The Fourth Turning: A Summer Of Rage And The Total Eclipse Of The Deep State

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“If you do a worldwide survey of eclipse lore, the theme that constantly appears, with few exceptions, is it’s always a disruption of the established order,” said E. C. Krupp, director of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, California. That’s true of both solar and lunar eclipses. 


“People depend on the sun’s movement,” Krupp said. “[It’s] regular, dependable, you can’t tamper with it. And then, all of a sudden, Shakespearean tragedy arrives and time is out of joint. The sun and moon do something that they shouldn’t be doing.”

On August 21st of this year, the United States will witness its first total solar eclipse seen across the totality of the country in nearly forty years. For millennia, humans have gazed towards the skies in awe, observing that heavenly bodies move regularly and predictably with mathematical certainty, and this has inspired poets, philosophers, and other thinkers to ruminate on man’s relationship to the universe, and the possibility that human activity is ruled by laws and patterns independent of human activity.

Although many of these ideas that were fashionable hundreds of years ago, such as astrology, have been put to rest by contemporary scientific knowledge, perhaps there is value to be gleaned from entertaining the possibility that there are indeed larger forces and patterns governing human affairs. Against the backdrop of this cosmically anomalous event, are we on the cusp of a more temporal form of disruption this summer in the United States?

Since President Donald Trump’s stunning victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, much of the press have made note of Steve Bannon’s interest in an influential book published in 1997 called, “The Fourth Turning: What Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous With Destiny.”

In this book, authors William Strauss and Neil Howe make the argument that our ideas about the nature of history, linear time, and progress are illusory, and that if we want a more accurate concept about the way that history unfolds, we would do well to study the ancient Greek concept of cyclical time. This concept views national and global historical phenomenon not as randomly occurring events, or the linear march of historical “progress,” but instead sees them as recurring archetypes placed into a larger tapestry of a greater repeating historical cycle.

According to Strauss and Howe, the relative geographic and historical isolation of the United States provides a unique opportunity to view this cycle unfolding regularly and predictably every 80 years.

This 80-year cycle can be divided into four stages or seasons, each lasting approximately twenty years:

  1. High– This initial stage occurs immediately following a period of crisis. The High is characterized by strong institutions, a sense of collective destiny, and a weakness of individuality. The most recent example of this would be the period of prosperity and conformity in the U.S. immediately following the conclusion of World War II.
  2. Awakening- The second stage, or turning, is a period of questioning established values and asserting one’s independence from established norms and morals, be they spiritual or political. This stage may be seen as a rebellion of the previous era’s emphasis on material wealth and conformity. The 1960’s, with the psychedelic revolution, anti-war protests, Civil Rights marches, and New Age spiritual movements can be seen as recent characteristics of this second stage, as well as Reaganomics and the mid-1980s Wall Street ethos.
  3. Unraveling- The emphasis on autonomy and the questioning of spiritual, political, and individual authority in the Awakening stage eventually destabilizes society, leading to the Third Turning, in which institutions are weak and untrusted while the subjective experience of the individual is emphasized. This stage can be thought of as the inverse of the initial High stage, where collective destiny is replaced by atomization. Recent symptom of this stage would be the culture wars, corporate malfeasance, a lack of faith in government, social justice movements, and political correctness.
  4. Crisis- In the Fourth Turning, a destabilizing event, usually involving warfare, leads to the destruction and reconstruction of institutions of power. In the face of destruction, Americans are forced to unite and forge a vision to restructure a disrupted society. This fourth stage can be seen as the inverse of the Awakening stage, and the authors cite World War II as the defining event of the most recent period of Crisis.

Strauss and Howe predicted that the next Crisis period that the U.S. would face would happen sometime around 2005 and end around 2025. Anyone who has been paying attention over the last decade would have a difficult time refuting this. The financial crisis of 2008 threw the planet into discord, and we are now just beginning to see some of the political ramifications of this. We may be reaching the apex of this crisis this summer, or at least we will witness a significant acceleration of it.

The institutions that once defined American stability are rapidly crumbling. Mounting debt, unsustainable consumerism, and illegal immigration are chipping away at once sturdy foundation of America.

And the robust civil discourse needed to solve these problems has been interrupted by advocates of social justice, sometimes violently. Recent small skirmishes between the two sides may be headed toward larger eruptions.

Some analysts are predicting a ‘Summer of Rage’, which will boil over in violent protests all across the United States. The DNC has called for a George Soros-financed ‘Resistance Summer’, in which protestors are encouraged to invade town halls, and organize rallies and neighborhood meetings to undermine President Trump. This will culminate in a national training being billed as a ‘Resistance Summer Camp’ to effectively train operatives inorganizing strategies.

Meanwhile, other leftist groups are calling for a day of ‘Impeachment Marches’ on July 2nd in dozens of major cities across the country. Their goal is to pressure congressional representatives to begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

Emboldened by a mainstream media apparatus which functions as a mouthpiece of Deep State interests, these activists are determined to overturn democratically elected officials and overturn law and order on the grounds that they personally disagree with the results.

As we have seen in recent months, Trump supporters, conservatives, and other patriots are not afraid to confront leftist activists in the streets, and this is likely to intensify as these DNC-backed groups become more desperate and confrontational in their tactics.

James Comey’s congressional testimony this week showed that the Trump administration is indeed attempting to break the old political order and its far-too-power Deep State. The cracks are surfacing now, and this will likely shatter and spill into many facets of social life outside of the realm of politics.

This shattering seems to be the apex, or perhaps the precursor to the major Crisis event described by Strauss and Howe in the Fourth Turning, and it is proving to be a global movement, as evidenced by the recent elections this week in the United Kingdom.

As the Soros-backed DNC footsoldiers wreak havoc in American cities this summer, and the old political order is eclipsed by what is shaping up to be a much more democratic order, we can expect these types of events to increase in frequency as well as intensity.


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Before this 4th Turning, there was The Decline of the West: "Spengler asserts that democracy is simply the political weapon of money, and the media are the means through which money operates a democratic political system.[clarification needed] The thorough penetration of money's power throughout a society is yet another marker of the shift from Culture to Civilization. Democracy and plutocracy are equivalent in Spengler's argument. The "tragic comedy of the world-improvers and freedom-teachers" is that they are simply assisting money to be more effective. The principles of equality, natural rights, universal suffrage, and freedom of the press are all disguises for class war (the bourgeois against the aristocracy). Freedom, to Spengler, is a negative concept, simply entailing the repudiation of any tradition. In reality, freedom of the press requires money, and entails ownership, thus serving money at the end. Suffrage involves electioneering, in which the donations rule the day. The ideologies espoused by candidates, whether Socialism or Liberalism, are set in motion by, and ultimately serve, only money. "Free" press does not spread free opinion—it generates opinion, Spengler maintains. Spengler admits that in his era money has already won, in the form of democracy. But in destroying the old elements of the Culture, it prepares the way for the rise of a new and overpowering figure: the Caesar. Before such a leader, money collapses, and in the Imperial Age the politics of money fades away[clarification needed]. Spengler's analysis of democratic systems argues that even the use of one's own constitutional rights requires money, and that voting can only really work as designed in the absence of organized leadership working on the election process. As soon as the election process becomes organized by political leaders, to the extent that money allows, the vote ceases to be truly significant. It is no more than a recorded opinion of the masses on the organizations of government over which they possess no positive influence whatsoever. Spengler notes that the greater the concentration of wealth in individuals, the more the fight for political power revolves around questions of money. One cannot even call this corruption or degeneracy, because this is in fact the necessary end of mature democratic systems. On the subject of the press, Spengler is equally contemptuous. Instead of conversations between men, the press and the "electrical news-service keep the waking-consciousness of whole people and continents under a deafening drum-fire of theses, catchwords, standpoints, scenes, feelings, day by day and year by year." Through the media, money is turned into force—the more spent, the more intense its influence. For the press to function, universal education is necessary. Along with schooling comes a demand for the shepherding of the masses, as an object of party politics. Those that originally believed education to be solely for the enlightenment of each individual prepared the way for the power of the press, and eventually for the rise of the Caesar. There is no longer a need for leaders to impose military service, because the press will stir the public into a frenzy, clamor for weapons, and force their leaders into a conflict. The only force which can counter money, in Spengler's estimation, is blood. As for Marx, his critique of capitalism is put forth in the same language and on the same assumptions as those of Adam Smith. His protest is more a recognition of capitalism's veracity, than a refutation. The only aim is to "confer upon objects the advantage of being subjects.""

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Generations/4th Turning are based on the Anglo/Puritan political cycle going back to the rise of Cromwell.Oswald Spengler was painfully insightful towards the future:With the nineteenth century begins the winter of the West. Its thousand years of cultural vitality are over; there is no true artistic creativity left. Political life is equally meaningless. Parliamentarism provides a talking shop that obscures the basic political reality—the triumph of money. Before the power of financial speculation everything gives way: constitutionalism, democracy, even socialism. Politicians are the agents of financial interests.Yet their power is not eternal. Blood, ethnic pride, cultural chauvinism, territorial instincts and natural aggressiveness, will soon assert themselves against the world of money, science, and technological prowess. An age of violent conflict is opening, and with the First World War of 1914-1918 it is obvious an era of perpetual warfare has begun.New Caesars with armies of fanatical devotees struggle for mastery. Meanwhile the mass of mankind looks on with growing bewilderment, apathy, or resignation, prepared to accept the fate that determined soldiers, terrorist movements, fearful police and militarised states impose.But long before this comes about, political ideologies and parties will have lost their meaning. Life in a globalised world falls to a level of uniformity where local and national differences virtually cease to exist. The only places that matter will be a handful of gigantic “world cities”—New York, Berlin, Tokyo or Beijing. These will be what Hellenistic Alexandria and Imperial Rome were to the ancient world—vast assemblages of people all living on top of one another, a mob following anyone who keeps them amused.

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Human iinstitutions fail largely because of deterioration of the *pure spirit which engendered the idea in the first place, which decay is replaced with corruption. When that which is of a spiritual nature becomes overloaded with that which is solely material, there is no source of sustenance, ergo, withering.King Solomon said it best: All is vanity. Continually seeking (creature-level) self-satisfaction is the tripwire.

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Those museums are culturalist.  They are victory dance like reminders of the death of the Confederacy and its people, most of which did NOT own slaves.  Just seeing these bigoted dominating artifacts could trigger uncontrollable action in the southern observer, who has to be reminded of the bloody, deadly subjugation of his lineage and their way of life.  When triggered, he is no more responsible for his own actions than any other destuctive/rioting minority group, maybe even less so, because he is still under attack to this day, without resource or rescue provisioned from any part of the current dominating culture.For every confederate statue removed and flag banned, the defeated minority of southerners should demand an equal and opposite removal of the dominating culture's artifact.  /s/Suck it you egocentric, divisive, immoral, destructive, petulent lefties.  You are no more special and have no more rights than any other human being on this planet. May you be held responsible for your actions, for the first time in your pampered special demasculinated manipulative lives.The more you push, the more dominating you become, the more you become what you claim to stand against.

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Only the DC Swamp tourist places like museums, shopping areas, theaters, restaurants, etc., and the well secured .gov buildings and their environs could be called safe, at least during the day. It is like the Pale of the DC Swamp.After dark all those bustling places are deserted, the streets are dark and unwelcoming, only a few stragglers on their way home after work or dinner can be seen at that point.But a few steps outside the DC Pale is very different indeed -- a Democrat disaster in every direction.It is strange enough during the day to be on these streets whilst looking at the Capitol building from a distance, but at night it is a no man's land where only fools walk the streets without exceedingly good reason.And yet the residents of these sorely neglected streets are loyal Democrats, because they truly think the Democrats care about them.They thrive on negative Democrat verbiage and have nothing to show for it after all these decades, and still do not understand why.The DNC need not waste a dime on these people, so sure are they of votes.  

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When I read the text from the article listed below, my thoughts immediately went to 23Sep17. This is the date that Revelation 12 will be fulfilled with the CELESTIAL constellations VIRGO, LEO and planetary bodies. Yes, events are definitely outside the control of man.Revelation 12:1-4 (NIV)The Woman and the Dragon1 A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. 2 She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. 3 Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads. 4 Its tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth. The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment he was born. Text from Article that triggered some thoughts.On August 21st of this year, the United States will witness its first total solar eclipse seen across the totality of the country in nearly forty years. For millennia, humans have gazed towards the skies in awe, observing that heavenly bodies move regularly and predictably with mathematical certainty, and this has inspired poets, philosophers, and other thinkers to ruminate on man’s relationship to the universe, and the possibility that human activity is ruled by laws and patterns independent of human activity.

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I remember the eclipse of 79...and even the partial (91?) they were very pivotal years in my lif..1979 comes back again and again. This will be a pivotal year. The years leading up to and after will be the stuff of folklore again. nothing too crazy..just like 77-82...Summer of Sam, Blackout...Punk and Hip-Hop born of the wraith. No Dragons, no angels, just a snake eating its tail...again.

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The Eclipse on August 21st will be the first total Eclipse to touch what is now the USA from coast to coast, And No Other Nation since Before Christ.The last total eclipse to go West Coast to East coast was in 1918 and it pretty much touched Kansas City, not far from where a young veteran of WW1 was recuperating and a bad case of the Flu had hit the Camp.Young Vet, feeling better, took a train home to Brooklyn N.Y just prior to the eclipse. (One version of the story.) The rest was called the Spanish Flu. to ruminate on along with the possible Revelation 12 sign. Revelation originally called 'The Apocalypse' and Apocalypse meaning in Greek 'Unveiling'.Nothing to do with Nukes or Zombies........Unveiling.Food for thought.

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There are between 2 and 5 eclipses EVERY year, without fail, since long before humans came down out of the trees . Everyone likes to think that they are special, and that an eclipse is a unique, life-defining event, but it isn't. They happen every single year. On average, one every six months. Hardly the stuff of myth and legend. The only thing is that you get to see it very rarely, so to the primitive monkey brain, the sky is falling, and this must mean something IMPORTANT!Sorry, but it is as mundane as a sunset - still an astonishing thing none-the-less.Iain M Banks posited that the earth and moon actually are almost unique in the universe, in that the moon appears to be exactly the same size as the sun, hence the weird ring effect etc. This means that when there is an eclipse, don't look up, look around at the other people, as there is a good chance that you are surrounded by aliens gawking at an increasingly rare event, cosmetically speaking. Mr Banks is dead now, which is unfortunate, as his books are some of the best sci-fi ever written. I would like t read more of his work, but he seems to have stopped writing - not sporting.

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It's just happenstace that humans are around when the moon and the sun appear to be the same size.The moon's distace from earth is slowly increasing due to tidal effects.'Although many of these ideas that were fashionable hundreds of years ago, such as astrology, have been put to rest by contemporary scientific knowledge, perhaps there is value to be gleaned from entertaining the possibility that there are indeed larger forces and patterns governing human affairs'I think the larger forces on humanity come under the heading of Banksters, the sun is innocent!As for entertaining dumb ideas, this article pretty hits it.Chicken's entrails, anyone?

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I love how you wrap astrology in with your biblical escatalogical predictions.  Both equally credible.… you ever thought that your belief that control lies are outside of man's control reflect your own internal feeling of helplessness and fear, which are totally normal.  Perhaps instead of spending your free time studying ancient script and astrological charts, you put your efforts into improving your personal situation incrementally everyday you wouldn't feel so helpless.  It helps me.

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The basis of the Fed is boom & bust so the banks can make money on the way up and on the way down.Economics is just there to fool people that there's some kind of 'science' behind the whole thing.Economics is based on false premises.

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