"We Reject U.S. Claims Of Friendship": Iran Slams Trump's "Repugnant" Condolences

While Trump may have flip-flopped on Qatar, no longer lashing out at the Gulf nation and instead offering to mediate a resolution of the crisis, the president's attitude toward "the world's top sponsor of terrorism" Saudi Arabia Iran remains, as evidenced by the purposefully undiplomatic statement issued on Wednesday in response to the deadly terrorist attack which took place earlier in the day in Tehran. Trump said he prayed for the victims of Wednesday's attacks that were claimed by Islamic State, but added that "states that sponsor terrorism risk falling victim to the evil they promote.

Statement by the President on the Terrorist Attacks in Iran


We grieve and pray for the innocent victims of the terrorist attacks in Iran, and for the Iranian people, who are going through such challenging times. We underscore that states that sponsor terrorism risk falling victim to the evil they promote.

As one can imagine, Iran was not amused, and as Reuters reports this morning, the country's foreign minister rejected Donald Trump's condolences for deadly attacks in Tehran, calling the U.S. president's words "repugnant."

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif

On his Twitter account, Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote: "Repugnant White House statement .... Iranian people reject such U.S. claims of friendship."

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard blamed the attack on Saudi Arabia, a key U.S. ally and the largest US weapons' client. Saudi Arabia has denied any involvement and the Islamic State had claimed responsibility for the attacks.


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Mementoil,Hizbulla is supported by Iran to counter the illegal nuclear threat Israel poses to the region.Propagandist.Illegal nukes that the U.S. provided to Israel breaking nuclear non proliferation treaty.  And, thus, why Iran pursues nukes to counter the illegal threat WE created.Houthi rebels fight a puppet governmemt installed by foreign meddlers and are no more terrorists than those Americans who fought for freedom in our own revolution.You are fucking ignorant or a paid troll mouthpiece piece of shit.

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"He was refering to Hizbulla, the Shia terror group from Lebanon".Hezbollah is the walking definition of freedom fighters and the most just cause in the entire Middle East.  They were formed to expel the Imperial Storm Troopers from Israel whose illegal occupation and destruction of Lebanon was meant to advance their geo-politial and supremacist (colonialist) agenda.Since then Hezbollah has only defended Lebanon against the repeated non-stop imperialism and barbarity of Israel.Hezbollah is the only army to reclaim land stolen by the Jew-supremacist Israelis.  Golan Heights, West Bank, Jerusalem, all lie in the hands of the savage invader.

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The majority of the world is catching on to the demonization of Iran. Most have sat back and watched who are the real culprits of terrorist acts and why. Though the "false prophet" of Zionist run media keeps their lies in front of people they're losing or lost their credibility.

All of this will hit like the Fukushima tsunami on mankind as more families and bloodlines are returning to their kin, thus the breaking up of NATO and S Korea shifting to their blood aka China and N Korea.

Babylon is falling again
Blood is thicker than water

Critical times hard to deal with is upon us and we haven't seen anything yet

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You make me laugh at your pathetic membership timeline comments. Wear your membership button and blast everyone with less posting time than you. So you dismiss everyone's comments based upon how long they've been commenting on here?
You must be a union worker who wants to throw their seniority around whether it's a good or bad comment.
I'm no troll, I've been here for 7 years, the amount of information that I've sent to other people from here has cost me several email accounts, 3 hacked smart phones and 2 computers. My phone drops calls constantly because I'm no troll.

You're like TomCruise in a few good men. You can't handle the truth.

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Didn't that unholy puke oDumbo give Iran $400 million and unfreeze a bunch of their assets right as he flew out the White House window on his magic prayer rug for the last time?  Eight years of bending over and taking it for a country that won't stop until the west is defeated and entirely muslim.  What twilight zone did oDumbo and his disgusting sheeple live in for eight years?  God help us and may oDumbo burn in hell.

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Everything you think you know about the Mudeast you were spoon fed by Jews.Keep on watching that Jew tube and reading the Jew York Times.Great zionist talking points.Ahhhh...Iran , where it all started. A democratically elected government overthrown and replaced by the forces of Israel, i.e. the CIA and its all been downhill in the region ever since.Speaking of child molester, how the FUCK do you think they got Trump by the balls? Nothing to do with Mr Epstein is it? Or any other top politician in this pizza loving zionist infected sick country.322.Pizzagate.Make America Grovel Again.Trump swallowed , he didnt spit.PS happy June the 8th. Ya think the jew media will remind us what happened 50 years ago today?http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/ussliberty.html

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Trump's words are true. See every NATO state for more details.  They don't call it "blowback", now ... apparently, it's the "Contact Cycle". Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

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quadraspleen:The significance of the remark is not that it is something everyone knows is true, as your smart-ass reply asserts.The significance of the remark is that Pres. Trump has the guts to say it publicly.This courage is what the world saw when the president blasted Hell out of the Muslim mayor of London.The jahadist mayor, using the Da' wah angle of Muslim infiltration and take-over, said, "There is nothing to be alarmed about."The president properly, and clearly, demonstrated that the mayor is a front for Islamic Jihad, telling the suicidal fools who support the mayor, "There's nothing to be alarmed about?"The left-wing lunatics promptly jumped all over the president, claiming he was an illiterate dolt who failed to properly understand the mayor's true meaning.Mayor Khan's sentence is impossible to misunderstand because it so simple, even an Evergreen College grad knows what it means; what a line of propaganda truth-twisting. Never forget that Koranic religious and cultural interpretation DICTATES the absolute OBLIGATION to lie for all Muslims. It is a moral imperative; it is part and parcel of the Da wah / Jihadist technique to take-over the world.Mayor Khan lies because he is compelled to lie by the Koran. He is just like every other Muslim on Earth . . . the Koran dictates that he lie.The outrage against Pres. Trump, beyond being an "IQ of Zero" auto-reflex by the Left-wing Haters, exists because the president pointed out on the international stage the religious-cultural insanity - and the Death Spiral all nations suffer - because Islam is a warlord's imposition of submission to the warlord's deranged delusion of himself.If, as you asseret, the president's remark is such a "No shit" observation, who else of international stature also pointed it out?The failure of the world to react to the mayor's psychologically dysfunctional instruction shows that the president did what he did because he is the only internaional figure with the Courage of His Convictions to express this "No shit" reality.He deserves praise, not a smart-ass put-down from some poster.Quadraspleen, you were born a nobody, you are living as a nobody, and you will die as a nobody.Quadraspleen, E S & D. 

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Mars, you are correct IMHO. We are in a WAR against Muslim, and until people understand that, they will fall for the lies.I have a copy of the Koran, and it states that not only you can lie, cheat, and steal from the infidels (anyone not being a Mohammed convert), but you are directed as a good Muslim, to convert the infidels. If you can't, then you are instructed to KILL them.No ifs, ands, or buts, America has got to have an understanding on this. Truly, Satan's religion, and that is why it is sweeping this world as a hell-storm mirroring it's beginnings.

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How convenient nowadays that EVERYTHING can be blamed on either ISIS or Russia.And what was this, by Trump "We underscore that states that sponsor terrorism risk falling victim to the evil they promote."So we can expect to see ALOT more attacks in the U.S, Saudi and Israel then?Good!

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Why would they need to...indeed, when we do it here every fucking day! Exactly WHO are WE talking about? WHO are WE attacking but our own nation? WHO do we think the progressives attacking? Not TRUMP.  They are attacking our nation, our constitution, our ELECTION, our very premise of a Nation. And we all here question.....no, INDICT our own nation and virtually everyone in it....except our glorious selves of course. Only WE (as in ME) are above doubt and contempt.

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If you want to know the true depth of Iranian diplomacy on the world stage, just ask them how they feel about Israel. In the space of a time period that only can be described in nano-seconds, all pretense of diplomacy is jettisoned off the side of the ship, and the real colors come shining through.Is it coincidence or by design that all Islamic terrorism other than that perpetrated by the Palestineans originated with the emergence of the religious government in Iran in 1979? 

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Pre Arab Spring, you could ask Libya, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon and a host of others how they feel about israel and you will get the same response. Now it is just the man on the street, but he knows what cunts they and their American and British sponsors are. The only difference is, you asswipes haven't destroyed Iran and (((democratically))) replaced their leadership with puppets who will publicly whisper sweet nothings in your ear. 

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