Obamacare Death Spiral: First 2018 Coverage Map Reveals At Least 47 Counties With No Coverage

Earlier today the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released the first projected county-by-county map of Obamacare coverage for the 2018 plan year which depicts at least 47 counties, with 35,000 active Obamacare exchange participants, that will have no health insurance options next year.  Meanwhile, another 2.4 million people are expected to have only 1 option for coverage. Per CMS:

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is releasing a county-level map of 2018 projected Health Insurance Exchanges participation based on the known issuer participation public announcements through June 9, 2017. This map shows that insurance options on the Exchanges continue to disappear. Plan options are down from last year and, in some areas, Americans will have no coverage options on the Exchanges, based on the current data.


The CMS map displays point in time data and is expected to fluctuate as issuers continue to make announcements on exiting or entering specific states and counties. It currently shows that nationwide 47 counties are projected to have no insurers, meaning that Americans in these counties could be without coverage on the Exchanges for 2018. It’s also projected that as many as 1,200 counties - nearly 40% of counties nationwide – could have only one issuer in 2018. Currently, for 2018 at least 35,000 active Exchange participants live in the counties projected to be without coverage in 2018, and roughly 2.4 million Exchange participants are projected to have one issuer.  It’s expected that the number of consumers with no coverage choices will rise.


Of course, insurers are still in the process of determining which markets they'll serve in 2018 so the map above could theoretically get much worse.  As our readers are acutely aware, the overwhelming trend has been toward more withdrawals rather than less.  Here are just a couple of our recent notes on the topic.

As CMS Administrator Seema Verma points out, CMS and insurance commissioners around the country are working to slow the collapse of Obamacare but unilateral actions are by no means a "long-term solution" for a system which has clearly failed.

“This is yet another failing report card for the Exchanges. The American people have fewer insurance choices and in some counties no choice at all. CMS is working with state departments of insurance and issuers to find ways to provide relief and help restore access to healthcare plans, but our actions are by no means a long-term solution to the problems we’re seeing with the Insurance Exchanges,” said CMS Administrator Seema Verma.

Meanwhile, as Credit Suisse analyst Scott Fidel points out today, Obamacare attrition levels continue to deteriorate year after year...which is probably not terribly surprising given the exponential premium increases.

Paid exchange members are down ~15% from 2017 OEP sign-ups: This afternoon the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released the February Effectuated Enrollment Snapshot. Effectuated enrollment (after premiums paid and any attrition) ended February at 10.3 million, or -15.4% below the 2017 Open Enrollment Period’s (OEP) ending number of plan selections of 12.2 mln. These attrition levels are slightly worse than the effectuated enrollment levels one-month following the 2016 and 2015 OEPs, which were down -12.6% (or -14.6% using revised 2016 data per below) and -12.8% respectively.


CMS provides updated & complete 2016 effectuated enrollment: In addition to the February 2017 data, CMS also provided updated and complete 2016 effectuated enrollment data. Recall, the prior administration stopped provided the quarterly effectuated enrollment updates after March 2016. As a result, we estimate that effectuated enrollment ended December 2016 at 9.1 mln, or -28.1% below the 2016 OEP ending plan selections of 12.7 mln. This attrition was worse than the 2015 effectuated enrollment at year-end which was 8.8 mln at December 2015, or -24.9% below the 2015 OEP plan selections of 11.7 mln.

Of course we suspect this stark reminder of the 'health' of the exchanges will have a minimal impact on Democrats who will continue to hail the 'great accomplishments' of Obamacare while the system literally, and quite tangibly, collapses in epic fashion all around them.  The ability to blindly and shamelessly support a partisan cause irrestpective of overwhelming facts proving the ineffectiveness of that cause is truly a talent reserved only for politicians.


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As horrific as that war was and not ever wanting to talk about it. That one will pale compared to what's coming

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Thanks and to quote the article

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Having been employed in the healthcare industry (now retired), you'll probably find that over time, when there is no easy access to 'free' healthcare people generally are healthier and live longer.The opioid problem is partially caused by Obamacare which gives easy access to doctors and prescription drugs.

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Yes, Obama is a Republican in Democratic Clothers. A believer that the Government shoudl serve the people such as Bernie, or Corbyn, he is not. Nor is, or was any, of the Clinton Cartel. Trump believes in his ego, and a somlescreen of BS; behind the smoke screen the Republican continue to stamp on any who cannot donate large sums tho their campaigns. Trump ran casinoes, he is very familiar with the house's "take," and the tactics by which the casino extrats every penney from his "customers." I still prefer Trump over Hilary, and Sanders over Trump.  

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Sanders and Corbyn (essentially communists) do not believe that the government serves the people. You only have to look at any communist country to realize that they believe that the people should serve the government (as slaves).I'm old and wise enough to understand that you don't listen to what they say; you watch what they do.

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 ACA or The healthcare DISASTER  with outrageous government costs,  and it truely is UNAFFORDABLE and UNUSEABLE for most individuals.Almost need to survive getting hit by a dump truck to use the plan.  Again... INDEFINITELY GROUNDED.....F35 ......Another  OUTRAGEOUS waste of taxpayer money............that will not go away is.....................https://www.rt.com/usa/392002-f35-luke-grounded-indefinitely/      http://www.defenseworld.net/news/19541/USAF_Grounds_55_F_35_Fighter_Jet… Thank Dick n Dumbya plus O bummer for the F35. .......not the mention the entrenched Congress members that were in on the "deal" A Trillion wasted here and a few Trillion over there.......soon it adds up to real money. What is it FOUR, SIX, or EIGHT TRILLION wasted in the middle east ?????????????

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Insurance company monopolies for healthcare are rapidly spreading across the country as planned by the former cocksucker in chief. And he can suck a mean one, just ask Michelle... or should I say Michael.

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Insurance company monopolies for healthcare are rapidly spreading across the country as planned by the former cocksucker in chief. And he can suck a mean one, just ask Michelle... or should I say Michael.

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Trump should call a news conference and announce he's changed his mind. To please the democrats, because they are always fucking right and "making progress" he will leave Obamacare in place down to the last letter until the end of his term. I hope that the assbags that voted for Obama will be ripping their new kidney out of the family dog.

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Essentially, that's what's happening now.The Republicans have tried introducing legislation to change Obamacare twice already and the Democrats and RINOS have voted it down twice.Trump knows that time is on his side so all he has to do is wait for the whole system to collapse; naturally, it'll all be Trump's fault.

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167 Republican amendments in Obamacare makes Obamacare a bi-partisan bill regardless of the political vote. Now the Republicans will not even let the Democrats propose any amendments or attend any hearings and you all scream that the Democrats are at fault for this pathetic excuse of a health bill.Republicans reversing the cost sharing is the major reason why premiums went up so high and why insurers are dropping out. Obamacare was working just fine before that and the healthcare companies repeatedly state this, not that they have any voice at this point either. Cost were expected to level out this year before congress stopped paying the cost sharing to insurers. Can't wait to see the looks on your faces when we get a new administration in 2020 and single payer and 10% of your paycheck to healthcare becomes a reality. You all ahve ensured it. Much of Trumpcare won't even go into effect until 2020, another Republican trick on you all. As a result you will gain little, but end up paying much more at the back end, all while proving that you have declined membership in a united community. It is shocking how you dumbasses never learn, despite being burned by your leaders time and time again.  They state they stand behind the faith of the Republicans but then your leaders take mostly anti-christian actions, and you support them. Need any more proof that modern religion has been hijacked by evil? The common Republican is proof.

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Remember when one of Obunghole's economic advisors wrote a book about her experiences, and stated that Obunghole didn't have a firm grasp of basic economics?Pepperidge Farms Remembers

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And the map is not even accurate - my county in MO should be red, but they are still counting Humana who has said they are pulling out for 2018.

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Even this is just the beginning! 45 counties out of the entire US? That's nothing! It's going to get much worse! The house of cards that is Obama's Tyrannycare is just showing the first few cracks of what is going to come. It's going to be cataclysmic! 

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If the government actually lived up to their promises on Obamacare re: cost sharing, then we would have no counties without a plan. I guarantee rates will not go down for 90% of Americans. Take a daily pill? Higher rates for you. Have cancer? Premiums will be so expensive that 99,9% won't be able to afford health insurance. Paying the oversized premiums through the years did nothing for you.Basically the Trump plan is all about cutting taxes which 99% of the people who support trump will never see a penny of.Love how the republicans are 100% against abortion, but once the baby is born they couldn;'t give a rats ass about it.