Ken Starr Bursts CNN's Bubble; "No Obstruction Case Against Trump From What I've Seen"

With the 'Russian collusion' case against the Trump administration all but dead, the mainstream media has shifted their full attention to now building an obstruction of justice case against the White House.  As such, CNN hosted Kenneth Starr, the independent counsel appointed in the 90's to look into various Clinton scandals, including the Vince Foster death and Monica Lewinsky episode, this morning to get his thoughts on the topic.

CNN:  "Do you think there is a case there?"


Starr:  "It's too soon to tell. From what I've seen — and of course we don't know a whole lot — the answer is no.  But it is going to be investigated and so we will soon know."


"Obstruction of justice is really a very hard crime to make out.  It's not just you want the investigation to go away, you suggest that the investigation goes away.  You've got to take really affirmative action and Director Comey said in his testimony that even though the expression was hope, he took it as a directive."


"But what we know is, he didn't do anything about it, right? That is that he did not dismiss the investigation or curtail the investigation. There's an expression of hope, so it becomes an interpretation."

Of course, the incredulous CNN anchor was simply unwilling to accept that Trump may be innocent of high crimes and pressed further by asking whether Comey would have had to 'obey' Trump's suggestion to drop the Flynn investigation in order to be guilty of obstruction. 

Starr:  "We're going to the intent of what is it that the President had in mind?  He was expressing, his literal language was 'hope.'  And, I think that redounds to the benefit of the President.  That to me, just the language, is far removed from a directive." 


"My point is, the Director of the FBI then didn't act on that.  He rather just continued as before and reported and memorialized it.  But he did not then say, 'ok, ladies and gentlemen of the FBI, we're getting rid of this investigation at the direction of the President."


And, while CNN aired the most 'convenient' 10 seconds of Comey's testimony, they failed to mention the following interaction from earlier in which Comey confirmed under oath that he'd never been asked to end an investigation for political purposes. 

He also said that any efforts to do so would be a "big deal."  Therefore, to Ken Starr's point, if Comey interpreted Trump's comment on Flynn as a 'directive' then shouldn't that have qualified as "a big deal" that he should have elevated immediately?


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...And there you have it.I should mention to Mr. Starr that no, Mr. Comey did not turn around and halt the investigation because President Trump hinted around that he'd be mighty pleased if that were to happen.  And, not long afterward, President Trump fired Mr. Comey.  That doesn't fit well with Mr. Starr's narrative.  I wonder what anyone might have said had President Clinton fired Mr. Starr.But even thinking about that gives it far more credence than it deserves.This is all a huge distraction from the bankruptcy-and-liquidation of the United States, in concert with the overall campaign to convince Americans that America has become ungovernable and our experiment with representative republican democracy has failed and we need a strongman to make the trains run on time and root out sedition.That's coming, quicker and quicker every day.  I'd be surprised if President Trump were to declare a State of Emergency, dissolve Congress and declare martial law and a wave of roundups, but if he did, a lot of people would be delighted--for a while.  Such things always get out of hand, and eventually the people in uniform run out of people you don't like to brutalize, but they don't have it out of their systems yet--they'll go after you soon enough when it suits their interests.  There seem to be some who are too impatient and not very circumspect about how these things go.  They want to rush to the Police State.  It's a lot more effective to go slow, however.  The more time spent looting, the worse general conditions are for the average person, the more enthusiastic the initial response to the coup and the State Violence.That's what we're being set up for. 

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Your first supposition is that Trump actually said what come claims he said when Come himself had previously denied that there was ANY pressure put upon him....compounded by the fact that Trump absolutely denies it ever happened and that he only made this current claim AFTER he was fired.Secondly, I have never heard from Trump's lips that Comey was fired because of Flynn. He did reference the Russian collusion investigation and the fact that after almost a year they cannot conclude it nor publicly state that Trump himself was not a target in that investigation.All of this is conjured up to create a false consensus of guilt through constant accusation and innuendo with the presentation of one single shred of proof.You claim it is a divergence and I say it is the main event. They are taking down our economy and creating division and chaos to ENABLE the dismantling of our constitutional republic.....Trump being the primary and final chess piece. If they can take down Trump, they will own us in every meaningful way. The proof of this will be in the Republicans themselves who will ultimately turn their back on Trump to save their own power and position. OWNED.NO CONSTITUTION.PERIOD.

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back to teh complexity of all this--Comey never reported Lynchs demand to call it a matter. "what's the meaning of is"?I never had sex with that woman"If you like your plan you can keep itit will not cost one thin dime.WMDPoliticians have a different set of rules, as simple as that. it helps to have media on your side. Its not jsut votors the media plays to, its the entire population. The media and elected offices -ratings and votes are more important than integrity.

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And anyone that follows CNN's reporting on this knows even less because they only air the segments that put the president in the worst light possible. They are not interested in truth.CNN is so desperate to make the president look guilty that they just continue to selectively edit their programming and interviews. It's pathetic really. Anyone who falls for this shit is just retarded to being with.

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Apparently they do. The problem is the average joe only has X amount of time in his day to catch up on news. Even someone politically agnostic will believe Trump is evil after watching CNN for any period of time. Most people don't even THINK about what they are watching or if the coverage is slanted. This is one reason we see poll numbers for Trump way down, also because the polls are constructed by people with an agenda on what the poll states, like we saw in the pre-election polling.It's frustrating to have to talk to people who really don't have a clue about what is going on and how unfairly the press is treating the president. The libtards are completely out of their minds at this point in time. I cringe thinking where we are going to be in a year.

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And those involved in the briefings are worse because they are the fools creating and going along with the illusions, lies and distortions to mind fuck the populace.They are actually helping create the matrix of lies/distortions and are at the top of the control freak food chain. At least up to this juncture.
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Can there be any doubt the control freaks are out of control ? Ponder that and tell me how many times you have wondered “this is insane, how can these maniacs think such garbage and try to force it on everybody” ?  How many times have CNN and NYT been caught deliberately creating false stories and actually using false props and actors to do so or leakers who are unidentified and likely do not even exist ? Can there be any doubt they have tried to create a matrix for the mind fucked to buy into ? We have reached a new stage of this insantiy from PRAVDA/MSM. Prior they were all about capturing mionds via the mind fucking methods, now they are losing control and are all about maintaining that control, as they are losing some of their captives ! Ultimately in the fake Russia meme who is more communist, the DEMs and PRAVDA/MSM or Putin or Trump ? Who has deliberately not allowed free speech on campuses and caused all of the violence since Ferguson and Baltimore and many other cities across the nation ?  One must ask who are the real criminals and control freaks using communist or control freak tactics ? Not sure it can get any more obvious who is who in the zoo we call DC and PRAVDA/MSM, their propaganda /indoctrination arm. They have succeeded in mind fucking a very large part of society. The question now is for how long and what fall out will they bare as even many DEMs see thru their illusions ? Personally I think the younger DEMs are the most mind fucked and I already see many over 40 who see thru the bullshit. Certainly not all, but there is a trend forming. Eventually lies have a  way of proving themselves false, simply because time proves them false, economically especially. And this is all about controlling the masses and their tax dollars to be used against you in a myriad of ways to maintain power and control.

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My neighbor is 92 and in great shape both mentally and physically. She is a hoot to talk to. She only watches net work news and She can't stand Trump because of his arrogance. Last night she told me that she has never seen anything like this Political witch hunt in her life and she is fearful for her Great Grand Kids futures because of the division of the people in this Country. I think the MSM message and the obstruction by the TPTB is starting to become counter productive even to those who are not seeking the truth. 

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That's why they always put bad photos up of people they don't like, like they always show Maduro looking as ghetto as possible in that red disco jacket Richard Pryor/Eddie Murphy style thing. Reds under the bed, dontcha know. Worse, 70s looking Reds, oh noes!He may well have worn other clothing items in his life ..... such as sober dark suits when he is showing up as Secretary of the Non-Aligned Movement, or President of the Union of South American Nations.But for CNN he is always just a blaxploitation bus driver goof in a red lurex jacket, just as Putin is always a grim bare chested guy on a horse or in scary mirror shades, and Trump is always shown as being snarling, fingerpointing, and as orange as possible even if it involves having to wreck the color balance of the whole photo. 

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Ken Starr Bursts CNN's Bubble; "No Obstruction Case Against Trump From What I've Seen"My response: I AGREE COMPLETELY!! TERMINATE THE SPECIAL PROSECUTOR NOW!!!!!

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All the same though even if we don't like the guy (pretty sure I am not alone there, due to the Clinton-Lewinsky witch hunt), if you read carefully what he said, Starr clearly is very logical.I.e. in reality, Trump didn't order anything with his "wish", even if it was interpreted as such by Comey (seems vague, maybe it wasn't?), Comey did precisely the opposite ...i.e. Trump did not commit any action of obstruction even thru anyone else, since no act of obstruction actually happened.For example, Comey was fired on 9 May, nearly 3 months *after* Flynn stepped down on 14 Feb, correct?So, firing Comey in May wasn't anything to do with trying to prevent trouble with Flynn and "Russia", if that were so, Trump would have done it in early Feb or Jan, before Flynn left.If it gets down to "maybe he wanted to obstruct" or "maybe he shouldn't have said anything to Comey" about his wishes, thst's like trying to police thought crimes, or even forbidding free speech or free expression of opinions. - which were then in any case ignored! 

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Ken Starr also went to great lengths to cover up the truth about the murder of Vince Foster.  Starr was in charge of the official investigation.….   But Starr frustrated at every turn the efforts by Patrick Knowlton, who witnessed some of the immediate post-death events involving Foster's body, to bring out the truth.  Knowlton was permitted by the court to have his supplement added to Starr's final report.  Knowlton's description of being flagrantly harassed prior to his grand jury testimony is sobering reading.

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Ken Starr is a piece of shit and has almost certanly eaten some to rise the satanic Deep State ladder. He chased Bill Clinton and lowered the level of discourse when it came to the preidency, then helped Jeff Epstein concoct his sweetheart deal. He's the scum of the earth and has probably done dark, horrible things far worse than even what is known. 

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