Mapping Where Where U.S. Troops Are Based In The Middle East

On Monday, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Yemen, Libya's eastern-based government and the Maldives cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, creating a new crisis in the Arab world. U.S. President Donald Trump quickly waded into the row, lambasting Qatar in a series of tweets. Joining the Gulf states in labeling Qatar a funder of extremism, Trump tweeted that his visit to Saudi Arabia "was already paying off" and that Monday's developments could mark the "beginning of the end to the horror of terrorism."

However, as Statista's Nial McCarthy notes, despite Trump's tweets and his accusations against Qatar, the country actually plays host to the largest U.S. base in the Middle East. Located southwest of Doha, Al Udeid Air Base hosts an estimated 10,000 U.S. troops and the facility has been proven crucial in the fight against ISIS. Qatar invested $1 billion in constructing the base and it's also home to the the U.S. Combined Air Operations Center, responsible for coordinating U.S. and allied air power across the Middle East, particularly in airspace over Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.

Indeed, the base is likely to become even more important in the coming weeks as a U.S. backed alliance of Kurdish and Arab fighters gain traction in their offensive towards the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa. In the wake of Monday's events and Trump's comments, the Defense Department praised Qatar for hosting the base and its "enduring commitment to regional security". State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said "we recognize that Qatar has made great efforts to stop the financing of terrorism but they still have a lot of work to do."

The following infographic highlights just how important Qatar is to the U.S. presence in the Middle East.

Infographic: Where U.S. Troops Are Based In The Middle East  | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

The country hosts an estimated 10,000 U.S. troops, second only to Kuwait's 15,000. Neighboring Bahrain is also vital to American interests in the region, home to the Naval Support Activity Bahrain, the U.S. Fifth Fleet and a substantial military presence at Isa Air Base.


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Our Zionist masters have done a wonderful job with trump, using their media to make trump a heroic figure, even while trump continues obama's legacy.  I heard it from the start, trump was supposedly under attack from the "liberal media", what makes them so liberal, their push for TPP, Wall Street, War, their love affair with Israel? Just shows if the media and the politicians repeat something enough, people will believe it. I mean, we know the media lies all the time, so why would anyone buy the totally contrived "war on trump"?When the history of America's fall is written, it will I am sure discuss the absolute power the media had (assisted by Hollywood and politicians) to form ideas.  Obama supporters were told Obama was under attack, that was what the whole birther movement was about. The media can make anything real, or any reality a "conspiracy theory". The key to the media is to ignore what they are saying, and focus on why they are saying it. Their goal with Obama, just like trump was to give the appearance that he was under attack, and by doing so key into the left's tribal instincts to defend their own, JUST LIKE THEY ARE NOW DOING WITH THE RIGHT. How many times do I turn on local talk radio and hear Rush Limbaugh talking about Obama/Clinton/Dems are at war with Trump...all a lie, trump, obama, clinton, are actors, very well paid actors who just read from a script and get wealth and fame for their service to the tribe. 

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Also from Statista:

"Majorities in Every State Support the Paris Agreement"

Do you think it's true?

No one I've ever talked to is in favor of it. Every last soul I've heard from believes the Paris Agreement is an accord that further screws America while enriching the rest of the world.

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Merkel shuts down the highly efficient, German nuclear power after Fukishima. When was the last big German earthquake that did major damage? She burns Russian gas from the exclusive Nord Stream pipeline.Poland hosts climate talks in 2013 while boating their coal industry and getting a "pass" on the buring of their dirty lignite, a low-grade mineral with high carbon content that is in ample supply in Poland's mines.Chinese and other foreign firms building coal fired electric plants in Africa.Beijing should be the lead spender in shutting down polluting plants after all the scenes of their near zero visibility days in their major cities.I hear NYC is going to ban cars and taxis, diesel trucks and ships in order to attain the Paris climate goals.

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Paris accord is non binding and not obligatory. That is why so many countries signed it. China got a good deal because they can increase emissions until 2030. This accord was pushed by Obama to make Obama look good. Trump just could have stayed on and commit to nothing. He got out as a sneer to Obama. But leaving the accord is very symbolic though.

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Exactly, the Paris accord is just another politcal play. On a side note: I don't know about global warming, it, like everything in America has become politicized. The Zionist media does this to most issues, just another political football which to use to divide Americans. But I look at global warming like I look at car safety, I don't wear my seat belt because I know for sure I am going to get into a car accident, but I might. But the environment is another politicized mess, the right cheers Trump allowing more pollutants (disgusting) and the left gets angry but does nothing about it. Conversely, the fact that the media hypes "global warming as the greatest threat to civilization" and not say, global thermal nuclear war, or overpopulation, gives me great pause. Because I know the media just channels the will of the ZioElite, and the idea of them reminding us of the dangers of nuclear war, at a time when they are pushing a confrontation with Russia is certainly not likely. Trump got out of the Paris agreement for one reason, politcal strife. Trump's job is to stoke the fires of political and social strife in America. From the day he started running for office he has been an agent of division, which means he is a agent of Zionism. The tweeting, the Russian hacking, Comey, "The wall", TPP, this Paris Agreement, blocking Muslims entry into America...all meaningless acts that anger many in America, while pacifying others, but truly accomplishing nothing.Even trump's big arms deal with the Saudi's was Obama's deal, Trump just finalized it.  The point is, Trump is just another Zionist puppet, just in a form that is more pleasing to the right, and less to the left. What better way to distract the American people than constantly moving from one political extreme to the other, while America continues it's decline. Trump stopped tried to stop Muslim migration right from the start, and doing a great job at helping the cause of Islamophobia at the same time, but America's real threat mass Latino migration, what he ran on as needing to be stopped, goes on unabated.   

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Qatar is important to the US/Israel. But the people and leaders of Qatar have NO importance.
The Saudis want the natural gas, the US "sells" massive weapons to the SA (all money reimbursed through the back door), the Qataries are named as terrorists, Qatar is overrun and if Turkey or Iran attacks the Saudis those US troops in Qatar wipe them out.

Then after the SA overrun the Qatar military (an easy task even for the Saudis) those already stationed troops at that huge US military installation in Qatar - overnight become the controlling occupying force of Qatar. Any further resistance or counter attack is quickly killed by the US.

And the stupid Qatar leaders invited the devil into their country, they even helped build them the military base, and they thought they were buying security and safety in doing so, they thought THEY were special and had a true friend.

But that is only one possibility, this part of the overall plan is unclear. The plan for Syria and Iran is more clear.

I would note. With SA taking Qatar and then the US/Israel taking real control - at that point the US/Israel have control of the massive gas fields. And with a pipeline, should it be controlled by the US/Israel, suddenly becomes a major economic weapon against the Russian gas supply to Europe. Once such a supply to Europe is available it is much easier to turn Europe fully against Russia since the gas is not needed. Or to cut Russia's supply as part of new sanctions after Russia is named, once again, as a terrorist supporting country. That breaks russia economically once again.

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You fucking suck propagandist. Gas is not needed? The US and the House of Saud cannot supply Europe, and they never will. Are you retarded or just new?

Iran's South Pars field has enough NG to supply Europe for the next 150 years. All else is Geo-politics.

Russia will block and fight for the European energy market. This is evident and your analysis is bunk.

You say 'fully turn Europe against Russia?

Fuck off

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Qatar has twice as much gas as Iran ... did you ever bother to research this before you bloviated?

Shit, clearly you didn't read the wikipedia article you linked to, at least as far as the third sentence, or else your comprehension is lacking. Iran and Qatar share ownership of the field.The crude copypasta that you regurgitated of the table of gas reserves for this field are reserves belonging to both Iran and Qatar.Oh, and if you'd scrolled to the bottom of the page you would have found the following link to an article on Iran's natural gas reserves: article indicates that, according to the US Energy Information Administration, Iran's natural gas reserves are the largest in the world. If Qatar has twice as much as Iran, they must be drawing it from an otherworldly source.

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Perhaps what you mention about Iran's gas potential is one of the reason's why the US/Israel intend to destroy Iran as they did Iraq and Libya and Syria. And perhaps that also just one of the reason's Iran will not get any better support from Putin/Russia than was given to Iraq or Libya or Syria.

Not good for Iran is it?

Russia will compete for the EU energy market - by lowering prices due to the new supply from Qatar. That is if Russia can keep supply pipelines open. If Ukraine starts getting gas from a offshoot of a pipeline from Qatar then Uke will shut down the russian pipeline running through it.

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Blankone once again exhibits his low-wage trolling, expressing fake concern as a method to try to advance his agenda. He is an anti-Putin propagandist who consistently calls for a recklessly aggressive military response from Russia. The well reasoned and successful Russian approach has left him seething with frustration.His mistaken assumptions and flawed reasoning have been pointed out to him before on multiple occasions, alas to no avail. It would come as no surprise if he were discovered to have experienced iodine deficiency during childhood.Presenting Blankone with facts has been revealed to be a complete waste of time. He ignores any facts which run counter to his efforts to smear Putin and go against his agenda of promoting war against Russia.

Russia will compete for the EU energy market - by lowering prices due to the new supply from Qatar. That is if Russia can keep supply pipelines open.

Never heard of the Nord Stream pipeline or the two additional lines currently being added to it (Nord Stream 2)? Never heard of the Turkish Stream pipeline, construction of which began a month ago? Please explain, if you can, why Russia wouldn't be able to keep them open.

If Ukraine starts getting gas from a offshoot of a pipeline from Qatar

This will not happen. Nobody is going to finance such a project because the Ukraine has a habit of not paying for the natural gas it uses.

then Uke will shut down the russian pipeline running through it.

And what? Russia is shutting them down after 2018 anyway.

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The pipeline going through Uke is in use because needs it for capacity. Russia "may" finish other pipelines in the future to make that one not be needed, or russia may not. Other planned projects such as that have not come to be.

But even if they are completed. Then russia would have to compete with the pipeline from Qatar, should the US/Israeli's get Qatar. To compete will mean having to lower prices. That is what compete means, it does not mean russia would not be able to sell any gas. But then, once a new supply is given the russian gas can be terminated with sanctions and without disruption to Europe.

No one is going to build a pipeline through Uke to other countries. But they will build one to serve just Uke. In that case Uke has to pay or the gas (which only goes to Uke) can easily be shut off without concern regarding downstream customers.

And we have heard many grand statements about what russia is about to do, in Syria and in relation to China and EUke. But they never seem to pan out do they.

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Russia "may" finish other pipelines in the future to make that one not be needed

Nord Stream 2 is expected to be operational in 2019-2020. Turkish Stream is expected to be finished by Q4 2019.The Russian gas pipelines through the Ukraine are being kept operational until the end of 2018 due to contractual obligations (which Russia takes seriously). They will cease to operate after that irrespective of the status of any other projects.

And we have heard many grand statements about what russia is about to do, in Syria and in relation to China and EUke. But they never seem to pan out do they.

And we have heard many grand statements from Blankone about what Russia won't do. These statements always seem to pan out as butthurt tantrums, don't they?

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Actually my statements about how Putin does not have the backbone to stand directly against NATO and how he would not use the S400 to take down any NATO plane firing directly on Syrian troops have all proven to be correct.

However, the loud noise from the Putin fan club about how Putin's Gonna Do It, Putin Will Do It, and all the claims about how this and that are Putin's red line in the sand - have all been false. None of that has panned out.

Just yesterday the US twice attacked Syrian troops directly when they entered the US declared off limits areas (which are inside Syria) and Putin did not have it in him to react. Well he has reacted. He issued a press release calling the US off limits zone illegitimate. Don't Poke The Bear!!

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 Iran, and now Qatar, are on Russia's side in the BIG game, simpleton.So the Iranian and Qatari gas will flow where ever it is determined best forthe Russian and Chinese Alliance.  I doubt very much whether that meansUkraine.  Most likely their gas will flow East to Central Asia and China. Remember, Einstein, that as soon as Israeli gas hooks up with the Ukrainianpipeline, Russia cuts its price and Israel has trouble paying for the underwater pipe it laid from it's Gaza reservoir to Italy. You better stick to selling candles and incense in the Pines.

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"Europe gets 1/3 of it's gas from Russia with a 1/3 of that volume flowing through Ukrainian pipelines. Gazprom aimes to end or at least cut it's gas transit through the former Soviet Republic after the current transit contract expires in 2019."" Nord Stream-2 Gazprom baltic sea links directly to Germany. It may face opposition from EU."* don't know where the reshuffleing of the cards will end up, but do know all those warm blooded refugees will freeze their little brown jihadists butts if the gas gets turned off and they may wish to join Qatar via Turkey just to warm back up. Lol

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Ill wager $1.00 that 99% of the readers here can't associate the countries with their flag, let alone correctly name the countries listed.

kidinwyoming Fri, 06/09/2017 - 08:58 Permalink

So I'm guessing the US base there will help stabilize the area enough so that SA can steal and export the natural gas.  Maybe that's why the base has been there all along.