A Record 60% Of Americans Disapprove Of President Trump

Despite record high stock prices, 43-year lows in jobless claims, and near record-high optimism among small business owners, Gallup reports the percentage of Americans who disapprove of the job President Trump has risen to a record 60% this week.

As Gallup details, despite the president's claim on Monday at a Cabinet meeting that "Never has there been a president, with few exceptions -- in the case of F.D.R. he had a major Depression to handle -- who's passed more legislation, who's done more things than what we've done," his administration has been roiled by controversies. Most recently, Trump ran into a buzz saw of criticism with his decision, announced June 1, to withdraw the U.S. from participation in the Paris climate accord.

He has also been under significant political scrutiny over the June 8 testimony of former FBI Director James Comey before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Those events coincided with the lower averages seen in the past two weeks. But, given that his averages were almost as low in the weeks leading up to them, it is difficult to establish direct causality between specific events and the president's ratings.

High Levels of Polarization in Views of Trump Continue

The highly polarized nature of Americans' views of Trump (and Obama before him) have been well-documented, and that pattern continues:


  • Trump's 8% average approval rating among Democrats last week is right at his 9% average to date.
  • His 83% approval among Republicans is three points lower than his average among that group.
  • Among independents, his approval is 31%, five points lower than his average among that group.

Notably the spread between Republican 'confidence' and Democrat 'confidence' (via Bloomberg) has not been this wide since before Barack Obama was elected...

Bottom Line

Trump's job approval ratings are the worst of his administration so far, and Trump continues to have the lowest ratings for a newly elected president in Gallup's history of approval ratings.

The previous low first-year approval rating in June for an elected president was Bill Clinton, with a 37% approval June 5-6, 1993.

The approval ratings of all other presidents since 1953 in June (May in the case of Eisenhower) of their first year after being elected were above 50%.