Liberal Van Jones Shreds Hillary: 'They Took a Billion Dollars and Lit it on Fire'

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It appears the lack of momentum in removing the Orange God from the Oval office is beginning to take its toll on the left. As reality sinks in and the hard facts of life with Trump become apparent, the left are eating themselves. CNN's Van Jones shreds the Hillary campaign to pieces, only like a social justice warrior can.

"The Hillary Clinton campaign did not spend their money on white workers, and they did not spend it on people of color. They spent it on themselves," Jones told a packed house at McCormick Place in Chicago. "They spent it on themselves, let's be honest."   "Let's be honest," Jones continued. "They took a billion dollars, a billion dollars, a billion dollars, and set it on fire, and called it a campaign!"   "That wasn't a campaign. That's not a campaign."   Jones continued, attacking the Clinton campaign's reliance on consultants and polling data that proved to be wrong.   "A billion dollars for consultants. A billion dollars for pollsters. A billion dollars for a data operation, that was run by data dummies who couldn't figure out that maybe people in Michigan needed to be organized."   "And now they want us to fight about whether black folks or white workers or Latinos or any other group should get the money," Jones said. "First of all, you need to give the money back to the people, period."   "Quit getting rich off people's struggles," Jones finished.
  Van Jones has been redpilled to the divide and conquer politics of DC.


Handful of Dust Got The Wrong No Sun, 06/11/2017 - 09:30 Permalink

Some blacks, no, many blacks are waking up to the fact that Obama, Hillary, Jarrett, the wookie, etc just pocketed millions while ignoring the plight of inner cities as well as middle class Americans (white and black).This is another reason Trump got so much support from blacks who actually realized what's going on and that Trump will help them more then crooked Hillary would, or Obama did.Poor blacks saw the wookie taking her wealthy black sistas on multimillion dollar trips while poor blacks perished and killed each other in the inner cities.

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MalteseFalcon El Oregonian Sun, 06/11/2017 - 11:12 Permalink

Van Jones realizes that Democrats need to move away from the 2016 campaign (at least).No more Hillary and her crew at the DNC.No more "ivory tower" campaigning.No more issues that have nothing to offer the great majority of all Americans.No more ignoring working class whites and blacks.No more presidential candidates that are selected by elites without some meaningful level of vetting by rank and file.The Democraps need to find the strongest candidate possible, regardless of sexual organs or orientation.Just put several women (not just one) in the mix and let the process work itself out.So where are the non-Hillary women contenders for 2020?So far, crickets.

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greenskeeper carl vato poco Sun, 06/11/2017 - 18:54 Permalink

No, it isn't hard to figure out at all. This guy is full of shit. Obama did the exact same thing. Silence. If he really took the red pill, he'd realize that the government is the primary source of 'his people's' problems, not he solution. He would have also been saying this kind of thing while she was actually doing it, not in hindsight. It was clear that this was all she was doing, and all she had been doing for decades, to anyone paying some modicum of attention.

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Chuck Walla greenskeeper carl Sun, 06/11/2017 - 21:45 Permalink

Gubmint may be the source of the Nigra's problems, but it is also the source of Comrade Jones wealth. Careful there, Bud, don't lose that teat.  Actually, this means Clinton is on the way out, nobody cares anymore, all that pent up resentment is pouring out and the Black Queen is dead by her own apple.  Maybe the Clintons are being ushered out of the inner chambers even.

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greenskeeper carl francis_the_wo… Sun, 06/11/2017 - 18:57 Permalink

Harris or Corey Booker. Trump won by a narrow margin in several of the must have swing states. Had blacks turned out to vote for millery like they did for obama, he would have lost. This lesson is not lost on the dems. Post obama, blacks will not turn out and vote for a honky. Gotta have a black on there, at least as VP. That lesson won't go unheaded. The other lesson - conduct your nefarious business in person, not via email.

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Endgame Napoleon doctor10 Sun, 06/11/2017 - 14:13 Permalink

Funny thing: any of us who bring up Seth Rich are accused of falling prey to conspiracy theories, but it looks like even the FBI is vulnerable to theorizing about conspiracies. All of this taxpayer money is wasted on investigating every chat with official, Russian ambassadors, etc. They are even investigating people who only worked for Trump for a short time and who worked for many other politicians over the years, trying to weave all of these disparate threads into some conspiracy.

What is that if not a conspiracy theory that would require an impossible amount of coordination? The truth is that this globalist approach to government has just become the norm over the decades. It is not a conspiracy, but just business as usual. The general way of doing business needs to shift to putting the American middle class first.

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Great Deceivah doctor10 Sun, 06/11/2017 - 19:12 Permalink

George Webb Sweigert, is a Israeli/ CIA disinfo agent, he  gives himself away here:"i am a berniecrat, and jewish and always rooting for mossad"Notice, he doesn't say he's an American and he is rooting for the USA.. NO, first and foremost he is JEWISH and he is "ALWAYS ROOTING For MOSSAD" Do you think a hardcore zionist socialist crypto-jew (he is not even a real jew) like George Webb Sweigert, is going to say anything bad about Israel and their involvement in the US government??All of his "research" is carefully constructed to divert attention from AIPAC / Israel's involvement in the corrupt US government, and in organ, women and child trafficking

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omniversling Great Deceivah Sun, 06/11/2017 - 20:16 Permalink

This George Webb/Jason Goodman storyboard drama is either 1/'neonewsfeed'...a new type of 'product' targeting indiethinkers who've binned the MSM, that is part realityTV, part interactive drama and part psyop or 2/ a honeypot to scoop up potential leakers or anyone who has real info on the Seth Rich/DNC case 3/ diversion from what's really going on ie Pedogate or 4/ a Webb of Deceit to 'spider-diagram' everyone who's following this (see: ?Webb Of Deceit!? (Montagraph) )Seems there's enough fact mixed with enough fiction to be able to paint anyone who's genuinely after justice for Seth Rich an 'AltMedia Conspiritard further down the timeline (if Rich was in fact murdered and not taken into protective custody from the hospital. See: The Rich - Webb Rabbit Hole Discussion (Mr Cati) )Without the scripted comic storyboards George Webb's a shambles. Hear his rambling bumbling synthetic paranoia here (ooh, there are helicopters swarming above my head):The spiraling rabbit hole of the Seth Rich Murder - With George Webb (CtM) See here how his handler Jason Goodman completely over-eggs this diversion when GW is asked directly about his claim to be Mossad (1:05:00 on).altNews w/ reallygraceful: George Webb & Jason Goodman vs. Defango | 6.5.2017 of the nonsense if you can be bothered with the diversion: LIVE w/ Defango - George Webb, Jason Goodman & Seth Rich Saga Reprint of YT comment:'VortexVacuumWebb' threw out clues early: "Am Israeli" "Shoutouts to the Mossad homies" "Dont hurt the perps". Any doubt was removed when he really blew the gig with his own mouth announcing that HE was the one who deleted his first 54(?) clips because he was reaching the end too fast (and hadn't got out widely enough/hadn't been noticed), after promoting the notion that he was onto something so important it 'had to be scrubbed'. Dishonest & manipulating, plain and simple. The recent hookup with 'Mr 3D Goodman' totally blew the charade. Chosen for his comic book wide jawed "Buzz Lightyear meets oldskool FBI guy" looks, with his storyboards actually looking like comics, GW is a new form of weapotainment for indiethinkers and seekers who've binned the MSM, but have few tools to discern or parse truth from the smorgasbord of offerings online other than 'gut feeling and sniff test'. All the while stealth feeding the IoT algorithms. GW's real gig is beta testing Crowdsource the Entrapment™. 1/2 TomatoMy guess is this is a 'Data Mining the GloBAAL Gulag' excersise. How bad could that really get? Interesting archive here on AI and what Jade Helm2015 was about: Remote network-centric warfare and 'shortening the killchain' without human decision making (Global Neuralnet, Activity Based Information, Internet of Things, tuning the AI). DJ at gives good interviews on it:Ep. 437 L9N with John B Wells all... 

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nmewn rent slave Sun, 06/11/2017 - 09:25 Permalink

The only thing funnier than an avowed communist (Jones) pointing out that a known crony-socialist (Hillary) pushed a billion dollars into a bigly pile and torched it, is the knowledge that still another socialist (Stein) raised still moar money after that to pay overtime/expenses that in the end, only proved The Don had swear, you really couldn't make this shit up if you tried, the sheer willful, blinding incompetence is absolutely breath taking in scope...LMAO!!!Covfefe! ;-)

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treefeller nmewn Sun, 06/11/2017 - 10:39 Permalink

Obama makes 60 mil on book deal. A couple of mil for the Milan speech in which he cloistered two floors of an opulant motel.… ain't saying how much he made in Canada, but it's prolly around $400,000. So that makes his speech take around 1.2 mill.… that adds up to roughly $63.2 mil. Give or take. Hanging with the peeps.… to worry. No manly shit going on. Just a fellate to play. In retrospect, I don't think Trump is taking a salary from the people. Obama is a fag who tends towards rich white people. As the young woman on CSPAN noted, it's Obama's payday for maintaning the status quo. I love the land of laws.

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Arrest Hillary Sun, 06/11/2017 - 08:50 Permalink

This loud mouthed stupid nigger is trying to get in front of the story .... he was all in .... all the time .... now, he wants to distance himself .... from himself ?

looseal Sun, 06/11/2017 - 09:12 Permalink

"Quit getting rich off people's struggles," Jones finished. Some day Mr Jones will realize that is the very reason people enter politics.  How many congressmen quit because they just can't afford to remain in that job?  

jdow Sun, 06/11/2017 - 09:44 Permalink

l'm amazed it took this long for many black Democrats to wake up and realize how they've been used by self-serving Democratic Leaders like the Clintons.

Salsa Verde Sun, 06/11/2017 - 09:56 Permalink

Democrats and liberals are obsessed with the (false) notion that they are somehow superior to...someone or something.  If they cannot assert themselves over their political foes they will then turn on each other as they play 'pin the blame on the scapegoat.'  Just retard your mind to the capacity of a 10 year old if you want to imagine what it is like to live in their world.

Dusty Rhodes' … Sun, 06/11/2017 - 10:00 Permalink

Van Jones' only reason for anger is the fact his dopey brown ass didn't get a taste if that money as a "Minority Outreach Advisor" or some such tripe...he is what his skin tone resembles: A big piece of shit...

Dusty Rhodes' … Sun, 06/11/2017 - 10:00 Permalink

Van Jones' only reason for anger is the fact his dopey brown ass didn't get a taste if that money as a "Minority Outreach Advisor" or some such tripe...he is what his skin tone resembles: A big piece of shit...