Tolerance-Preaching Professor: 'Diversity Of Opinion' Is "White Supremacist Bullshit"

Authored by Justin Caruso via Campus Reform blog,

  • At a recent conference on Critical Race Theory, professors discussed how "there is no virtue in whiteness," with some saying "whiteness" is "inherently violent."
  • Other conference-goers reportedly called the concept of intellectual diversity "white supremacist bullshit," while another said "research" is a "colonial, white supremacist, elite process."

Professors at a recent conference hosted by Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis reportedly called whiteness “inherently violent,” saying “diversity of opinion” is just “white supremacist bullshit.” 

The conference, held between May 31 and June 2, was organized by the Critical Race Studies in Education Association (CRSEA), an organization that frequently hosts similar events to bring together an “interdisciplinary consortium of experts who recognize global implications of race and education for minoritized people.”

“As a community, we are committed to (1) countering and combating systemic and structural racism with scholarship and praxis, (2) recognizing the multiple locations of oppression and the myriad manifestations and effects of their intersections and (3) co-constructing liberating knowledge that facilitates collective agency to transform schools and communities,” the group describes itself on its website, a description supported by several attendees at its most recent conference, who quoted highlights from the event on Twitter.  

“Whiteness has already been constructed against blackness. There is no virtue in whiteness, it is inherently violent,” one conference-goer tweeted, referencing a quote from Michael Dumas, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley who spoke at the event.

“Whiteness and the United States knows itself through the violence and death of the subordinated,” another attendee quoted Dumas as saying, with one academic at the conference noting Dumas claimed that there “is no position of whiteness that isn’t already violent.”

Dumas, notably, has expressed similar views in the past, tweeting that “whiteness” is “violent and delusional, delighting in Black death in every historical moment," claiming at the recent conference that “there will never be anything close to justice in the U.S. because the system is built upon violence.”

Other conference speakers, such as Indiana University at Purdue Professor David Stovall, apparently called the term “diversity of opinion” “white supremacist bullshit,” saying “white tears are an act of physical and political violence.”

According to another attendee, Professor James Scheurich, who also teaches at Indiana University’s Purdue campus, claimed that “research” is a “colonial, white supremacist, elite process,” while Professor Theodorea Berry suggested that “some people need to be slapped into wokeness.”

Berry explained to Campus Reform that the "notion of being 'slapped into wokeness' is one where an individual comes to gain [a] level of understanding about others' oppression by experiencing oppression," saying this is "especially true for those socially marginalized" people "who subscribe to respectability politics." 

"The proverbial 'slap' is the incident of marginalization," she added. "The 'wokeness' is the realization that regardless of your privilege, marginalization can occur." 

One attendee, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Chicago, concluded her time at the conference by noting that she’s “happy” since she managed to collect “a few white tears.”

Campus Reform reached out to all of the professors quoted in this article, and will update it if and when responses are received.


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This is the second time tonight I've quoted a PCR article, but it's one of his great ones.  From today:"The liberals and the leftwing are mainly concerned with inventing new rights in the Constitution for 'victim groups' as defined by Identity Politics. These new rights, of course, cancel out rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights that was incorporated into the Constitution as Amendments. For example, the right of a preferred minority not to be offended cancels out the freedom of speech. While the government has destroyed habeas corpus and due process, the leftwing has destroyed freedom of expression. Together they have given us a police state." one is worth a post here, Tylers.

wee-weed up Keyser Fri, 06/09/2017 - 00:45 Permalink

  Man, have I got it made!I can just sit back and spout all the irrational racist crap I want...And blame it all on Whitey...And not only will my politically correct university protect me...But the national Lib MSM will also rise to my defense and cover for me as well!Is this a great country, or what?!

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Luc X. Ifer wee-weed up Fri, 06/09/2017 - 00:50 Permalink

This path of glorifying and masquerading social group targeted bias with the purpose of acquiring political capital - so practically the manipulation of stupid by validation irrationality as rationality and demonizing critical thinking as elitist is the stinky mark of left fascism aka communism, the same was preached in the former Soviet bloc, at that time the bourgeoisie and the educated middle class was sold as the cause of all the bad and hardship of the poor and workers class. We have seen where it lead, the problem is in US can lead only in one direction - racial civil war.

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greenskeeper carl Luc X. Ifer Fri, 06/09/2017 - 00:55 Permalink

And all of that stuff you guys have mentioned, WE are paying for in the end. All of this shit exists in its entirety because of federal student loans that the trump admin still doles out. It could all be ended, practically overnight, if this gravy train was shut off. Thats all it would take. But instead of ending it, we continue on our present course, careening towards disaster. All of this talk will end up provoking more violence, and eventually whitey is going to get violent back.

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Luc X. Ifer greenskeeper carl Fri, 06/09/2017 - 01:09 Permalink

People must realize that the federal student loan is one of the deceiving way the left fascists use to advance their agenda by indoctrinating the credulous young minds, remember Pink Floyd's 'The Wall'

Public money should be used only to provide education in the fields where the knowledge is accumulated and validated trough exercising scientific method, like STEM.
Social Justice phenomenon today is the new religion and as religion should not be founded from public money but only whoever wants to invests its own private capital - like Soros :).

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If you trace the history of black political movements and institutions, at the beginning and all along the way you find helpful rabbis.The constitution is a "white" document and it sits in oppostion to "rabbi think".As long as the US constitution has precedence, America is a "white" country.It's not black versus white, it's us versus (((them))).

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Where they do not realize that the joke is on them is the fact that as far as intellectualism is concerned, those people are the BEST that they can hope to offier. Classical Dunning-Kruger. The dumb simply lack to faculties to realize just how stupid they actually are. Yo-yo-yo my nigga'! Sup homie? Dat was dope! ~ Placenta Shawquandra Afro, - Ph.D, AA Studies

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What's even more ironic is none of these low IQ chimps would have their jobs without the white charity called "affirmative action".  Make college entrance truly fair for all and color blind and very few blacks would ever gain entry.Cut off all race discrimination now.  No more affirmative action, food stamps, section 8 housing, phones, etc.  But do give them one way ticks to the African country of their choice, along with surrendering their passports.

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These fucking cunts should get out of here if they don't like it. Move to the Congo or central Brazil if you dislike whites and the civilization they created I say.

They won't do that though. They will deride whites and their culture while taking full advantage of the comforts provided by said civilization and culture.

My suggestion to these people is spend one month in a country of non whites. Not on a resort or in a gated white enclave but amongst the "people" they love so much. If they survive get back to me and tell me how terrible it is to live in a civilized nation compared to the savages.

The fact is that blacks are literally subhuman. Science has shown this conclusively. Humans came from Europe, not Africa. Africans and their spawn are more evolved apes with a tentative gasp on linguistics and higher order thinking skills likely inherited from their betters via interbreeding.

The average IQ of pure Africans is medically classified as retarded. They are incapable of civilization. This was understood for thousands of years. Recently there has been a shift. How has that worked out?

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LetThemEatRand Billy the Poet Fri, 06/09/2017 - 00:54 Permalink

Yeah I know, but I quoted PCR in the beginning of the thread, and to the extent many people read this site casually I want it to be clear that the moron does not speak for me or in any way represent what I believe PCR stands for.  One of the greatest undeserved successes of the Left has been to equate anyone who speaks up against the racism exhibited in this article of being racist themselves. 

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The left has only been successful at validating racism, and providing a valid grounds for it's existence after they failed to delete it by replacing valid anthropology with out of Africa bullshit and faulty IQ narratives based on emotional derivations of actual evidence.

Basically what I am saying is that calling yourself a "not racist" is not a valid argument or position. It's not based in reality, and has zero context within our civilization.

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another predictable and highly amusing personality tic of the midwit Secret King personality type is an utter inability to handle humor/joshing/repartee that he perceives to be in any way disrespectful to himself. most often, this infantile, impotent, oddly feminine rage expresses itself in 'always getting the last word in, no matter what'. (second most often is, sadly, where The Secret King settles scores by going postal at work: typically low-paid, demeaning, undemanding work)Let's watch!

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wellllll, Billy, nobody ever said (self-proclaimed) 138IQ midwits have any self-awareness to speak of - much less common sense. not that anyone, least of all me, gives a damn .... but are you even aware you're making me look like a master of human nature/prophet? Billy the highly-intelligent Secret King brooded as he sat atop his majestic throne, granted him by God as proof of his  wonderfulness too subtle and sublime to be understood or appreciated by the common riffraff. "whatever could that awful vato *mean* by that", he wondered.

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