Tesla Is Now Bigger Than Ford, GM, And BMW...

With today's near 1% rise to a new record high, Tesla just became the 4th largest (by market cap) automaker in the world - surpassing BMW at over $61 billion.

Tesla passed GM and Ford by market cap in April, and now ranks 4th in the world behind Toyota, Daimler, Volkswagen.


If you look at the different auto companies on paper, it does seem a bit proposterous, where Tesla is at this moment, versus some of the more established auto companies," Jessica Caldwell, director of industry analysis with automotive research firm Edmunds, said in an interview with CBC's On The Money on Monday.

Tesla sold 76,285 cars last year. That compares to over 10 million for GM worldwide, 6.65 million for Ford, and 2.36 million for BMW.

"I think Tesla has had a very high market cap for a long time, so I don't think this comes necessarily as a surprise, but when you compare it to someone like Ford [or GM] who has a wealth of resources, it does seem a little out of whack," Caldwell said.


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Nothing to worry about, Auto News Today is reporting that Elon has dug up a new COO, John DeLorean. John enters the operation with a vast wealth of experience in obtaining government financing as he announced the building of three new plants in India, China and Ireland with the following new model designations; The Tandoori 480 sedan, The Firecracker sport coupe and the DMC-13???  As a welcome gift John gave board members leather bound portfolios of recent photographs of himself, lounging around his current digs.

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come visit the Austin / Round Rock area... you can't throw a brick down the street without hitting a Tesla in the process... lord help you if you're in a Costco parking lot in this area, it looks like what a Tesla dealer lot would look like if there were such a thing...nothing says "limousine liberal" like a Tesla... oh well, life is easier when the idiots label themselves...

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go up to North Shore-plenty there and I bet out around Naperville. There are people with money: Hedge fund managers, top lawyers, or the lucky sperm club. They stil buy Teslas, BMW, MB  etc.In fact except for Tesla, there are multiple high end same  nameplate dealers in the north shore corridor along 41. Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Northfield. BMW MB Range Rover, Jaguar, Lexus, Audi/Porche and one Bently Rolls Dealer. go further north into Wisconsin and you will see all the new busineses settling in Wisconsin that have left IL along I 94-along with a masssive Amazon Whse.even employees of small companies like the move to WI-fresher air and lower cost of living. safer too.

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this valuation proves to me once and for all that the Street has lost its mind...GM has already released the Chevy Bolt ahead of the Tesla Model 3, and by all indications it's going to end up being a better vehicle all around... reviews on it by various sources have been overwhelmingly positive... the only missing piece for the Bolt is the availability of a "supercharger" for _really fast_ battery charging and even that isn't much of an issue, especially for commuter duty...you'd think the Street idiots would pick up on the fact that GM is going to _commoditize_ the electric car market out from underneath Tesla with this move, but nooooo... it's Tesla, it's "sexy" and GM isn't... stupid

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The Volt has also proven itself to be excellent and reliable.  Even though it is a plug in hybrid, some people have usage patterns where gas is seldom used.  Personally, I like electric cars, or hybrids, from a freedom perspective.  If you have a full infrastructure, especially solar tiles, and say also roof water storage, then you become an independent actor.  You are more of a sovereign person.  This means you can more easily say fuck-you to the world.  We need a civilian population full of free thinkers who also have some economic independence. People who are willing to say fuck you are required to defend freedom. Another thing, in a shit hit the fan scenario, a grid can have some resilience if it is made of nodes, not some sort of centralized power plant.  Nodes as small as houses, are made EMP resistant would be ideal.  Even now, some people are freaking about NK having the ability to deliver an EMP bomb.  WTF?Then, military doctrine can shift from being less offensive and more defensive.While we are at it, we build our homes with basements, and said basements can store weapons.  We then have militias like the founding fathers intended, not huge standing armies.  This then gives us even more economic independence.   Also, we train in militias with our neighbors, forming human to human bonds. In the upper middle ages one skilled wage earner could support a family of four, on three months of income.Well to Wheel equation for electic cars becomes positive when roof top solar is factored in.  For even more efficiency for a hybrid electric generator, the new Nautilus engine is interesting - and simple.http://articles.sae.org/14731/  

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