Pentagon Agrees To Sell $12 Billion In F-15s To Qatar

Remember when Trump called on Qatar to stop funding terrorism, claiming credit for and endorsing the decision of Gulf nations to isolate their small neighbor (where the most important US airbase in the middle east is located),even as US Cabinet officials said their blockade is hurting the campaign against ISIS. You should: it took place just 5 days ago.

"We had a decision to make," Trump said, describing conversations with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries. "Do we take the easy road or do we finally take a hard but necessary action? We have to stop the funding of terrorism." Also last week, Trump triumphantly announced on twitter that “during my recent trip to the Middle East I stated that there can no longer be funding of Radical Ideology. Leaders pointed to Qatar - look!”

Well, Qatar funding terrorism apparently is not a problem when it comes to Qatar funding the US military industrial complex, because just two weeks after Trump signed a record, $110 billion weapons deal with Saudi Arabia, moments ago Bloomberg reported that Qatar will also buy up to 36 F-15 jets from the Pentagon for $12 billion ....  even as a political crisis in the Gulf leaves the Middle East nation isolated by its neighbors and criticized by President Donald Trump for supporting terrorism, according to three people with knowledge of the accord.

According to the Pentagon, the sale will give Qatar a "state of the art" capability, not to mention the illusion that it can defend itself in a war with Saudi Arabia.

If nothing else, Uncle Sam sure is an equal-opportunity arms dealer, and best of all, with the new fighter planes, Qatar will be able to at least put on a token fight when Saudi Arabia invades in hopes of sending the price of oil surging now that every other "strategy" has failed.

To be sure, the sale comes at an opportune time: just days after Qatar put its military on the highest state of alert, and scrambled its tanks. All 16 of them. Maybe the world's wealthiest nation realized it's time beef up its defensive capabilities?

Qatar’s defense minister will meet with Pentagon chief Jim Mattis on Wednesday to seal the agreement, Bloomberg reported citing people who spoke on condition of anonymity because the sale hasn’t been announced. Last year, congress approved the sale of up to 72 F-15s in an agreement valued at as much as $21 billion but that deal took place before the recent political crisis in the region.

It is unclear what the Saudi reaction will be to the news that Trump is arming its latest nemesis. If our thesis that Riyadh is hoping for Qatar to escalate the nest leg of the conflict is correct, then the Saudis should be delighted.


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A big shout out to Boeing Military.Hookers and blow tonight in the exec suite.BTW these planes aren't sitting in inventory ready to be delivered. So any conflict in the next few years won't have to worry about these planes.That is unless the US or some other buyer agrees to step aside and allow Qatar to take their place at the end of the assembly line.

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I am so glad, the Donald didn't forget where he came from. German arms manufacturer Krupp has had a very long tradition providing canons, arms and ammo to all sides of any war. It's one heck of a business, that I can tell you."My programme can be summarized in three words: jobs, jobs, jobs."No matter what.You can't make this stuff up.

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Absolutely. But, oh, these damned Iranians. They simply resisted the USA's boy Saddam and fought back.That failure to comply with OUR orders sealed his faith.Weapons of mass destruction. Well, we delivered them to him. chemical weapons to kill all the Iranians. So we KNEW they must have been there. We just didn't expect that he really used them all up against Iran and later on (the remaining few) against the curds. What a bastard. After all that WE did for Saddam, he  didn't deliver. Fuck him.Speaking of non-delivery, why has our newest boy, Poroshenko, not yet taken Moscow? So, fuck him, too! And fuck the EU.And speaking of that, where is Monica, when one needs her? And let's have some Pizza... 

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it's called "the upward spiral"...keep pushing each party to do more because the other guy is doing's what the deep state does best and that is evidence enough of trumpanyahoo's acquiescence of his role...unless of course you want to believe it's all about jobs...mic jobs...if so, he would do anything to keep the bakers baking...

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That could happen and did on many F-18 sales where we in the US in effect packed the parts into glorified Heath kits and sent them to the buying countries who did their own labor.   Also sent them the testing equipment and every other thing they needed so all we got were a few spare piece parts at a slightly lower price.   The labor went to the purchasing country. 

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That right there is some wizard-level salesmanship.  And I can assure you that these weapons systems have "ALL" of the capabilities of the ones in our US arsenal, hahaha.  And furthermore, they cannot be messed with by remote control by the boys at the Pentagon, just in case things get a little messy or embarassing.  Nosiree.  What you see is what you get.  Yes, Lord.

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