busy for Watching Testimony in Congress. It is Fascism. It is complicated Laws & Regulations. It is Usury. It is the Scuttling of our National Economy for private business interests that wanted slave labor. It is the dumbing down of the USA (Charlotte Iserbyt). It is the proliferation of Foudations. It is free wheeling charters for corporations showing no public purpose at all... only profit. It is No Term Limits. It is No limit to money in Politics. It is foreign Agents involved in all politics, all institutions, all foundations, and all business. It is Anti-Trust.

James Comey is the latest to be able to do and say idiotic things with mal-intent and get sovereign immunity.

- Too busy to vote, politic, or go to town meetings... so sorry. 74,000 pages of income tax rules to keep you busy

BingoBoggins BingoBoggins Thu, 06/08/2017 - 21:54 Permalink

ah, shit. sorry teeth. i just go by what's written ... i'm going for the wicked irony of blokes, not unlike ourselves, driven to distraction, rail at the system yet fail to act. you know the one? Sorry, man. we can't get past the fucking noise, man. Get a group thing going and sometimes you can't hear yourself think, let alone listen. You feel me?

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Guy comes back from down range... I have to call him and ask what his team is thinking and doing... they don't copy me on shit.

He Says "... Can you feel me?" I say yeah. But he is operating at full speed. I got shit support. Shit Support Network. Shit Relationships in the Industry. Shit Role Models. Shit connections. Yeah, I've been around for a while and I can dig in, hit questions at various nodes or experts... He is right. I can move faster and hit harder... I should get up to speed.

"Sound familiar?"

Fucking assholes are like back stabbers. Only they don't cop to it, don't admit it. "If you are expert, then you have contacts and network... just leave me alone"

YES, we need to suck it up. But we are vulnerable to sanctions, detrimental actions,... No Action till we are smart on the Tiger Traps, Elephant Traps, Snares, Legal Traps, Cell Phone Monitoring, Internet Monitoring, Troll Traps, Nazi or Stasis Tricks.

- Pamphlet anyone? How to make it hidden or invisible?

Just kidding man... great story. We know all the Traps(Don't Know).

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TeethVillage88s BingoBoggins Thu, 06/08/2017 - 22:31 Permalink

Idea: Incorporate offshore as Mercenary Company, Private Military Company, Foreign Private Security Company... check with lawyers to understand the US Laws.

Then perhaps you can take on funding and contracts to do what you might like to do with legal structure.

I'm not saying it is a good idea.

But there are many UK Companies, French Companies, and others that organize offshore... ARE THERE Foreign Military Armies in the USA? ARE THERE Foreign Security Companies operating in the USA today? Probably.

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scrappy TeethVillage88s Thu, 06/08/2017 - 22:31 Permalink

It's worse than that. It is an illusion. All of it. It is legalized crime because we let it be such. 

“As regards the first set of dangers, it behooves us to remember that men can never escape being governed. EITHER THEY MUST GOVERN THEMSELVES OR THEY MUST SUBMIT TO BEING GOVERNED BY OTHERS. If from lawlessness or fickleness, from folly or self-indulgence, they refuse to govern themselves, then most assuredly in the end they will have to be governed from the outside. They can prevent the need of government from without only by showing that they possess the power of government from within. A sovereign can not make excuses for his failures; a sovereign must accept the responsibility for the exercise of the power that inheres in him; and where, as is true in our Republic, the people are sovereign, then the people must show a sober under standing and a sane and steadfast purpose if they are to preserve that orderly liberty upon which as a foundation every republic must rest.”

A sovereign people can never be found to be in bankruptcy, or operating by the rules of bankruptcy. This will come as a shock to the majority. However, to others, it will result in a mere shrug of their shoulders. A Constitution is a Charter of Bankruptcy. As soon as the first Bankruptcy Charter was signed, the dive down from the great American Republic, supported by a Republican form of Government in each one of the Several States (Article 4, Section 4) was initiated. That’s right! A Constitution is a CHARTER OF BANKRUPTCY! No self-governing sovereign people can be in bankruptcy, debt, and/or support usury. And, for those of you who think that you don’t…think again. You have volunteered to be sureties and constitutors of the debt that demands that the operation of law under the rules of bankruptcy, continues. Oh my goodness, but HOW did all of us do this great and terrible thing? We all joined the Social Security Trust and became a Trustee for the benefit of the Beneficiary, the United States Government. As Trustee you are charged with all the duties, obligations and responsibilities of performance required by the Rules of Bankruptcy. Essentially this means all the statutes, codes, rules and regulations for the United States. Policy, by another name. This is why they call you a, “TAXPAYER.” You volunteered for this obligation much like the Disciple Peter did when the tax man asked him if his master would pay the temple tax. Later on, when they were retiring for the evening meal and fellowship, Peter was forbidden to enter UNTIL he has perform his obligation that he had unwittingly contract into. So then, why should it be any different for us to-day? After all, there is nothing new under the sun, yes? Read the whole article - But when you think about it, if the constitution is really a charter of bankruptcy,  because of revolutionary war debt, one needs to look at what REALLY happened back then. The founders were not authorized to create a constitution, and it was rammed down our throats. The bill of rights was a defensive measure to what could be described as a less than satifactory bankruptsy framework. But back to the debt. If the Brits and probably the French too conterfeited our money, is that not FRAUD? How the hell could we win a war, and lose in this manner? Did we "win?" Regardless, here's the way out. In this country, we have two kinds of government.  We have the de facto government --- Federal/Territorial/Municipal ---- that is hired to provide stipulated services.  We have the de jure government which, if we have a brain in our heads, we serve and cherish as our means to direct and control the de facto.  That’s the way it is and the only other option is insurrection... Read the rest here Then there is the corporate person problem, they do seem to have taken over no? Below is the way it used to be. Restore dejure volunteer government. Most have forgotten, but that will change very soon. Pain has a way of waking people up. They will be upset and placing blame when they really need to work toward solutions. Keep cool, acknowledge causation, promise justice, and switch to a solutions focus. The Justice part takes time. Crowd Source the Truth. Gather Evidence. Vett the Evidence Together. Convene Lawful Common Law Grand Juries. Deliver Justice. Here is the Dejure Handbook. It is a critical guide. There is much good historical precedent, but remember, you are the law, the living "document" - use it wisely. History is yours too. Here is Robert's Rules of Order. This is for meetings & Procedure. It is a difficult thing as people are people, but that's the way it is. Here is a solid guide as to what we can lawfully do about this mess. To sum up, get your local, county, state dejure gov going. Come together for the national "assembly" Review in order of importance at each level the pile of fraud you face. Crowdsource, vett, and present evidence to your dejure grand jury. Review, audit and if necessary end your contracts with your "public servants" Use your restored public dejure courts which address "injury" - never their corporate courts. Excerpt from one of Annas many open letters... Every time a prosecutor or a litigant plaintiff brings a charge in one of these private corporate tribunals operated “as” courts they must post a Bid Bond, and they have to post it in Good Faith--- at least according to the Securities and Exchange Commission.  How is that possible, Mr. Sessions, when the majority of the cases involve parties who are not knowingly operating as corporations nor as corporate franchises? Millions of people have been purposefully misidentified as Foreign Situs Trusts belonging to the Territorial United States and millions more have been similarly misidentified as ESTATE Trusts or Public Transmitting Utility franchise operators employed by the Municipal United States---- and this is all just self-interested fraud and bull poopy, to quote Ross Perot. This whole situation is both illegal and unlawful, but most of all, it is immoral. Last year, I sent out a simple Judicial Notice of Fraud and Violation and an Immediate Order to Cease and Desist, objecting to the practice of personage and barratry rampant in this country.  A copy of the two (2) page document is attached to this letter.  It forbids the practice of using GLOSSA, otherwise known as “Dog Latin” and “American Sign Language” to misrepresent the content of legal documents that otherwise appear to be written in English and what otherwise appears to be NAMES of living people: JOHN SILAS DOE and JOHN S. DOE for example, so as to confuse the real parties of interest in these cases and claims.   What am I talking about? Yet another bankruptcy of course. You with "property" might like to read the following: Sill wondering what I am getting at? Ok, here is the big overview. Couldn't happen? Really. There's no fake news or history? BWAAAAHAHAHA Here it is. The age of deception is ending. Long live the age of truth.

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“[Very] soon, every American will be required to register their biological property in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging. By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will effect our security as a chargeback for our fiat paper currency. Every American will be forced to register or suffer being unable to work and earn a living. They will be our chattel, and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions.”  “Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, forever to remain economic slaves through taxation, secured by their pledges. They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans and, if by accident one or two should figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability. After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debt to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges. This will inevitably reap to us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud which we will call “Social Insurance.” Without realizing it, every American will insure us for any loss we may incur and in this manner, every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and, we will employ the high office of the President of our dummy corporation to foment this plot against America.” ZH is supposed to be ahead of the crowd on this stuff. You talk like this stuff is lawful. Are you fucking kidding? We put Romes corruption to shame.

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TeethVillage88s scrappy Thu, 06/08/2017 - 22:43 Permalink

Tentatively agree with you here.

"We put Romes corruption to shame."

- That is the Point
- Fixed Game
- Power to create FIAT is fixed
- Power to change SEC & Congressional Rules is limited to TBTF Banks as far as I know... but Hentarsling who acts up in Congress against Federal Reserve... is biggest receiver of funds from Money Payday Loans Companies! Wow

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Equity is the spirit of the law behind the letter; justice is the application of the spirit of equity; honesty is the general everyday use of justice or fairness, equity being the interior or abstract ideal. The Court of Equity overrides the Court of Common Law, deciding not upon terms, but the spirit of the deed.

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The notion that Russia hacked or colluded to help Trump win the Presidential election is totally bizarre in the context of the times.From the very beginning and through the Republican primaries NOBODY took Trump seriously, thought he was a joke, had zero chance of winning the nomination, and when he got the votes thought the GOP would replace him anyway.  AND even the Clinton team thought that Trump winning the nomination was the best possible outcome for them.  AFTER Trump won the nomination NOBODY thought he had a chance in hell of beating Clinton.  AND the POLLS all this time showed Trump getting thrased, they look at a Democrat record win.From the start to the end Everybody thought Trump had zero chance of winniing the nomination or the Presidency.  The whole notion was seen as rediculous. SO Russia very early on chose to get Trump to win the Presidency??  LoL  That would be like choosing your neighbours dog to win the Kentucky derby. IF Russia really wanted to collude for somebody not Clinton to win the Presidency they would have colluded with either Sanders, or some likely Republican candidate.Everybody forgets that Trump was seen as a joke thoughout the whole process - and not somebody anybody would choose to promote to win the election.

CHoward Thu, 06/08/2017 - 21:24 Permalink

President Trump has more intelligence in that cranium of his than all the other bottom feeding scum suckers in Washington combined.  Great day for President Trump!

Dickweed Wang Thu, 06/08/2017 - 21:28 Permalink

Democratic leadership are either the dumbest people in America, or the most corrupt. Without a doubt both apply in spades.  The sooner the demonrats and progressive assholes go the way of the Edsel/Corvair, whatever, the better . . . and it couldn't happen too soon, that's for sure.

TeethVillage88s Dickweed Wang Thu, 06/08/2017 - 21:36 Permalink

It is the nature of Power not to go away.

- Power can morph
- Power can rebrand itself
- Power can pretend to be something else
- All US Institutions are political and have investment in either the left or the right
- Sovereign Immunity is granted to all federal employees unless they commit a capital offense
- No Term Limits
- No rules on leaving one party for another
- No real rules on Insider Trading, Financial Conflict of Interest, or simple conflict of Interest in Congress
- Individual Congressional power is joined by powerful Directors and Executives in the Rank & file Federal Govt
- You can't impact the future of a Congressman in the USA

What ya gonna do? Power remains the same. Nancy Pelosi can do whatever Diane Feinstein does. They are both there and not leaving. John McCain, Lindsey Graham. Not leaving.

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Reaper Thu, 06/08/2017 - 21:34 Permalink

We looked under the bed. The bogeyman our neo-parents in MSM claimed was there, wasn't. We need to find different neo-parents that'll love, protect and instruct us. Childhood is a terrible thing to lose.

Bill of Rights Thu, 06/08/2017 - 21:38 Permalink

Democrats, Liberal Democrats! did prove many things over the last say 8.5 years. First they hate America, second they are Racists of the highest order, Hypocrites, Liars, out right Theives, Morons, complete Reatards, Failures, Whiners, Sore Losers, Lazy, Shiftless, and as I said above they hate America.

AKKadian Thu, 06/08/2017 - 21:39 Permalink

Hillary really F/UP the Demoncat Party. I did not due it, Russia DNC Comey CNN Bill Trump We the People Mom/Dad Chelsea Libya Mongolia they did it. They lost me the election. I had 60% lead. If ever there was a people that deserved to be shafted Its the Demoncat Rat Party. And they thought another Clinton would win. Lets not get started on the Rhinocrates, they thought a Bush would win. Screw the Monarchs of Doom.!!!   

TeethVillage88s AKKadian Thu, 06/08/2017 - 22:38 Permalink

Status Quo. Power remains. One Political Party in the USA... just as in East Germany. Fake Political Parties exist, but support a US-Anglo Empire which now supports a Globalist New Order.

- DEMS power does not rely on truthful or believable testimony by their stooges.
- Woodrow Wilson was Elected to bring in the US-Anglo Empire, and this is proved by US Failure to control Capital supporting WWI, and the new Private Central Bank which immediately (1944) became a major player in World Reserve Currency and Stability of Currencies
- Why would a Constitutional Republic go into & allow Banks to Support WWI & WWII?
- US Anglo-Empire replaced the US Constitutional Republic... was it in 19th Century or earlier I don't know
- Vietnam War is Proof
- Adoption of FIAT in 1971, Nixon Shock is further proof
- Endless wars from 911 is the final proof of Anglo Empire

Edit1: Demographics of ZH is younger than last 2-3 years. You would know I am right otherwise, USA is no longer a Constitutional Republic nor close, there is no proof of Individual Civil Rights other than "Victims on TV who ARE NOT Victims & MSM like Morning Joe who are not Modern Intellectuals nor Enlightened"

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A sovereign people can never be found to be in bankruptcy, or operating by the rules of bankruptcy. This will come as a shock to the majority. However, to others, it will result in a mere shrug of their shoulders. A Constitution is a Charter of Bankruptcy. As soon as the first Bankruptcy Charter was signed, the dive down from the great American Republic, supported by a Republican form of Government in each one of the Several States (Article 4, Section 4) was initiated. That’s right! A Constitution is a CHARTER OF BANKRUPTCY! No self-governing sovereign people can be in bankruptcy, debt, and/or support usury. And, for those of you who think that you don’t…think again. You have volunteered to be sureties and constitutors of the debt that demands that the operation of law under the rules of bankruptcy, continues. Oh my goodness, but HOW did all of us do this great and terrible thing? We all joined the Social Security Trust and became a Trustee for the benefit of the Beneficiary, the United States Government. As Trustee you are charged with all the duties, obligations and responsibilities of performance required by the Rules of Bankruptcy. Essentially this means all the statutes, codes, rules and regulations for the United States. Policy, by another name. This is why they call you a, “TAXPAYER.” You volunteered for this obligation much like the Disciple Peter did when the tax man asked him if his master would pay the temple tax. Later on, when they were retiring for the evening meal and fellowship, Peter was forbidden to enter UNTIL he has perform his obligation that he had unwittingly contract into. So then, why should it be any different for us to-day? After all, there is nothing new under the sun, yes?… is the latest Bankruptcy of the US Scam...… never mentions the Bankruptcy, but here is her historical overview of what has taken place...… have seen so much of this apparent fraud that I have to recommend, let's crowd source the truth, vett it together, and go from there...

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